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How Do I Get a Construction NVQ?

An NVQ is an National Vocational Qualification, which indicates that you be a national professional within your field of work.

The completion of a Construction NVQ will give your career the best start, serving as a start point for your progress through the construction sector.

It is possible to earn NVQs in construction to perform many tasks like drying lining, plastering operating forklifts, supervision, cranes and special lifting, among others.

What is an NVQ in Construction?

Construction NVQs offer a wide range of types of work in the construction industry. They can be obtained at different levels, based on your experience and skills.

The NVQs cover construction-related duties and responsibilities, such as:

Plant operations
Slinger signaller operations
Controlling lifting operations
Roof and Cladding
Steel erecting
Steel fixing
Controlling work
Roof membranes with waterproofing properties
Site Management

You earn an NVQ in construction while working and perform the tasks required by your job.

You’ll gain solid, real-world experienceand a certification which demonstrates the skill you’ve been taught, and also gives employers proof of these skills.

What are the advantages of obtaining an NVQ?

Construction NVQs give you many options as well. At SB Skills you’ll discover relevant qualifications for a wide range of construction jobs.

You can sketch out your career path, making sure that the skills you’d like to attain are compatible with your current job.

Construction NVQs can be found in a variety of levels, you will be able to select the one that is appropriate for your experience level.

The NVQs test your capabilities in real-life situations performing specific tasks related to the job you’re performing.

Do I need an NVQ to get an CSCS Card?

The NVQs are offered in a variety in levels (NVQ Level 1-7) They each aim at a specific level of knowledge in the construction industry from beginner to advanced.

If you complete a Level 2 NVQ that is construction-related, you can apply for a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.

Employers working in construction have a legal obligation to ensure that the employees they hire are secure as well-qualified for their tasks they perform.

In essence, this means that if you are looking to work as an expert construction worker it is necessary to have the proper qualifications and evidence of your expertise.

An NVQ for construction is the sole way to get an CSCS card.

Alongside along with the Blue Skilled Worker card,, there are many other kinds of CSCS cards that you could apply for, based upon the level that you reach. For more information, inquire about our selection of qualifications.

How do I get an NVQ in Construction?

You’ll complete the courses of your NVQ in your workplace. There will be an on-site test and a supervisor who is watching you work.

They are a great option if you’re trying to get a recognized construction certificate while working.