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The Advantages of TV Advertising

TV advertising has two main advantages. Response and brand awareness. You can engage with new customers as well as increase your brand’s loyalty to customers who are already loyal. In addition, it can drive sales or responds. However, you could argue that all advertising is at the very least one of these benefits.

What is it that makes Television Advertising Different?

Why is TV so different? It’s all to the effectiveness of the message. It’s known for a long time that using video, a combination of sound and vision produces the most effective advertising messages. Then there’s the impact! A single commercial on TV could reach millions of viewers within the 30″ time period. I’m not sure if Google as well as Facebook could reach eight million viewers in UK in just 30 seconds.

You might think yes, but isn’t that really costly? You’re wrong! Sure, you can spend a lot of money on advertising for TV, however, you can also spend lesser amounts.

What is the biggest TV advertising Gain?

Its greatest benefit is the cost. The average cost per view of a television commercial will be less than half of a cent, 0.5p! In order to put it in perspective that, the vast majority of digital videos start at 2p per video more than 4 times as much!

Since TV is able to reach an enormous daily, weekly and monthly viewers, it can be cheaper. Television advertising costs are dependent on the supply (your total amount of viewers that are watching the channel or in a region according to the audience) as opposed to demand (the budget of all advertisers looking to promote on the particular channel and their audience).

Demand vs. Supply

For instance 600 million viewers/ 30 million spent on ads = £10 CPT, or cost per 1,000 viewers.

Supply vs. Demand = Cost

The greater the number of people who watch TV, the less expensive it will cost to advertise If the viewing rate decreases, it will increase the cost.

When demand is very excessive, for instance in the time of Christmas, this can increase the price. If demand is less like during the summer or due to external factors like COVID, the cost will decrease.

The Impact of COVID

Since COVID was introduced the market for television has been able to reduce its costs automatically and you do not need massive discounts to save. The fact that there’s less demand, the cost has decreased by as much as 50% in certain months YoY.

This could be a huge benefit to advertisers when they choose to promote more often in the event of a lower cost, so you’ll get better value for your money.

Television Advertising Offers a Wide Variety of Options!

Another benefit is the flexibility! Channel selection to promote around. SKY Media represents over 150 different channels. ITV1 has a range of regional choices in addition to the channels it own. Channel 4 has a mix of digital channels as well as some specific macro-targeting options.

With Sky having so many channels, there are plenty with very low numbers of viewers, which means that the cost of an advertisement could be as low as £3 for a 30 seconds. On the other hand, you can pay for an entire national ad in Coronation St on ITV and get around 8 million viewers. This can cost thousands of pounds for one ad.

With ITV1 you can choose to target your ads geo-specifically that allow you to advertise in the northeast region of England exclusively or in London exclusively or in a mix of regions, based on the location of your stores.

Television Advertising can be tracked!

The responses to TV advertisements can be tracked, and it’s possibly the best offline method for tracking response because of the effect of advertisements and the size of the people that you can reach. If you’ve placed an advertisement placed in a prominent spot in the morning, you’ll get a response to your website or telephone number within minutes. If you know the price of the advertisement and the number of responses you got, it’s simple enough to work out the price per response.

TV Advertising Delivers Fame & Trust

We all know that if we see an advertisement on television that it has to be authentic, and you shouldn’t make promises that aren’t. When we get an offer or savings, we can be sure it’s real. The fact that it’s seen on television creates the impression that your company is performing well, as it’s perceived to be costly. This can be a great benefit to advertisers and is among reasons to advertise in times of recession. People will be more confident that your company is doing well regardless of the economic situation.

What are the drawbacks of Television Advertising?

One of the major drawbacks of TV ads is that I believe that the time to produce an advertisement on TV may be sluggish. For many first time advertisers the legal clearance process could be a bit tense, particularly when your production company doesn’t have any prior experience in getting a TV commercial cleared.

It’s a bit confusing There are lots of technical terms the advertiser might not have come across before. We exchange TVR’s or television ratings. It’s a standard in the industry and it’s easy enough to explain however, it could be too technical for certain.

