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Towing with an Alko Stabiliser

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to learn about Alko Stabilisers to ensure that you feel confident in setting up and working with one.

What exactly are Alko Stabilisers?

Alko Stabilisers can be used on caravans as they ensure that there is enough space between the car and the caravan’s bumper. The Alko Stabiliser can be distinguished by its bigger coupling head and the red handle. Because of the bigger coupling head than the typical caravan, it is important be sure to have enough space to operate in a safe manner.

Prior to using an Alko Stabiliser, make sure you have the following information.

Before using an Alko stabilizer make sure that the towball is free of dirt, grease and oil. It ought to be simple to clean using any methylated spirit , or an similar to a wipe but it’s important to be aware that this procedure must be carried out each time you change the vehicle that you’re towing.

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Why do you need an Alko Stabiliser?

The Alko Stabiliser’s simple design and absence of adjustment during use has made it an extremely popular alternative for blade stabilizers. If you are towing your caravan you must give yourself more room when driving and pay extra attention when you accelerate and brake. Also, if a good stabiliser isn’t in place, it can lead to’snaking’. Snaking happens when the caravan starts to slide between sides, and away from the vehicle. This could cause damages to towbars or other vehicles, which could result in a vehicle being flipped over. Alko Stabilisers will help with stabilizing your caravan, so that you are less at risk of this happening.

What Towbar should I use when using An Alko Stabiliser?

If you’re in search of a fixed towbar for towing the caravan that has an Alko Stabiliser we would recommend purchasing the swan neck type of towbar because they’re better suited to the Stabiliser rather than the towbars with flanges. Fixed swan neck towbars , or detachable ones are made to be able to handle clearance, which makes them ideal when towing a caravan. Swan necks are also less likely to activate parking sensors in the vehicle which makes it much easier to reverse out of difficult areas. Additionally the hitch is more than the standard hitch, so it cannot be used using a fixed flange, and the towbar must always be extended.