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Glitter Glue For Crafters

Glitter glue has become an essential for all types of crafters. From Christmas decorations to scrapbook pages, to greeting cards, it’s been the go-to for everything creative. There are a myriad of possibilities when it comes down with glitter glue.

The name itself suggests that glitter glue is a form of glitter that has been suspended within liquid glue. Since glitter is suspended in the glue, products such as Stickles as well as Nuvo Drops could be translucent or opaque.

It is available in plastic bottles and comes in various colors. The bottles usually come with nozzle tips which allow you to obtain the exact amount of product that you require.

The smaller containers of glue may be called Stickles along with the larger glitter glues that look like the ones from Elmer’s. I have found that larger bottles have a smaller quantity of glitter inside the glue. But, all glues are extremely beneficial, based on the application and substrate you’re applying it to.

Elmer’s glitter glue can be washed and is not recommended to use on photographs as well as metallic surfaces submerged surfaces, or heated surfaces.

Wholesale glitter glue is simple (and secure) to apply on many different types of surfaces, like chipboard, wood, paper canvas, and much more!

There are also glitter tubes glue that are sold in sets. The tubes are equipped with tiny nozzles that are attached to them.

You can also buy glitter glue with larger sizes. These bottles are larger and have larger nozzles and are priced more per ounce.

Glitter glue is available in a wet form along with glitter glue sticks you can use with your craft glue gun

If you are using glitter glue that has transparent white surfaces, my best idea is to apply a dab on onto the top using a small amount of glitter glue, then dry. So you can be able to see the appearance of the color when it is dry.

The Benefits Of Utilizing Glitter Glue

There are numerous advantages of using glitter glue instead of glue that has glitter added on the top. Here are a few suggestions:

It’s much cleaner. Since that the glitter mixes into the glue this creates less dust than with loose glitter.
It’s a kind of adhesive. A portion of the mixture is glue , after all. Although it isn’t a very strong adhesive however, it does possess adhesive properties.
Saves you money. It is also less waste since it’s already in the glue.
It dries faster than the usual methods of securing glitter.

Create Glitter Glue Flowers

It’s easy to make the glitter glue of your choice. flower, cut out the flower you like on thick card stock. The glitter glue is painted over the petals of the flower, allow to dry. Attach a half-gem to the top. Ideal for scrapbooking or even a card.

How To Apply Glitter Glue

There are many ways to make use of the glitter pastes, glues and adhesives. Here are some suggestions to get your creative flow:

Scrapbook Pages

Glitter glue is more convenient to use on scrapbook pages. It’s much more simple to work with as compared to glue or glitter. It is possible to highlight a name or add embellishments. Frame the image using glitter glue.

Greeting Cards

Make sure to highlight your images create dots to add an artistic touch. It is also possible to glitter glue your sentiments. Make a background using stencils. You could also stamp with glitter glue , if your stamp has a simple outline. (make sure to clean the stamp thoroughly with the soapy water and wash it off )

Art Journals

There are endless ways to use glitter glue for your journal pages for art ! Use it as paint. Create the glittery glue button. Make use of stencils !

Design A Frame That You Customize

You can design a custom frame using a wooden frame, or any frame. Use glitter glue for painting the frame. Apply a single shade, or mix multiple shades. Simply put some drops of glitter glue to the frame. Paint it on with a brush, and allow it to dry.

Decorate a Pumpkin

After you have cleaned all dirt from the pumpkin, you are now able to paint it any theme you want to with glitter glue

Make-up Pin Magnets for Clothes

Make a dress pin look pretty by using glitter glue. Attach magnets to one side of the pin. A great idea for a present that your children can create.

Decorate Glass Jars

It is possible to use glitter glues to add sparkle to glass containers. This is a wonderful recycling idea. Make sure the jar is spotless. Apply the glitter glue to your design or pattern. Let it dry. Apply Modge Podge on top of the glitter to make sure that the glitter glue is sealed.

Decorate Rocks For A Garden

Bring some sparkle to your garden by adding glitter glue onto some decent size rocks. Be sure the rocks are well-maintained. Use the glue. Leave it to dry before decorating your garden

Create Glitter Butterflies

One of my favourite methods of using glitter glue to make glitter butterflies. Create a butterfly-shaped design and then decorate it with the glitter image you prefer

Uses For Glitter Glue

Create cards that highlight specific areas using glitter glue
Scrapbooking-decorate decor, use on a title
On a coloring page
Bring life back to the old Christmas decorations
Glam ribbon
Outline Letter Stickers can alter any letter stickers that you have by using glitter glue.
Use glitter glue to make stencils
Make patterns using stripes, polka dots, and circles
Crafts made of embellishing felt
Painting flower pots with paint
Accentuate and decorate according to match any accessory
Make glitter glue drops using a non-stick mat. Make circles with them
Use pre-made glitter glue drops to create a faux shaker card
Create glitter pebbles. Make large amounts of glue glitter to make small pebbles. You can also use the non-stick material. Leave them for a minimum of 2 days.
Make use of strips of paper that have like planks. Make the edges more rough using scissors. Place them on the dark or black shade on a base of card. Make use of the glitter glue in complementary colors to create groups of colors
Outline the letters of the form of a title on an album page
Place them over buttons or brads to make them shine.
Make a special icing using the help of cards and die cuts
Make them a border for a scrapbook page, or on a card
Make them the centerpiece of the flower
Make stencils instead of ink
Utilize them to block the sun’s rays
Create a sparkling rainbow

Glitter Snowflakes

Glitter Time to Dry Glue

Glitter glues actually, require some drying time. Depending on the humidity in your area of work and the strength of your glitter glue could be as long as for a night.

Even if you’re inclined to grab the heater to speed up the process do not. A lot of the heat needed to speedily dry Stickles and Nuvo Drops will cause burning of the glitter. The same thing can lead to bubbling in the glue carrier. Worst case scenario, you might burn your project.