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What To Expect From A Mobile Bar

If you’ve made the decision to have alcohol served during your party You might be interested in finding out more about hiring a mobile bar.

Mobile bars are fully-equipped bar that is brought to the location of your event. A majority of mobile bars include at least one bartender who is a professional. This allows you to ensure that guests are served delicious drinks that are professionally prepared throughout the day.

However, if you’re limited on funds can it be worthwhile to have an mobile bar? To answer the question, this article will discuss the benefits of having an open bar on the move at your celebration.

How does a mobile bar How Does It Work?

The idea behind mobile bars is easy. A company will transport an fully-equipped bar to your party, and could be used for serving drinks guests. But, there are many ways to arrange the bar. Mobile bars can be found in the following formats:

Bars with staff that are fully staffed
A bar that is fully staffed includes every drink glasses, ingredients, and other equipment needed to operate a bar during your occasion. It also has at least one bar attendant who is accountable in preparing the bar serving drinks, and taking care of cleaning. If you decide to use this kind of bar that is mobile you’ll need to coordinate with the bar’s provider to determine which drinks will be available during the occasion.

Bar and Drinks
This will include bars equipment that is mobile, the drinks and glassware. But, it doesn’t include a bartender. This is an alternative if you have a relative or friend who has the ability to run the bar.

Bar-only (Dry hire)
It involves employing a portable bar that doesn’t have any alcohol and without a bartender. This is a great alternative if you have a person who is willing to bartend and wants to provide your own choice of drinks.

The manner in which guests make use of the bar could differ. You could run the bar in the following ways:

* Open bar
The guests can choose any drink available on the menu without having to pay. The cost of all alcohol consumed can be determined when the event is over. It is a common choice with guests, however it could be costly for event planners if they is a lot of drinking guests in attendance.

* Limited Bar Open
A limited number of beverages will be served to guests at no cost The guests must pay for additional drinks. This could also mean bars that are open for a specific time duration, then changing to paying for drinks only. This is an excellent method to keep costs under control during your event.

* Cash Bar
The guests must cover their own beverages.

What are the benefits of having a mobile bar?

#1 – Less Work

A mobile bar is a great way to serve a variety of tasty drinks for your visitors. It is a great way to avoid the stress of organizing bar equipment glasses, drinks, ingredients, beers and bottles of spirits. The bar’s mobile service can manage all of the logistics and will make your event easier plan.

#2 – It’s Cheaper

You may be shocked to learn using a mobile bar service can help you to provide drinks at a lower cost as compared to doing it yourself. It is because of many reasons:

* Mobile bars have access to alcohol and ingredients at wholesale costs, which makes every drink less expensive

The presence of a professional bartender allows you to operate an open bar with a limit or cash bar. This means that the expenses for supplying drinks could be reduced in a more efficient way.

* If you have the bar as an open one, you’ll charge only for the amount that is consumed. You may also establish the cut off so you don’t end up with an enormous bill.

#3 – A Bartender can handle complex cocktails

A bartender with experience can prepare an array of drinks which include sophisticated drinks that contain many ingredients. This is helpful for those with sophisticated guests who are selective regarding the kind of drinks they favor. You can make them feel comfortable with cocktails that are made to perfection and served with efficiency.

#4 – Less Stress During Your Event

A licensed bartender for your event ensures that guests are served delicious beverages that are delivered by a skilled professional. The knowledge that your guests are taken care of takes the pressure off of your occasion, allowing you to unwind. This is especially helpful for weddings as you do not want to worry about the distribution of refreshments on your special day.

#6 The Event is More Professional

If you would like your guests to perceive the event as professionally managed, you shouldn’t request them to serve the drinks they want. They should receive drinks from waiters, or to access an establishment that is staffed by skilled bartenders.

#7 – A Fantastic way to add character An Event

Mobile bars are visually appealing and can bring a sense of elegance or sophistication to any occasion. There are a variety of mobile bars that are available such as traditional bars and modern ones and bars that are carried in vintage vehicles. Selecting a bar that’s appealing or attractive to see can boost the aesthetics of your party.

Here you go seven reasons to have mobile bars for your next gathering.