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What To Put In A Nappy Caddy?

In my first pregnancy I didn’t realize how important nappy bags were. I was unsure of what to put inside a nappy bag (besides the obvious wipes and nappys) and believed that we didn’t really need one.

However, after bringing our baby home and noticing the number of nappys that you change each day, I realized that we would benefit from having all of our changing necessities organized and ready for use.

So, I began to search for the ideal nappy holder which would have all the baby’s necessities easily accessible. Additionally, I was aware that I needed a portable nappy bag as well as one that was large enough to keep everything we need.

In the initial few months of being at the home of our baby I slowly figured out what was in our diaper bag identified. I was aware of what items were important to keep close to all times, and the things that were beneficial to keep in the caddy. Today I’m sharing my checklist with you!

If you’re looking to know what you should put inside a nappy caddy organiser or you’re not sure if you’ll need a nappy bag continue reading!

When you are stocking your nappy caddy be aware of certain items you must have, as well as items to have if you have space. The items listed below to include in your the nappy caddy is a must-have that you’ll use frequently.


The first thing you should include in your nappy caddy is, yes you read that right the nappy. It is recommended to have two days’ worth of diapers in your caddy, so that you don’t have to replenish the caddy each day.

When filling the caddy with nappys, it’s important to consider how many diapers you’ll need in one day. As an example, the typical newborn will use between 8 and 10 nappies per day. So, you’ll need to include anywhere between 16-30 nappies.

Huggies Natural Care – Flip-Top Closure

The next thing to include in your nappy bag are baby wipes. One pack of wipes will suffice, and you can purchase another in the event that you’re planning to go out.

I prefer using wipes that have the flip-top closure since they take up less space. For instance, wipes takes less space in the caddy since they don’t require a hard plastic dispenser to prevent them from drying out.

Change Pad

If you are thinking about what you should put inside the nappy caddy changing pad is crucial, especially if you are using an nappy caddy that is portable.

The changing pads are essential since it stops any spills from accumulating on difficult-to-clean surfaces. For instance, if you change the diaper of your child in the living room, having the pad to change diapers will aid in keeping your sofa or carpets clean.

I used to use these changing pads with my son since they’re waterproof. Additionally, I was awed by the fact the fact that if something got onto the pad, I could grab it and throw it into the washer.

Nappy Rash Cream

The next essential item to have in your nappy bag is nappy cream for rash. Nappy rash is a problem that can sneak up on you, therefore making sure you have a cream on hand each time you change your nappy is beneficial.

Burp Cloths

Based on my experience, you should never have enough burp cloths. My son would always vomit after eating, which is why we had to have at least two burp cloths for each room.

I discovered that keeping the burp cloths in the caddy helped keep everything in order, and my husband and I were always aware of where to look for them.

The burp cloths we used were our top pick due to their large dimensions. They are a lot wider than typical burp cloths which only cover a small portion the shoulder.

Change of Clothing

Next on the list of essentials for a nappy caddy is a new set of clothes to your infant. It’s essential to keep an extra onesie in addition to a pants in case your child is likely to suffer from a blowout.

Small Toys

As your baby grows older, changing their nappy can be more challenging. It is possible that your child has turned into an wiggle-worm or they are bored and want to avoid looking at them, or just don’t want to see their diaper changed.

A few small toys to keep your child entertained while changing their nappies can help you avoid a hassle.

What Should You Put in the Nappy Caddy The Bonus Items

As I said earlier that there are nappy-caddy essentials, but there are things that are useful in case you have more space inside your caddy. The following list of items to include in a baby caddy is items useful to have close by, but are not essentials.

Pacifier or Teether

If your child uses an pacifier, it might be beneficial to keep one on hand to ease their nappy change.

Baby Lotion

There could be dry patches on the skin of your baby while changing their nappies, especially on their ankles or thighs. A bottle of lotion on hand helps keep your baby hydrated.

Baby Nail Clippers

Sometimes, it seems that your baby’s nails grow quickly. This is why it’s a great idea to keep a few nail clippers near the area where you change your baby’s diaper. Trimming your baby’s nails will stop them from scratching their nails.


The idea of storing medical equipment, such as thermometers, in your caddy is a great idea when you have extra space. The idea of keeping all the baby’s items for care helps you keep your things organized and be able to pinpoint the exact location of everything.

Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator that you keep in the nappy bag is a great idea particularly in wintertime. It is normal that babies will become more constricted during the winter months, which is why it’s ideal to be able to take the aspirator out even if your child is asleep.

Saline Drops

Saline drops were essential during the winter months as my son was just a little baby. Saline drops helped keep his nose hydrated and free of.

Similar to the nasal aspirator it’s great to keep saline drops inside the caddy since you can utilize them when your child is asleep. In addition that saline drops work well in conjunction with a nasal aspirator and you’ll need to keep them in the same place.

Plastic Bags for dirty Nappys

If you do not have a designated nappy pail, it’s beneficial to have bags that you can put your baby’s dirty nappies into. A baggie can help keep the nappy smell from filling in the garbage disposal.


A swaddle that is ready and ready to go during the first few months at home with your child is a good idea. I made sure to keep a clean swaddle in the most frequently used rooms so that I didn’t have to be trying to locate one every time it was time to take an afternoon nap.

Brush or Comb

A baby brush or comb inside the nappy container is a nice way to smooth the baby’s hair following the changing of their nappy.

Breastfeeding Equipment

It’s also beneficial to have some essentials for breastfeeding in your nappy bag in case you have space for it. For instance, it’s beneficial to have snacks and a water bottle nursing pads and nipple cream in the bag.

My son often needed his nappies changed following a feeding and I was happy I had items such as nipple cream nearby.

Do you really require an Nappy Caddy?

Simply put it is true that a nappy caddy is essential. A Nappy caddy is a storage container that lets you store everything you need to change your nappy all in one location.

A diaper caddy help keep your baby’s changing nappy items in order and organized, it also makes sure that all the necessities are right to hand.

If you’re changing the nappy of your baby it isn’t safe to let them go unattended. You must ensure that you have everything you require in reach. So, having a well-stocked caddy can take the stress from having to remember everything you’ll need prior to changing the diaper.

Nappy Caddy Alternatives

If you are thinking about which kind of nappy caddy is most suitable to your family You’ll want to be aware of all your choices. Here are the top options for alternatives to nappy caddy:

Portable Nappy Caddy

Before we dive into the different options for nappy caddy I’d like to provide an illustration of the traditional caddy for nappy The portable nappy caddy.

If you’re looking for portable nappy caddiesfor babies, they are typically found in the aisles for babies in department stores. These nappy caddies are specifically designed to hold nappy bottles and other items related to them.

Nappy Caddy Hanging Nappy Caddy

A hanging nappy holder is a great alternative to an nappy caddy that can be carried around; the only drawback is that you must have a space for it to be hung.

Typically, you hang the nappy caddy over the designated table for changing or even on the side of the crib your baby is in. However, some nappy bags could also be hung at the back of the door that leads to the baby’s room.

Nappy Caddy Basket

Another option for nappy caddy is the basket. Utilizing a basket for an nappy caddy is an excellent option since you can pick the size basket you require.

There you are! I hope that you have learned all you must know about what to put inside a Nappy Caddy. The best part with nappy caddies is that you can personalize the way you like them.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the frequent changes to your nappy You’ll be able to tell if you require adding some items to your nappy storage. Perhaps, you discover items in your caddy aren’t used often or you’d like to make space for additional items. What you can do for yourself is important!