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All About E-Liquids

Let’s begin with the most important one you might be asking yourself. What exactly is an E-liquid? In simple terms the term e-liquid, sometimes referred to as e-juice, vape juice, or vape liquid can be described as the thick flavored liquid that’s placed in the pod or tank of a vape device in order to produce vapour. It’s the liquid you take in and exhale as part of your vaping experience, similar to how water evaporates when exposed to higher temperatures.

It’s common for e-liquids to contain various ingredients and chemicals, but the truth is that E-liquids in Switzerland are composed of the maximum of five ingredients in order to guarantee safety and comply in accordance with Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). These include nicotine Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) flavorings, and distilled water, however there are many brands that come with a nicotine-free alternative should you prefer.

As you begin your journey to vaping you’ll have to choose your first e-liquid. However, it’s not so easy as picking your favorite flavor there are some other things to take into consideration! In this article we’ll go through the various aspects of selecting an e-liquid, to assist you in finding the perfect liquid for yourself!

What flavor and brand Is Right for Me?

Let’s begin with the most obvious aspect of your decision to purchase e-liquid and the one you’ll be the most comfortable with – picking the flavor! When it comes to choosing the right flavor for your e-liquid all the world is yours. From the most delightfully exotic and fruity juices to delicious dessert flavors sweet candy scents, as well as rich blends of tobacco you can choose from a vast array of options that will suit your preferences.

Vapers who are new to the hobby often discover they can make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping is made easier by sticking with what they already know. This is the reason why some of our most loved e-liquids are Pure Ice Menthol, Pure Menthol and Pure Virginia that replicate the brands you love from cigarettes or the icy menthol flavor! But, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover the world of flavours available on e-liquids. So why not take advantage of this Pure and Vampire Vape multiple-buy deal to test a few varieties?

Certain flavours aside, it’s also possible that you’ll also like the same brand of e-liquid to one. For example Pure E-Liquid is designed to give you an easier, more clear vape that doesn’t become overwhelming when you’re going through your day. Likewise, brands like Vampire Vape and IVG are ideal for those with a craving for sweets!

What is the best PG/VG Ratio for Myself?

Based on the type of vaping you select depending on the type of vaping you choose, DTL or MTL, the precise ratio of your e-liquid’s ingredients will vary and that’s why you’ll see “PG/VG Ratio” on a lot of e-liquid’s product descriptions.

It’s a safe chemical found in many prepared foods and medications, and it is responsible for carrying nicotine and flavorings that allow for an effective vapourisation. It also offers that the vaping industry refers to as”throat hit” or “throat hit” that’s a satisfying sensation at the throat. It’s a sensation is instantly recognizable from smoking. To enjoy MTL vaping, which is the method that is most similar to smoking cigarettes it is recommended to use an e-liquid that has a higher the PG content, for instance 70% PG or 30% VG. This is due to the fact that PG is more readily vapourized than VG. This means that you won’t require the greater capacity or less resistance coils you’ll find in DTL and sub-ohm devices.

It is a derivative of plant oilthat is that is used as a sweetener and an ingredient in food processing. It is a component of e-liquids. it can be used to create large clouds of vapour. That is the reason you’ll require an e-liquid with greater amount of VG for DTL or sub-ohm vapor – since high-VG liquids require a specific coil and a larger battery to vapourize.

For a quick guideline we’ve shown the PG/VG ratios that are appropriate for the style you prefer in the following table:

100percent VG Ideal in DTL and sub-ohm smoking however, it is only suitable for those who are allergic to PG, or are looking to compete in cloud chase. The ratio is almost devoid of throat hit, but the sweet VG can alter the taste and cause equipment problems in the event that you do not have the proper setup.
80% VG/20 percent PG: A rare ratio of DTL and sub-ohm vaping that increases slightly the production of vapour while reducing the impact on the throat.
70% VG/30 70% VG / 30 % PG: Ideal in DTL as well as sub-ohm vapor. It delivers plenty of vapour and a slight throat hit. It’s a smooth experience that doesn’t overwhelm when inhaling and also produces huge clouds upon exhaling. It’s the most effective of both!
50% VG / 50 percent PG: An excellent start point for MTL experimentation , which provides high-quality exhale that has an enjoyable taste during the exhale.
60 60% % 40 % PG / 60% VG A very popular ratio of PG/VG in MTL vapers, which delivers slightly more vapour production but the slight reduction in throat hits.
100 100% PG: The best throat hit and most effective delivery of flavors for MTL vaping, yet it’s a rare ratio isn’t found anywhere else!

