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Great Reasons to have African Drumming and Dance in Schools

Here are four good reasons you should consider an African Dance Workshop can help to make a difference in your class:

1. African Drumming and Dance brings traditional topics to life!

2. African Drumming and Dance boosts children’s confidence!

3. African Drumming and Dance gets children moving, which strengthens the brain!

4. African Drumming and Dance improves listening skills , not only in music!

1. African Drumming and Dance brings the world’s most important cultural issues to life!

The African Drumming and Dance workshop can be a wonderful activity for Black History Month, an Africa theme or in the celebration of a Cultural Diversity Day.

It’s an unforgettable experience for teachers and students alike as they create the first rumble using the African hand-made djembe drums. Each student who plays their own drum they are able to explore a vast world of tradition, history and culture. This is not only through watching or reading but also by actively engaging. In this way, they can get to experience the culture and the culture from West Africa.

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2. African Drumming and Dance boosts children’s confidence!

It’s a frequent occurrence during workshops. A child who has a hard time in maths and literacy or is shy and disengaged in school, totally changes when they are in a drumming class. It’s as if they’ve found something that “pulls” them emotionally and provides them with an emotional relief.

African Dance is also a excellent way for children to develop their self-confidence. Dancers usually perform to the crowd, whether on their own or with two or more dancers. In our classes, kids are encouraged to dance with their fellow dancers within in the drummer circle. The dance portion of the workshop is completely up to the students However, we do provide gentle encouragement by telling them that the experience will make feel good afterward. After a few more confident students tried it out then we see an array of children eager to give it an attempt. In this manner, the timid and shy children surprise everyone by joining in circles and exuding their enthusiasm in the music! The joy on their faces after the session speak to their pride in their accomplishment!

3. African Drumming and Dance gets children active , and improves their brain!

African Drumming and Dance is the perfect way allow children to exercise and release their energy. African Djembe drumming improves endurance and strength for the upper body. Likewise, dance enhances cardiovascular fitness. It provides a full exercise for the body. It is evident that this is beneficial to improve children’s fitness and health, but research shows that it sharpens the mind, makes for happier kids and enhances performances in various other subjects like reading and maths.

4. African Drumming and Dance improves listening abilities – not only in music!

It’s a common thing that teachers tell students in their music lessons”Listen!” For great reason, too. Because listening skills are crucial. Like any other genre of music, studying African drumming can help develop the ability to listen in a variety of ways. Like the ability to focus your attention to an individual rhythm within a polyrhythmic piece of music (multiple rhythms are performed simultaneously) or to develop the listening skills needed to comprehend the sensation of the rhythm of the rhythm of a steady pulse.

No matter what kind of listening you need to do it is the same personal characteristic that is essential for any musician in training in the ability to allow the time needed to think and analyze what they have heard. Proficient African drummers who’re learning new techniques take time to reflect before beginning playing because they know that their minds can easily form incorrect assumptions about what they’ve heard in light of the information they have already accumulated. Even though children may are unable to resist immediately playing!

The best part is that children not only enhance their listening in music with African Drumming, but can apply the same technique to social situations, for instance, in conversations. If you take the time to pay attention to what someone else is speaking, you can stop the internal chatter of your mind from making assumptions. Rather, listen to what’s talking about and then develop an improved sense of connection which is known as active listening’ which is a valuable ability for children to master at an early age!

If you’re a school who would appreciate a day of African dancing and drumming classes for your students or are planning the possibility of having an Africa Topic or Black History event planned and you think we could assist We’d love hearing from you.