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Using QR Codes at an Event

QR codes can be found everywhere now! For ordering food at a table, for joining a conversation from a TV show and even taking you to an invite or event details. QR codes are quick and easy to use, and once you know how to use them, there aren’t any barriers.

What is a QR code?

The easiest way to describe what a QR code is that it’s made with black and white squares which are made readable to a camera on a smartphone or other machine. You’ll then be directed to a URL link or set destination.

Essentially, it’s a type of barcode.

How can a QR code be helpful at an event?

QR codes are quick and can provide access to any information in an instant. Even better that by using technology you’ll be eliminating the use of paper, keeping the planet in mind and monitoring the amount of waste from your event.

How should you use QR codes within your stand?

Adding QR codes is smart and will even catch the eye of millennials. You can have multiple codes, which end up in different places, focusing on different areas of the business.

TV Screens

Monitors are traditionally added as part of an exhibition stand to display short product videos, demo’s and adverts. A TV Screen can draw attention, as you’ll be walking past and want to see what’s being displayed. This is exactly why displaying the QR code on a TV is a great way to make it noticeable and accessible.

Products / Goodie Bags

In the event that stand visitors didn’t have time or couldn’t make it to the QR codes on your stand, give them something to take away. Use your merchandise as another canvas to print the QR code on to. Print on the product, bag or add as a small cardboard token which can be accessed from home.

Banner and Exhibition Stands

As part of your exhibition stand design, nothing is bigger than the stand itself and the banner accessories. Use the printed panels to upscale and bring the QR code to life. Position several codes on different areas of the stand so it’s possible to access from all areas.

What are the benefits of using QR codes?

Customer satisfaction

Create an instant connection with your customers, where they’re able to access the data and information they need just by opening their camera. It keeps the information in one place, accessible and means they can navigate through your stand and business independently, if that’s what they’d prefer.

Cost effective

We’ve touched on the costs that are incurred when planning an event, and it’s safe to say it’ll eat away at your budget surprisingly fast. Some QR codes are free and can be made online, so if you’re looking for a simple redirect to a URL, social page or email, then you’re in luck.

Also, it saves additional costs printing brochures and leaflets, that could be lost or thrown away.