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The Pros and Cons of Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom T-shirt printing is a service which is in high the market by all, whether to personalize the design or to use for advertising. The printing of custom T-shirts is an option that is being used by nearly everyone with various techniques that have been developed. These methods are perfect to design the T-shirts that you decide to wear and each has its positive and negative sides.

Before you decide to purchase any of the options it is important to be informed of what the actual methods of printing on custom T-shirts and what are the advantages and disadvantages. These suggestions will surely provide you with a good amount of knowledge:

Screen Printing

In the process of custom tshirt printing, screens or stencils is applied to the fabric and various colors are employed to color the stencils. It is among the most well-known techniques that pastes a copy of one layer over the other.

Screen Printing

Screen printing provides the highest quality output
One of the strategies you should anticipate if you need T-shirts printed in bulk since it’s very economical.
o Provides durable results
The disadvantages of screen printing
It is necessary to use various screens or stencils to match various shades.
The creation of a final T-shirt requires a number of steps or steps as it’s a gradual process.

Direct-to-garment printing

It is among the latest techniques to be developed, and, as the name implies, it applies the ink directly on the clothing. It does not create the impression of bulging or outward on the shirt as the ink or color makes its way through the fabric.

Advantages of Direct to Garment Printing

Many colors can be utilized in one print of one T-shirt
Highly effective for complicated designs.
The process is ideal if planning to create your personal T-shirt
The disadvantages of direct to Garment Printing
This type of printing could be costly when ordering large quantities
The process may be complicated if the fabric is more dark in hue.


This isn’t actually an actual printing method however the logo or design is stitched on your T-shirt . This is known for its high-quality printing.

Advantages of Embroidery

It’s suitable to present professional appearances, especially when you are looking forward to work on polo shirts
The process produces long-lasting results and is effective in large patterns of design.
Pros and Cons of Embroidery
The process is deemed to be complicated when complex patterns are involved.
The quality of output is dependent depending on the fiber that is used.

Transfer printing

This is a techniques used in custom T-shirt designs and it is employed to transfer an image onto the next and create a permanent look. Transfer printing can be accomplished through laser transfer, heat transfer, or inkjet transfer. It is typically distinguished from other printing methods because of the bulging image visible on the T-shirt.

The advantages of transfer printing

Printing is the most simple method for complicated designs
It does not require screens of different colors rather, an image is transferred in a single.
It is simple to personalize T-shirts according to the needs of the client
If you’re looking to purchase custom-printed T-shirts at a bulk rate, the idea will be useful
The disadvantages of transfer printing
The result is not long-lasting and also depends on the fiber used
The process may not work for Tees with intricate backgrounds or shades that are darker.