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Why Employ Low Loader Transportation Services

Semi-low loaders are in use more frequently throughout the UK to transport various kinds of items. Our range of high loaders and step frame provide numerous advantages in the transportation of your heavy items across the nation. When moving and lifting goods the considerations of the flexibility, safety and endurance are essential. Below, we’ve listed some of the benefits of this increasingly sought-after equipment.

What is a semi-low loader?

A semi-loader is a trailer that does not have front axles. It is designed for the transport of goods that may require additional in length, or even height. Semi-loaders are immensely well-known for their ability to transport various goods, including agricultural equipment as well as lifting trucks. Low-loaders can be particularly helpful for transporting large and long-lasting items. They require careful consideration and there are a variety of aspects you must be aware of prior to taking them to be transported. The distinct characteristics of low-loader trailers ensure they can meet a wide range of special needs for transportation and are becoming in popularity within the current market.

Height adjustable

Low-loaders can be adjusted in height that is a major advantage when it comes to loading heavy and large cargo. The major benefit for these types of loaders is the fact that they can carry loads of up to 3.6m which is much higher than what normal trailers are allowed to carry. Low-loaders are considerably shorter in height than traditional trailers. Because of their low level, it’s much easy to load the goods onto the trailer. Because of their height, low loaders are a great option to transport a variety of unusual loads that can’t be separated into distinct loads.


Low-loader trailers can be linked and disengaged from their unit. This makes them simple to maneuver on loading sites. Semi-low loaders also provide flexibility when weather conditions are severe. Because of their height, low-loaders are less affected by severe weather conditions like powerful winds crashing against the side of the load. We also have semi-low trailers equipped with beaver tails. They are particularly effective in the loading of your goods. The goods can be pushed straight onto the truck, thereby saving time and effort trying to move your cargo to a higher level. Certain low-loaders can extend their lengths, thereby increasing their versatility even more.

More safety

Low loader services are in high demand because of their strength and durability. They are low in height, which makes carrying and loading unusual loads much more convenient, which ensures a safer experience. Low-loaders make loading more efficient, which eliminates the need for manual work. Due to their low height and weight-bearing characteristics low-loaders can take the train away from the process of loading and transportation and make them safer for workers.

We’re here to assist with helping you choose the best low loader you need for transporting of the loads. For a discussion of your needs for haulage and determine the most suitable semi-low loader Contact us now.