The cost of advertising can rise rapidly. Sure, you can purchase advertisements for as little as £3 however, you could also spend up to 50k on an ad. How do you ensure you’re getting the best bargain or paying the right cost? Are you paying too over or under? It’s the job of TV advertising companies to take care of this for you.

What TV Adverts on the Mainstream Don’t Recognize!

The amount you pay for isn’t necessarily what you receive. Television broadcasters aren’t aware of the number of people who will view the advertisement until it the message has been broadcast, therefore they try to estimate and, consequently they may overestimate or undervalue your message.

It’s not clear until the campaign is over. If I spend 20k on television advertising, I might receive 22k in value, or 18k. It’s not actually earned or lost, it’s the equivalent of a debt or trade credit. If it’s short, I could request additional value in a subsequent campaign. If it’s over, I might need to lower the value of an upcoming campaign.

It is the Job of a Good Agency

It is important to ensure that the you get the best value feasible. Some companies will deliberately try to over-deliver in order to audit against discounts that are higher than the ones they purchase, and that can create an extremely grey subject. Do you really get the price that you promised?

Are TV ads for everyone?

It depends. I often ask, are you willing to advertise on TV? Does your website convert effectively? Are you able to establish a strong online presence and campaign? Retargeting campaigns in conjunction with television as well as PPC campaigns can produce amazing results, and often reduce costs of PPC.

Are you focusing on B2B rather than B2C? You might be surprised to learn that there are TV options for B2B however B2C companies typically see the most benefits.

Do you think your brand needs an update? Perhaps this can be tied into new TV advertising and messages?

It’s obvious that cost is important, however as I’ve already mentioned there are many low-cost alternatives for TV, but If you’re looking to advertise across multiple ITV1 regions to advertise different retail outlets, it could rapidly increase to six figures.

For us, it’s much more like a list. are you in the best place for the greatest benefit from it.

Why do some people write off TV Commercials?

Television advertising is frequently dismissed as excessively expensive, without any thought. this is perhaps my biggest pet annoyance. The majority of advertisers I talk to when we talk about the cost-effectiveness of TV advertising be are not aware that it is a factor to consider in their marketing plans.

What kind of return or ROI can I expect from TV ads?

Perhaps the most important query that new advertisers are looking to answer is this. There are many examples found on the Thinkbox website, but they culminate in revealing that TV advertising is the most effective offline marketing channel with an ROI of £1.75. However, I doubt this is the type of advertising that advertisers are seeking.

What I would suggest marketers is that they figure backwards on your budget What would you require to achieve in responseor sales to meet your goal? Consider how realistic it is in the case of spending $50k and getting forty million viewers, if require 4,000 sales, then you’ll must convert 0.01 percent of viewers which isn’t difficult to accomplish. It’s even possible to say that if you’ve got an average ratio of 0.02 that you’ve hit the goal.

What is Success?

If you have a minimum goal to convert and identifying the characteristics of success and what doesn’t, and whether it is possible. However, keep in mind that there are many other elements to consider. Your inventiveness, does it have a compelling appeal or an offer? The choice of the channel, timing of the day that you promote as well as the duration of your advertisement to mention some.

Who Do Television Advertising Profit the Most?

Through the thousands of TV ads I’ve worked on, I’m not sure there’s one specific type of advertiser who gets the most value. I’ve worked with Motor, Retail, home improvement, entertainment gambling, financial services, travel to mention some, and all have performed exceptionally well on television.

What Success Means to Us!

My personal preference is to be sales or response driven. Because that is how the majority of advertisers evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising. As an agency, I would like to provide data showing that we have done X and it has resulted in the following. It doesn’t reveal the full impact of television advertising, however it gives you an idea of the effectiveness.

I frequently tell our clients, the ideal way to approach is to review the entire picture of your marketing. Ideally, all of your marketing needs to be in sync and complementing one another so you are able to see the amount of business generated and what marketing expenditures have been and provides you with a top overview of your results.

This is crucial because, when it comes to something like television advertising it is unlikely that everyone will react to your advertisements within a time-frame. Most people will react at times that are convenient for the viewer and at times when they believe they require your service or product. A part of the process is seeing your advertisement multiple times.

Yes, on TV, you can get immediate responses, but it is only a small portion of the picture.