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What are wax melts?

I can’t imagine an entire day without having people to ask my “what is a wax melt?” or “how do I use the wax melts?”

Although I am often asked this question, I am still surprised to receive this question.

In fact, I’d take it one higher and claim that they are sort of a ritual.

…They are returning back.

…They focus on feeling comfortable at home.

…They are all about relaxation.

…They aim to create an atmosphere and smelling the house you’re happy with and take pride in.

…They are all about comfort and warmth.

For many of us, melting wax has been in use for a while (and we’ll admit that in the past couple of years a significant increase in demand was seen, partly thanks to the beautiful Mrs. Hinch) it’s true that there’s a lot of people users who haven’t tried them yet, or aren’t sure what they are , or how to utilize them or even worse… aren’t able to know how awesome they are!

This blog post is intended for those who are new to wax melting or the family member that isn’t onto the bandwagon yet and wants to know what all the hype is about!

What is a wax melt?

They are basically candles that are not wicks. The scent of the wax melts inside a warmer (electric or using tealight) which, once it has melted, emits a more powerful and consistent scent as candles. This is because you’re melting at a greater and more stable temperature, and you are also vaporising the fragrance.

However, this is the area where you need to be attentive.

All wax melts are not made all the same.

If you plan to ignite anything at your home, whether it’s for wax melts or candles and wax melts, you must be aware that certain products can be extremely dangerous to your health.

We make only soy wax melts. This implies that they are created from a natural source which is the soya beans. There are many other store bought waxes, and in fact the majority of melts sold in stores, are produced using PARAFFIN wax.

If you’re not sure of the difference, let me explain:

Paraffin wax is made of the leftover waste products in crude oil production petroleum. This is the extremely toxic and dirty leftovers , and it doesn’t end there. The products that are discarded are so filthy that they become more poisonous by using BLEACH to make them white. It is not just any bleach you’d make at home (which is typically 5 – 10 percent strength) it pure bleach, extremely toxic by itself.

There are numerous gruesome adverse effects of paraffin-based wax products like headaches, respiratory illness, nausea, digestive problems and numerous others. Beware of the myth that paraffin is poisonous. It doesn’t matter if it’s disguised under the more appealing term of mineral oil, or softened by the name”food grade” or “food Grade Paraffin” it is not a good idea to breathe into.

If you plan to use wax melts , stick to natural waxes that are based on nature such as beeswax or coconut wax products.
How do wax melts function?

They release the fragrance oil within the wax once it melts. Simply put the chosen wax melt in the well of your burner and place the tealight beneath (again the majority of tealights purchased from stores are toxic paraffin as they’re inexpensive – opt for soy tealights when you prefer an electronic melter). After you’ve finished, can shut off or blow out your tealight, and then let the wax harden and then use it again. If the wax begins to smell stale, can simply take it off and replace it with new wax.
Why are people so enthralled by wax melts so many times?

Actually, there are a number of more important questions:

Why do people like light or warmth?
What are they?
What does certain scents mean to you?

The response is: the area of your brain responsible for processing smell is located close to the region of the brain that connects to memories.

We have an ancient primitive (or woman) sense of judging the quality of a scent or bad, not just do we possess an ancient sense of sniffing our partners out using pheramones. We also have memories that are triggered by certain smells.

The smell that is aversion for one person can be gorgeous to someone else. There are also smells that are universal.

Imagine the baby’s powder… it’s difficult to be offended by. It is usually linked to warmth and security or the innocence of childhood, the fresh feeling of taking bath time or the reminiscence of being a mother to infants.

If you take into consideration all of these factors, it’s not surprising that the basic human need for be warm and light to live along with the pleasant memories that come with certain scents gives us a strong determination to build a joyful ambience in our homes.

How do I get started?

It is recommended to purchase an electric wax burner made of ceramic at first, and then two tealights made of soy and after that, it’s up you to perform the sniff test, and test the melts of wax.

If you’re looking for an elegant starter kit, you’ll find nothing more appealing than our wax burner starter kit. It comes with a gorgeous chrome-plated wax burner, two tealights made of soy as well as a stunning assortment box of 24 melts of wax – two each from our signature collection that will assist you in finding your favorite scents most prior to purchasing the full pack.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do your homework, select the most natural, clean burning wax and tealight whenever possible and experiment with new scents in order to discover your favorite scents.