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Reasons Why You Should get a Swiss Army Knife

It is believed that Victorinox produces 10 to 15 million SAKs each year and exports these all over the world. There is no doubt that this Swiss Army Knife is among the best desired tools for the pocket. Like any other tool it is not without its flaws. Swiss Army Knife offers advantages as well as disadvantages. There are good reasons to the use of this knife, as well as arguments against it. Examine both sides of the decision before making your choice.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of the Swiss Army Knife as well as the reason for which is it is a pocket-friendly tool that works for many. We will also go over some disadvantages that you need to think about before purchasing an SAK for yourself.

Let’s begin by looking at some of the reasons practical which make Swiss Army Knife an amazing pocket tool.
There are many reasons to get an Swiss Army Knife

It is a Swiss Army knife comes in different sizes and is a must-have tool for many. Below are a few advantages of having a SAK and the reasons to purchase one to use as an EDC tool.

1. Mobility, Ease of Carrying Social Acceptability, Quality and Price

It is the Swiss Army Knife is a multi-purpose tool that can be kept on the person throughout the day. The ease of use as well as the superior quality of a Victorinox Swiss Army knife is an extremely cost-effective choice for those who wish to buy one tool with multiple functions.

They should provide you with a clear understanding of what makes the SAK so well-known all over the globe. These factors are enough to get you to buy the Swiss Army Knife. If you’re looking for additional reasons, read on.

2. Different Tool Combination options

There are over 400 designs that are Swiss Army Knives available. They are available in a variety of sizes, from the smaller ones that you can clip to your keyring, up to the heavier and larger models that will require an extra pouch to take with your.

Every model has numerous tools that can be used for different purposes. The process is usually easier with the proper tool and a SAK enables you to have the correct tool in your bag.

However big or small you would like for your knife, there’s most likely a Swiss Army knife model that is suitable for your needs. It’s just a matter of spending your time looking to find a model that meets the majority, if not all, of your requirements.

3. Martensitic Steel

One of the main reasons for the enormous popularity that this Swiss Army Knife in its use tool for your pocket comes from the high-quality stainless steel Victorinox employs. The steel that they use is unique. It is also unique because Victorinox retains the alloy composition as well as the manufacturing process secret to the trade.

If you’re wondering whether it’s not the top steel on the market. It is however the most ideal steel to make a multi-purpose tool such as that of the Swiss Army Knife.

In my more than decade of using the SAK I have yet to observe corrosion in the main blade, or any other tool within any of my SAKs.

The high chromium content within the alloy make the tool glossy and impervious to rust.

Many people consider Vic steel to be hard. But , with regular use I’ve been able to get by with sharpening the blade every at least once or twice per year. It’s surprising that the blades will take a sharp edge and are super sharp, and just as sharp as they were when new.

4. Two Blades Small and Large

The majority of large-sized Swiss Army Knife designs come with two blades: the larger main blade and a smaller and less slender blade. I remember when I first got a SAK I was I was a bit confused as to the purpose for the blade. It appeared to be an unnecessary tool to me. It was a complete ripoff!

As time passed, I began to comprehend and appreciate the usefulness of the second smaller blade. Today, I use it more often because it’s perfect for specific kinds of tasks. It keeps the main blade clean and shiny, and ready to be used when I require something bigger and larger.

5. Camping And Outdoor Tools

I’m sure most campers only carried one Swiss Army knife while camping at least once in their lives. Although some serious campers use specialized tools at times but it’s not practical to carry lots of weight, particularly for shorter journeys.

I normally keep two SAKs in my bag to use for outdoor activities.

I like a medium-sized one that has a variety of tools. I also prefer an extra large one that has a few larger tools, such as a large blade, and a large wood saw. I feel that I am well-equipped.

This combo lets me utilize the smaller blade for kitchen food preparation , and possibly fix things using screwdrivers when required.

The bigger model is designed for bushcraft use, such as cutting branches, making campfires etc.

6. Fisherman’s Tools

An Swiss Army Knife makes an ideal tool for fishing enthusiast. From cutting lines to taking hooks off fishermen have relied on it for many tasks. In fact, Victorinox has created SAKs specifically for anglers. Other models also have essential tools that come in handy when fishing.

7. First Aid and Tools for Rescue

A small, Swiss Army Knife includes a variety of equipment needed during an emergency situation, particularly when outdoors and you don’t have an emergency kit with first aid.

Tweezers are ideal to remove glass, dirt or gravel, to treat small cuts and wounds.

Blades of scissors and scissors are helpful in cutting pieces of cloth into the bandage needed to cover wounds.

Scissors can also be useful for getting rid of dressings when changing bandages to decrease the chance of getting infections.

In terms of tools for rescue, Victorinox makes a dedicated model specifically for this purpose and named accordingly, you’ve got it right – Victorinox RescueTool!

Alongside a seat-belt cutter as well as a window breaker it also comes with an glass cutter!

How much else would you require in a device that can carry into your pocket? Of course, you could keep one in your car in case of emergency.

