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How Can Acoustic Screens be Used in a Classroom?

How noisy can kids be? The answer is very!

Working with and around children can make it apparent how much noise can be made when in the classroom. Having discussions and involving the children comes with noise, which isn’t a bad thing as it shows engagement and being able to communicate.

Generally, the classroom design is open plan, making it easy to teach and for the class to in integrate. That being said, divisions can be helpful and separate the room into areas for different tasks.

If noise volumes are too loud and you’re looking for a way to bring order to the classroom, here’s how Acoustic Partitions can be added to the classroom.

Reading Space

Even as an adult it’s hard to read and take in what you’re reading when you’re in a loud space, so when you’re still learning it can be over powering. Create a snug reading zone, with bean bags and fun office screens. It’s possible to block out some of the noise and create a reading space that keeps the creative thoughts coming.

Play Areas

For younger children, having designated play areas is a great way to show where play happens and then when it’s time to learn. Playtime can get exciting so having the acoustic foam to absorb any unwanted noise would be more than effective.


When the room needs to be the quietest, it’s during an exam. The space will already be quiet, but with the addition of dividers, the seating can be clearly marked and will eliminate any the need to look around or find a distraction.

Teachers’ Lounge

Classrooms and halls aren’t the only places acoustic office screens can be used; teachers need some quiet time too. Lunch areas, meeting rooms and reception spaces are all worthy of a divider to make everyday working, even easier.

Acoustic office screens are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes but making them appeal to children can be the hard part. Children enjoy a sensory aspect, are drawn to bold colours and images, so seek out unique prints and textures that can appeal to early years and children in older education.

What are the benefits of adding acoustic office screens?

  • Lower noise levels
  • More privacy for students and staff
  • Easy to teach and creates a calmer space
  • Increase engagement and focus
  • Adds to each room design

Acoustic office screens are an investment, as whilst they can be used as a permanent feature, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to move and reconfigure. Educational settings are always changing, so working with furniture which can be moved and used in different situations is the way to make the most out of your budget.