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Benefits Of Organising An Office Party

The annual office holiday celebration has become a bit of a cliché, being that is used as a source of comedy in TV and film shows such as The Office and Arrested Development. A party at the office is usually presented as a awkward work obligation that nobody really would like to attend.

There are a number of reasons this custom continues to be popular, many of them stem from the social benefits of group celebrations.

When we get together to celebrate our accomplishments together or just to appreciate our bonds with one another, we are more united which strengthens our bond. This reduces stress and increases levels of satisfaction. We can break the monotony of our everyday lives by doing something exciting and exciting, which could boost motivation and inspire creativity.

However, it’s possible to throw a horrible office party for the holidays that nobody wants to attend. Here are four simple methods to ensure that your company’s celebration memorable and enjoyable one for everyone:

1. You should be sure to recognize your employees but don’t go overboard.

The Christmas season is the ideal time to express gratitude to your employees and coworkers and recognize their efforts and achievements. This is a lot according to one study that found 80 percent of those that quit work mentioned the feeling that they were not appreciated as one of the major motives. Research has also found that showing appreciation could motivate employees more than salary increases or promotions.

The most effective, and the best speech of appreciation is genuine and concise. They are also short. Limit your speech to a couple of minutes and make every word worth listening to.

2. Enjoy delicious food.

Offering your employees generously by providing them with delicious food is an effective way to show your gratitude. Food intake releases endorphins into our brains, which make us feel happy.

Additionally, the tradition of eating as humans has been a tradition for millennia ago and serves a crucial social purpose. According to a recent report, dinner gatherings “gather our closest friends (both friends and family members) and help us renew our obligations as social beings to each the other.” The simple act of sharing a meal strengthens our bonds and our commitment to one another.

3. Help with stress-reducing activities.

If there’s tension among colleagues or a high level of stress within the workplace The company holiday event could be an uncomfortable experience. However, simple activities can in breaking the ice by playing music, offering games on the board, dancing and singing, or telling stories.

The goal isn’t to force people into doing things they don’t want do, but to allow people the chance to let go of anxiety and connect with one others. Studies have shown that those who share positive moments or laugh with one another grow closer to each other. Physical activity, even something such as darts or a game of chess is well-known to lower stress levels and improve mood.

4. Make celebrating a regular part of your work.

Although holiday parties are wonderful however, they shouldn’t be your sole celebration of your team’s accomplishments. The frequency of praise and the quicker has a massive effect on the morale of your employees which can boost productivity up to 42 percent. Being grateful to one another increases motivation, bonds, and loyalty.

Find occasions to throw events or have fun during other occasions throughout the year. Include during team meetings to honor and encourage each other. Create ongoing procedures for acknowledging the efforts of your employees.

The creation of the culture of celebration within your workplace is a great method to create a highly motivated, committed, and highly-performing team. It will also help to make your holiday celebration an event that is more meaningful, instead of just a one-off event that doesn’t align with the values you hold as an company.