Which Nicotine Strength is the best for You?

E-liquids are available in a vast variety of nicotine strengths, starting with 0mg nicotine up to the maximum permissible strength that is available within the UK of 20mg or 2.2%. The higher the percentage or mg that is used, the greater amount of nicotine is delivered and an enhanced “throat hit” as with cigarettes. If you’re looking to smoke MTL as well as DTL type, we’ll give an simple explanation of the strength that will suit you best, in comparison to the previous habits you’ve had.

If you’re MTL vapers, there’s many strengths available Consider the number of cigarettes you’re used to beginning with an intensity that is similar to your previous experience. The brand you choose you’ll find the strengths differ in their tiering.

1-5 cigarettes per day: 0.5% (5mg/ml)
5-15 cigarettes per day: 1.0% (10mg/ml)
A day of smoking 15-20 cigarettes: 1.5% (15mg/ml)
20+ cigarettes daily: 2.0% (20 mg/ml)

If you’re planning to use DTL or sub-ohm, in which you inhale directly from your device, without putting the liquid in your mouth, just like you smoke cigarettes and you’ll require a smaller strength of nicotine that is typically between 0.3 percent to 0.6 percentage which is 3mg/ml up to 6 mg/ml.

When you’re more comfortable with vaping, you may require the higher or lower nicotine content e-liquid in order in order to find the perfect flavor. A lot of our customers choose to quit smoking cigarettes for good which is why they gradually decrease their nicotine levels until they’re satisfied with an e-liquid that is nicotine-free.

What’s a Nic Salt?

If you want to add something else to the mix, there’s an entirely different kind of e-liquid which may meet your needs. Nicotine salt, or the nic shot is an e-liquid that has been formulated differently. But it’s definitely not sweet! Nic salts comprise a kind of naturally occurring nicotine that is found in the tobacco leaf. They is a fantastic choice for those who want to cut down on their nicotine cravings for longer time periods or for those who isn’t able to regularly vape and requires a longer-lasting nicotine boost.

A nicotine salt delivers the most effective way to deliver nicotine to the bloodstream of your body and is not the case with the distillation as well as “freebase” nicotine is present in the normal liquid. This is due to the fact that “salts” change the pH that the liquid is in, making it more compatible with human body and the way they absorb nicotine. Like your usual E-liquid nicotine salts, nicotine salts remain 90% less dangerous than smoking cigarettes and contain no other ingredients apart from nicotine, PG, and flavoring mix.

Nic salts can help you reduce the amount of nicotine you use, which they can be a economical option when you are finding yourself making the rounds quickly through an e-liquid with freebase nicotine. They tend to offer a more rich taste, flavor and a more pleasant smoking experience as freebase nicotine can alter the flavor of the liquid. But, nicotine salts might not be suitable for you for those who are a lighter smoker, because the high nicotine content in nicotine salt e-liquids could cause a lot of discomfort for certain.

Can My E-Liquid Go Off?

Similar to the food you keep that you can find in your refrigerator or pantry E-liquids are also accompanied by an “Best Before” date that will give you the date at which your liquid will be of the highest quality. But this date is different from the ones employed by the food industry because your e-liquids are able to be stored as canned food is which means that it can be used for a long time beyond the date. It will be apparent that your e-liquid is slightly old enough to be enjoyable when you notice the gradual loss of flavour and aroma, or a alteration in the colour of the bottle or e-liquid or bottle, and a decline in the potency of nicotine.