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What is call forwarding and how does it benefit your business?

If you’ve recently upgraded your company’s phone system or are thinking of upgrading your technology in communications You’ve likely observed the call forwarding feature is a possible option. Understanding what call forwarding is and how it could aid your business is hugely beneficial to the way you run your business in a variety of ways, from improving communication with customers and employee productivity and overall efficiency.

We’ve explained the specifics of call forwarding and what advantages this clever technology provides to your staff and business.

What is a call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a function present in many cloud-based phone systems as well as modern business phone systems. Call forwarding lets you accomplish what it says forward calls! This feature allows call forwarding lets you forward or redirectincoming calls to a different number. Call forwarding is typically utilized to divert calls from mobile to landline or from personal to office or to a responsible department or colleague.

What are the best times to use call forwarding?

You can utilize call forwarding in many different scenarios to ensure that there is never a interruption in customer communication or confusion. Call forwarding is installed to:

Holiday cover or any other period of leave , calls can be transferred to your colleagues or to the larger business.
In the time of travel when you’re flying, or traveling long distances with the chance to check your phone, make your calls transferred so that customers don’t have to wait for urgent inquiries. If you’re in another country and have a cell or international number it is possible to transfer calls over to the right number that is suitable for you.
Remote working – Have your office landline phone calls redirected to your cell phone at work or similar, ensuring your service is always on.
Service out of office hours If you work only for a set period of time, but your business is open for other hours outside of that calling forwarding allows you to take a break from work , without impacting the customers.
In busy times – when your line is jammed and you’ve set the status as busy since you’re unavailable call forwarding allows users to work without interruption or accumulating an unending call backlog.

What are the advantages of a call divert to mobile service?

Call forwarding in itself as a feature isn’t all that novel of a method. What’s new is the way it can be used to simplify business phone systems, both internally and externally.

For employees who are often traveling, in meetings or simply not in the office and cannot be reached, call forwarding allows instead of returning many missed calls or voicemails to answer the messages, they are passed on to a person who is available to assist. People don’t get with a headache trying to get hold of someone else, and the employee who isn’t available isn’t required to spend a lot of time making up missed calls.

Cloud telephone systems include a number of options that help improve the life balance for employees, call forwarding is one of them. By enabling call forwarding during times when they are not working (such like weekends and evenings) employees can be at ease in the knowledge that any urgent issues will be dealt with by the after-hours team, establishing an unambiguous separation between their work and home lives which is more essential for workers who work from home or in a hybrid.

If you have a hybrid workforce calling forwarding is essential to help customers and employees stay in touch with no interruption in service. The ability to forward calls from landlines to mobile, or reversed, it implies that no matter the location of staff they can be reached by customers via the best line.

Call forwarding is a part of your business communications

It is being designed in order to keep your communication channels running without interruption. Customers call for reasons and would prefer resolution whenever they can. If staff are not available due to reasons beyond their control, calls are routed to someone who is able to assist. This leads to a better customer experience, improved company productivity, and more leads are accessed – because of a single piece of cloud telephone.