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8 Reasons Why Working as a Camp Counselor Boosts Your CV

Are you ready for an amazing summer?

We will explain why summer at Camp gives you the skills to improve your resume.

Camp is incredible. Awesome. Unforgettable. It was a life-changing experience. It was the best summer of your life. but how do you come back home, go back to university then back to work and begin your job search?

Camp gives you a myriad of opportunities to be an unforgettable interviewer.

In addition to having the most memorable summer of your life… you’ll be able get a CV that exudes a booming – hire me. We’ve reviewed some of the most effective CV boosts that summer camps in America will provide and are ready to impress your future employer.

1. International Work Experience

Experience abroad in the workplace is highly valued by employers.

A summer spent as a camp counselor USA or as support staff demonstrates that you are not afraid of a test. It’s not easy to pack your bags and relocate to another country regardless of how old you are. The experience you had at summer camp proves that you’re ambitious and willing to step out of your familiar zone to meet new people from all over the globe.

2. Leadership Skills

Follow the lead.

Planning games and activities for your campers, coordination with other staff members, conducting safety audits and assessments for your camp director, making sure any disputes or issues among campers are addressed… everything within the normal day. There’s no need to worry.

These are great leadership abilities. It’s not just about being a camp counselor. You are a professional in youth development. It’s quite fancy.

Being a successful leader isn’t just about leadership, but also being an effective team player and knowing how to inspire and draw the most out of everyone. Camps teach you the skills of leadership and organisation that will never leave you no matter what your professional career.

3. Communication Skills

Hello, hello!

In camp, you needed to be in a position to communicate with children and coworkers, as well as parents, regardless of the time of the day was. You’ll be pushed outside of your comfortable zone, you’ll be shocked by the confidence you’ll gain from camp.

You can go from being that shy kid in the side of the room to sitting on a stool and singing your favorite camp song. Camp will provide you the chance to express yourself and shine.

4. Long Hours

While being in America is a lot of fun due to the sun all day long, we are aware that summer camp is difficult work.

While in a camp means you’re away from the job. The excitement and adrenaline keeps us going, but when you take a look back, you realize that it was a long, tiring days! You’re a dedicated worker, so make sure you include it on your resume.

5. Creativity

In summer camp, you’re likely to have been placed in situations that you don’t typically find yourself in.

Everything from organizing an event for a color war to rainy day activities, or coming up with a method to make cleaning enjoyable. Camp and kids in summer aren’t always predictable. Working at camp for a summer will test you, and shows your ability to think creatively and be creative and think out of the box.

6. Responsibilities

There is no greater obligation than taking care of children.

It’s hard to move 20 kids from one place to the next or across a lake. why they walk so slowly!

The camp you work in as a lifeguard, tennis instructor or music instructor or the theatre department, working as a counselor at camp means that you’re not only accountable to yourself, but the campers too.

7. Teamwork

Teamwork can make the dream come true.

After a week of camp, this is the most simple question to answer in an interview. You’ll have the ability to recall numerous stories of working as the group. You as well as your fellow team members making sure the campers taken their toothbrushes off, trying to tie-dye your team’s shirts or coordinating an event for the colour war or directing the camp fire in the evening. The job is covered.

8. Independence

Independence doesn’t have to be just for the 4th of July.

Before you went off to summer camp, you brought your laundry home for mom to clean… but not much more (well but not always).

You’re at camp for three months away from your home, plus the additional benefit of having the opportunity to explore and travel across the United States. You’ve left home and experienced some amazing adventures. Freedom… sure, we’ve earned it.

So here are 8 fantastic reasons why the summer camp experience will boost your resume – so you’re ready to look for the ideal summer job.