8. A beautiful gift item

A Swiss knife from the army is the perfect gift to someone you love regardless of age and genders. It’s because it can be used in many ways and because it comes with many useful applications.

In case you didn’t realize, women adore Swiss Army Knives, especially those that are smaller and are able to carry easily in their purses or on keychains.

The small Alox model is a huge popular with females.

9. It can be used to Whittling

Whittling is an art form that is popular and a pastime for many. Although there are tools that can be used for whittling or creating things with wood The two blades that are included in the Swiss Army Knife have proved to be great whittling tools particularly for novices.

Experts typically recommend to use the larger blade initially for cutting and slicing, and after that, employing the smaller blade for the finer particulars.

Victorinox also has a book about whittling specifically targeted at children and written by their own in-house expert Felix Immler.

10. SAK as an weapon

The Swiss Army Knife can be described as an instrument for getting things accomplished. Many people would agree that it’s not an instrument however they’re not wrong. If it is used by an amateur, it can make a pretty poor offensive or defensive weapon.

However, it does have an edge and the blade is sharp! It also comes with other tools. Could any of them be used as weapons in an emergency?

There are occasions when people have utilized knives in their pockets for defensive motives.

In actual fact, when in the hands of a skilled with the right skills, a SAK could prove to be an extremely efficient weapon. Of course, you’ll require particular abilities (and experience) to use it as weapon. Many people are more likely to not use it properly. And, what’s more is that they may harm themselves more than their opponent.

However, someone with specialized training and an IQ for fighting can utilize a SAK for gain advantage during fighting.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy an Swiss Army Knife

There are many advantages to owning an SAK, it’s not suitable for all. There are some people who do not carry a SAK around with them any more. These are typically people who prefer dedicated tools to multi-tools. Additionally, a Swiss Army Knife will not meet the exact needs of all who are who is looking for a pocket-sized tool.

Here’s the list of the most common drawbacks to the Swiss Army Knife and I have heard about often.

1. Blade is Too Small and thin

The small Swiss Army Knife Model (91mm) comes with an overall length of 7 cm. Most people do not think that size sufficient for the majority of tasks. There are bigger Swiss Army Knives with longer blades (111mm and 130mm models) however, they aren’t sufficient for carrying in pockets. There are also pocket knives with similar dimensions and weight but with a bigger blade.

The blade that is the main component of a 91.5mm SAK is also much smaller than the blade of an individual pocket knife. It’s not suited to cut through thick materials and you’ll have to exert greater force or pressure in order to cut through.

2. Blade doesn’t lock

This is a common complaint about Swiss Army Knives. While larger SAKs have locking blades, there is no locking mechanism is not present in the smaller Swiss Army Knives. I would guess that Victorinox intentionally does this to ensure that the medium-sized SAKs conforming to the rules against locks on pocket knives within some European countries.

A blade that is not locked is ineffective for certain kinds of jobs. For instance, while you are whittling using a slip-joint it is not uncommon for the blade to fold down.

Be aware of your surroundings whenever you do any woodworking or bushcraft using the slip joint knife.

This is the reason why I keep a bigger SAK along with an insulated lock for all outdoor activity.

3. Blade isn’t Strong Enough

I believe this issue stems from the previous two points. The thickness and size of the SAK blade, as well as the fact that it does not lock, makes it ineffective for large-scale tasks.

The slip-joint lock which the majority of the SAK models utilize was not initially designed to be used to be used for power work. Additionally, the small spine renders it not suitable for certain tasks for instance, batoning. You need an affixed blade with a large spine for batoning, there are times when people use pockets knives.

4. Steel Hardness isn’t Up to the Standards

Experts are often accused by Victorinox for not using the highest quality steel to make its Swiss Army Knives. The material is soft and does not keep an edge for long particularly in comparison to other top-quality multi-tool makers such as Leatherman and Gerber.

Victorinox does not provide the specific content of the steel alloy they employ as well as the specific material may not be similar to the other tools that are available in a SAK. If you’re searching for the most robust steel for the form of a pocket knife, then the Swiss Army Knife isn’t the tool you’re looking for.

5. No Pocket Clip

A pocket knife that doesn’t have a clip for the pocket! Yes, that’s the Swiss Army Knife to you. I’ve met so many people who don’t think of the SAK to be their EDC knife because they couldn’t clip it to their pockets for trouser.

Is there a different tool that performs the same functions similar to The Swiss Army Knife?

The disadvantages listed above can be applied to a wide range of pockets tools and not only Swiss Army Knives.

But, some of the negatives are unique for Swiss Army Knife and you might be wondering what else is available to solve some of the problems while keeping the same performance and quality as an Swiss Army Knife.


I’m hoping that you’ve gotten an accurate idea of the possibility that a Swiss Army Knife might be the best option for you. I’ve covered all the advantages that an SAK has to offer, and the most obvious disadvantages. My view is that the benefits surpass the drawbacks, which is which is why I’ve amassed numerous SAKs over the years.

Every pocket knife has a compromise of some kind. From all the various multi-purpose pocket knives I’ve tried I have found that a Swiss Army Knife that is of the proper size and appropriate tools always offered the greatest value for your money!