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Everything you need to know about jobs in Birmingham

Birmingham was once referred to as”the “workshop in the entire world” because it was the place where many breakthroughs in science and amazing inventions.

Custard Powder, gas lighting, and radiography were developed in Birmingham. In the present, Birmingham is the home of Cadbury chocolate and The Bullring and Peaky Blinders.

Along with many things to do, visit (and purchase!) as well as shop in Brum It’s also a great location to begin your career. In this article, we’ll take a tour of Birmingham’s most prominent career zones, some the most reputable employers and ways to secure your dream job in Birmingham.

Working in Birmingham The lowdown on working in Birmingham

Over 1.1 million people reside in Birmingham.
The city has the biggest amount of businesses that aren’t located in London (that’s 38,552 businesses! ).
In total, the creation of 4,739 jobs during 2014-15.

What are Birmingham’s major areas of employment?

The city is an important center for engineering and manufacturing, however, there are plenty of opportunities in retail, finance as well as public service. We’ll look at some of the top areas for career development and the best employers. Click here for the latest Birmingham jobs.

Manufacturing and engineering

More than 100,000 workers are employed in the engineering and manufacturing sectors of Birmingham. In 2013, in fact this region West Midlands region as a whole exported goods and goods that was worth £19.4bn!

Companies that employ employees include Jacobs Engineering Group, Jaguar Land Rover, MG Motors.

Professional and financial services

Professional and financial services are a important factor when it comes for jobs available in Birmingham. Around 200,000 people are employed by these companies which includes finance and banking and accounting, as well as law, human resources, and insurance. The city is actually one of the biggest law firms in Europe.

The employers include RBS, Legal and General, Direct Line.

Leisure and retail

Birmingham is the 3rd most-loved place to shop across the United States! About 37.5 million people visit it each year to shopping, work and fun! This means that the majority of them are employed in the retail and leisure industries.

Some employers are: Mitchells and Butlers (chain of pubs), Cadbury World, the Bullring shopping centre.

Public sector

There are lots of jobs in the public sector in Birmingham. It’s the one that offers

There are numerous public sector jobs available in Birmingham and one of the most popular vacancies is for a nurse

we have various government services – such as the healthcare, police and education. By 2022, approximately 30 percent of Birmingham’s workforce employed in those in the public service.

The employers include Birmingham City Council, NHS, West Midlands Police.

What is the average salary in Birmingham?

In 2021, the median weekly income for an employee in Birmingham person was £449.50.

What do I have to be hoping for in finding work in Birmingham?

Birmingham is generating companies at a higher growth rate than London (check the figures above to see the number of). It’s believed that Birmingham’s boom in the economy is aided by the rise of professional and financial services, and engineering and construction sectors.

In 2020, there was 13808 jobs within Birmingham as well as the nearby regions. The most vacancies were for nurses as well as software developers and programmers.

A few other highly sought-after jobs that Birmingham advertised for included IT business analysts; architects elementary school teachers; human resource officers Business sales executives; accountants.

That’s why you’ll have a good possibility of securing an employment opportunity in Birmingham dependent on the field you’re most interested in and, naturally.