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Benefits of Mobile Marketing

There are at present 6.64 billion mobile phone users around the world (Newzoo 2022).

Furthermore, the number of users with a smartphone and make use of it to connect to the internet is always growing. What does this tell us?

If you’re not making use from mobile advertising, you’re missing hugely.

Whatever type of business you operate There are numerous benefits from mobile-based marketing. It allows you to reach new markets and allows you to connect with clients in a matter of minutes and is cost-effective to mention just a few.

Are you thinking about how mobile marketing could improve your company? These are the five most significant benefits of mobile marketing for 2022.

1. Instant and Accessible

According to Datareportal the average person spends four hours, 10 minutes each day on mobile devices.

It’s a amount.

They’re using their preferred social media sites as well as checking their email playing games, or surfing the internet. They also aren’t leaving home without their mobile phones.

If you want to remain current, you have to be where consumers are – on their phones.

Accessibility plays an important role in the effectiveness in mobile-based marketing. It lets you reach out to your target audience wherever and at any time. Furthermore it’s the most efficient method to reach out to consumers and let your message be heard in a matter of minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, as of August 2022 62% of the web traffic was coming from mobile devices rather than desktops. It is likely that this percentage will continue growing.

The issue for desktops lies in the fact that they isn’t able to receive messages for several hours.

People don’t have desks every day They are mobile. If you’re looking to get your message out quickly mobile marketing is more effective.

2. Lets You Reach a Global Audience and Allows You to Segment It

In 2022 millions of people across the globe will have a mobile phone. If your goal is to reach out to a worldwide mass audience using mobile marketing, this is the right way to go.

You can not only reach all of them You can also decide who you would like to connect with. I’m sure that you have some preferences for your target audience depending on gender, age or geographical the location.

Furthermore, ad platforms are becoming more sophisticated every day. Some other features that are popular for targeting include interests, hobbies previous purchase history Retargeting, etc.

If you’re not sure about the target market You can begin broad until you are able to identify it. Once you have identified the target audience, you should focus on that particular audience. Always test and enhancing the mobile campaigns you run.
3. Multiple Marketing Channels are Available

What’s so great with mobile advertising. There are a variety of ways and methods you can employ to connect with consumers.
Mobile Websites

The most obvious is mobile-friendly websites. As I said before that the majority of site traffic is generated by smartphones. It’s an easy method to browse any website while on the move and to discover a brand new one. The amount of transactions made via mobile devices has been increasing. It is predicted by many that it will soon surpass desktop-based purchases.

This is why having a mobile-friendly website is vital.
Mobile Apps

Based on App Annie App Annie, According to App Annie, 92% Android mobile usage is using an app of some sort. This is a great advertising opportunity. One option is to place advertisements within mobile applications. But, you could also develop your own application. It will make shopping more efficient, attract customers and increase brand recognition.
SMS Marketing

Marketing via SMS is still the most widely-used form that uses mobile technology for marketing.

75 percent of people are happy to receive text message messages once they opt for. The text messages receive a greater response rate than emails or Facebook and 95% that are read in just a couple of minutes.

This alone should be enough to make you look into creating the SMS approach for the company.
QR Codes

Also, QR codes have become well-known when it comes to mobile marketing.

Users are able to scan QR codes, which lead them to a specific webpage with more details.
In-App Mobile Marketing

Advertisements that appear in games and mobile apps are extremely efficient and be seen by a lot of people. This is another way to reach large viewers.

Other methods for mobile marketing include email marketing and social media marketing. Push notifications, phone, and location-based marketing, etc.

4. Mobile Marketing with a Specific Location

Here’s one of the most significant advantages from mobile advertising. It is possible to target customers according to their where they are. That’s an enormous advantage for any company.

We have mentioned that before People are carrying their smartphones everywhere they travel. You can benefit from the capabilities of geo-targeting on mobile phones.

This means that you can send out ads that are specific to the location and more relevant for the user. Geo-fencing is also a possibility. Geo-fencing can trigger notifications or alerts, coupons or other offers whenever the device is in a certain place. This is also referred to as hyperlocal target.

You can basically create an imaginary fence around the area of your company. Or even around your competitors’ location (geo-conquesting).

One of the best examples of successful local-based marketing includes Whole Foods’ mobile campaign. It utilized geo-fencing as well as geo-conquesting.

This resulted in more visitors into their retail stores, as well as their Facebook Page.

5. Cost-effective

If compared with traditional methods of marketing mobile marketing is considerably more affordable.

According to LOCALiQ advertising clicks via mobile devices are at least 24% less expensive than those from desktops.

Optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly and sending texts is much less expensive than other traditional methods of marketing.

It’s an enormous advantage, especially for companies with an extensive marketing budget. If you’re looking to reach out to more people for less of the cost of traditional marketing it’s the best way to take.

Making campaign elements is more simple on mobile devices. There is a limit to the amount you can incorporate in your content is significantly smaller because of the small screen dimensions on mobiles. The content is therefore simple clear, concise and more effective.