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Why Video Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Video has proven to be the most undisputed top choice of content that can be used to attract people on the internet. The value of video marketing in boosting the visibility of your brand and increasing its growth is undisputed.

Digital marketing will be dominated by video,, and it is now the right moment for both large as well as small, to make the investment.

What is the reason I am saying that?

Since a staggering 96% of those interviewed by Wyzowl claim to have seen an explanation video to get a better understanding of an item or program.

In the study the majority of marketers view videos as a crucial element to their marketing plan digitally. Many of them are willing to invest in the best video marketing tools and see an excellent return on investment.

If you own a business which hasn’t yet invested into video-based marketing I have listed 6 compelling and convincing reasons to.

Let’s take a closer look at these.

Six Reasons Video Marketing Should be A Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The significance of video marketing is evident. A glance at the most popular social media sites is enough to determine its acclaim.

Here are six reasons for your business to include video marketing in your marketing strategy in order to get an edge over your rivals.

Here are the results.

1. Creates Brand Credibility

One of the primary objectives of marketing for any company is to build trust with customers. You must make yourself a trustworthy and trustworthy brand. Video marketing can help you build the trust of your customers and achieve that.

Videos do not just give information but also connect your company’s image with its target viewers. The benefit of using videos is the fact that they engages your target audience and creates a sense of emotion which are essential for building lasting relationships.

Video marketing can serve as a way to communicate to your audience. communicate your vision and values and address their needs and gain their trust to be a loyal customer of your brand. This is the purpose of video marketing.

2.Helps Inform consumers about your Products or Services.

If you’re planning to launch an innovative product or service there could be no greater way to engage your customers than to develop an explanation video series.

According to the aforementioned Wyzowl survey 73% of the respondents stated that they prefer watching videos to get information about a brand new product as opposed to any other type of media.

If your customers place an emphasis on videos, it’s essential to make the investment in video advertising. You can make use of a reliable online course-making platform to demonstrate how your products and services will benefit your customer’s lives.

For instance, a presentation for a product for instance, which can last many pages. However, all of that information could be condensed into just the space of a couple of minutes in an animation-based explainer. That’s the significance of video marketing that you have to understand.

3. Improves Sales and Conversions

It’s an extremely competitive market, and you’d do anything to increase your conversion rates. This is where the value of video marketing comes into play.

Based on Google, Nike Korea realized an increase of 54% in conversion rates through customized, event-driven video ads in 2021.

The addition of a video on your landing pages will boost the chances of turning visitors into customers. The reason for this is straightforward: videos are an effective tool to convince people that they are worth the offerings or products.

When they watch a video, your customers will are more confident when making a purchase decision. This is how video marketing will directly increase the amount of sales you make.

4. It’s crucial to SEO

Not only do your viewers enjoy watching videos however, Google too loves them particularly those on YouTube. YouTube ones.

In reality that by having at minimum one video embedded within the webpage you wish to rank on, you will boost your chances of ranking higher in results. One simple method is to create videos on the subject which you’ve covered on a specific page. This could increase your chances of being ranked higher on the SERPs.

If you’re thinking of making an investment in advertisements on Google video, it is an excellent way to increase your results.

The value in video advertising is the fact that it could perform two ways to increase traffic to your website – through engaging your visitors and helping you rank better.

5. Provides Caters for Mobile User

Did you know there were 2.33 billion mobile phone video watchers in 2021 across the globe? Additionally, smartphone people using smartphones have 1.5x higher likely stream videos every day on their phones than the computer.

These figures clearly demonstrate that the significance of using video in marketing in order to attract smartphone users. Since more and more smartphone users can access the internet everywhere they go is a growing need for engaging and enjoyable videos.

Your marketing team can make use of a reliable YouTube editor to produce innovative videos of your company and products that appeal to the needs of mobile users and create an effective brand image.

6. Boosts Social Sharing

The majority of consumers share the videos they enjoy via social networks. If you’ve ever played with TikTok marketing, then you’re aware of the way videos tend to become popular in just a few hours.

If you make interesting and informative videos, your viewers will appreciate videos and may even send them to their friends.

Social sharing can increase the visibility of your brand, increase your authority, and bring traffic to your site.

Videos can be used in social networks to promote your products, market an affiliate program and much more than you could do with text messages.

Are you ready to invest on Video Marketing?

I hope that by now, you’ve realized the significance of video marketing to your company.

If you do it right When done correctly, you can reach specific goals and reap a huge return on investment from video marketing. The trick is to choose the appropriate type of videos to serve different purposes, and employ the power of storytelling through images and emotions to engage your target audience.

If you’re convinced about the value for video-based marketing then go ahead and incorporate it into your marketing strategy for this year. It’s an excellent way to ensure your company is future-proof.