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Benefits of Texting in Business and in Life

In business, it’s frequently stated that communication is the most important aspect. Finding ways to connect with employees and customers is crucial in establishing a successful business. In 2023, there are a variety of options to reach out to anyone quickly and efficiently.

Although many companies prefer to make calls via phone or emails, it has been proven time and that the most effective way to connect with others is through text messages. Although text messages were once considered to be informal, it’s now considered to be the best method to communicate among professionals across the globe.

How can business-related texting help you?

There are more subscriptions that are based on text around the globe than people. More than 7.5 billion accounts are in operation and there are over 6 billion text messages read each day. While each medium has pros and cons, you should consider the following benefits of using texting in business.

1. You Can Communicate Quickly

Texting is the fastest method of communication that is available to anyone all over the world. Many people let their phones be a voicemail box and emails are usually read several days after being sent. It is believed 95% of messages sent via text are read within three seconds after being sent so the message you send will be read nearly immediately by your clients.

This means that you will be able to send your message to the recipient at the exact time you need to send it out. You don’t have to be concerned about too much time that passes, which can prevent messages from getting to its intended recipient in the moment they need it. This will also allow you to save money since you’ll be able to save time by sending a text message instead of calling every customer or pay someone else to take care of it.

2. It’s convenient for everyone

Text messages are extremely practical. Most people aren’t available to pick up the phone or check their email every day and prefer reading messages at their own pace. It’s sometimes difficult to get in touch with those who have their phones turned off or on silent, particularly when they aren’t able to answer calls while at work hours.

Texting can solve the issues mentioned above It lets people read messages without the hassle of having to leave where they are and returning to the phone. It allows them to browse the text and then communicate back to you on their own pace, meaning they don’t have to be present to receive the message. You’ll also be certain to receive your message however you may not get a response if you’re just calling.

3. You can communicate directly

Unlimited texting lets businesses speak directly to the person they wish to talk to. Take a look at it this way: when you’re trying to reach an employee, you’ll typically get someone to call on your behalf, especially if you’re the owner of the company.

Texting allows you to instantly communicate with the person you wish to get in touch with; you do not need to engage intermediaries. If you’re a small-sized business you can send a text message to your clients directly and receive the response from them swiftly, leaving you with time to consider what you’ll write.

4. Texts can be automated

Texting, just like phones and emails is also a possibility to automate. The main difference is that text messages are much more likely to get read than phone calls or emails. Automated, robotic phone calls are currently banned due to the number of spam calls reaching phones of people and texting could become the only way to contact someone via phone numbers.

Automating text messages is possible on a free basis online, so all you have to do is create the list of numbers that you can market to. One method that works is to offer a coupon or discount to people who give you their numbers to use to market via text messages. Make sure that it is clear to the person who is giving you the number that you’ll be texting them, because the rates for data and message will be applied to messages you send out.

5. Texts Are Opened

When compared to other methods of communication, there’s no competition regarding which is most frequently opened. Text messages are read by nearly all who receive them. Marketing through email may be popular with your customers and is highly efficient, however the chances are that only a fraction of your messages will be read by the individuals who you’re marketing to.

The majority of messages will be deleted, or immediately delivered to spam. If you advertise via texts to your customers 98 percent or more of the text messages sent to them will be read. This is a lot higher than any other method of communications.

6. Customers actually respond

Another advantage of using text messaging in business is that when you send a text message to your clients, you’ll be able hear immediately and in a direct manner as it’s personal. When you send out messages to an email list, they are likely to not be read, and the ones that do get received are often not responded to.

Texting allows you to connect quickly with your customers. They can provide your company with the information it requires. Customers can also engage in conversations with you, discuss their opinions, and even ask questions. Think about sending out surveys or asking questions from your customers directly. If you’re planning to do this, the best method to go about it is to send texts.

7. Texting creates a paper Trail

What you may not consider often will be keeping an official record when you conduct business. Although you shouldn’t sign contracts based on text messages It’s an excellent method to ensure that the communications you make with your client is written down.

If you’re making deals with customers don’t make all of it over the phone. verbal agreements are more likely to turn into problems later. You can, for instance, strike an agreement with a client via phone and transmit the contract directly to their cell phone using a text message. This way everything you do is written down, which is an enormous benefit for your business with texts.

Final Thoughts

In 2023 there’s no reason that you shouldn’t reap the advantages of communicating with your employees and customers through text messages. Customers can be responsive promptly and efficiently and you can also automatize your messages and the messages will be opened.

Consider it this way There are likely to be other benefits of texting that could directly benefit your company. Don’t delay; stay ahead of the pack and begin texting!