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A Manchester Accountant Can Help Your Business Grow

One of the main reasons that people decide to set up a the business of their own is to make it easier to manage the difficult and unpredictable tasks which are imposed by large organizations.

Many former office workers can recall the days when it seemed that their entire day was filled with form-filling and training as well as other forms of bureaucracy. The thought of starting from scratch with just a few clients and a workflow that is your own creation, could be very appealing.

But, many entrepreneurs find this level of simplicity difficult to sustain when their company grows and accounting is among the areas where it is beneficial to give up control.

The appointment of an accountant is an opportunity to make your life easierand helping you change your focus to the essential strategic aspects of your company.

The benefits of an accountant for your company

If you are self-employed every penny counts and it’s easy to think of an accountant as merely an additional cost. However, there are many ways to make the expense justifiable. Accountants are experts in analyzing, checking and preparing financial statements of a company and making sure it is operating within the laws as well as HMRC guidelines.

Here are a few ways an accounting firm in Manchester can help your company:

Time saving

If you are a business owner, the first priority for you is to bring in profits and complete the tasks you do. Anything else hinders the work at hand.

If you’re spending hours in your account, that is time that can be utilized to generate more revenue. Every minute you’re doing the accounting, will cost you the hourly rate, or consuming your time.

Engaging an accountant can give you the time to do the things you enjoy doing, being confident that your tax and financial matters are in the best hands.

Making money

An experienced accountant can make your business more profitable in many ways. They can help you determine the most tax-efficient way to run your business, and also how to take cash out of your business depending on your personal circumstance and circumstances.

Your accountant can to provide guidance on when and how you can pay dividends to yourself as well as what is and cannot be considered allowable expenses for business, and how to register for VAT.

Avoiding penalties

Forms that are not filled in correctly late submissions, not following deadlines, or not being aware of the new regulations could result in penalties that could cause a cost on your earnings.

Companies House and HMRC fines are a wide range of fines, ranging between PS150 for the day after the filing annual accounts, to a staggering PS1,500 for a delay of six months.

Your accountant can help you meet deadlines and help you with making your annual company accounting and tax returns for corporations. They are also able assist you with tax returns for VAT and self-assessment tax returns in respect to personal tax.

Supporting your business to grow

In addition to the numbers-crunching and the paperwork Your accountant can be an advisor and assistance as you expand your company.

An accountant who is qualified is interested in helping your business grow from upwards. Successful business requires sound financial choices and an accountant’s impartial guidance and advice is worth the price of gold as they’ll be able to provide solutions based on their knowledge.

Removing the stress

Finances and taxation are often a challenge and overwhelming. The list is long including preparing your company’s year-end accounts, creating abbreviated statements when appropriate, completing your own tax return, and tackling corporation taxes and VAT. Include coordinating to HMRC as well as Companies House and it’s a significant burden if you decide to do it all on your own.

An experienced accountant can help ease this burden and provide peace of mind, which allows you to focus on managing your business.

Locating an accountant

Of course, to reap the benefits of an accountant you must find an accountant you have confidence in and develop a relationship with. Find out what you can about an accountant who’s the right fit to your needs and business.

Here are some tips in the search for an accountant:

Call an acquaintance!

The majority of accountants expand their businesses through referrals, so it is a good idea to request recommendations from colleagues and friends. their suggestions.

Verify that their technology is up-to-date. The right accounting software can help you save time and money while also ensuring that your company is ready to Making Tax Digital. If your accountant fails to keep up with the latest and top technology, your business is likely to be on the losing ground.

What are their fees? We would advise against using fees as the sole factor in your decision when selecting an accountant, make sure that they are transparent about their fees and that you are aware of exactly what you will get in return. Also, you should know what charges are and if they are fixed charges or an hourly cost.

Do they specialize in the type of business you run? Your accounting requirements will differ dependent on the way you structure and manage your business, or in terms of whether you are an LLC contractor sole trader or a smaller company. Therefore, make sure the accountant you select is skilled in the field of helping you with your particular kind of business.