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What exactly is breakdown cover?

Nobody wants to find themselves at the side of the road with a broken down car – this is how breakdown cover is designed and how it can assist you when your vehicle is acting up.

What exactly does breakdown cover?

The breakdown cover is a kind of policy that will help out in the event that your car is in trouble. For instance, if your car’s battery fails or your tyres get punctured the breakdown cover will provide help so that you and your car won’t be stranded at the roadside.

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It’s important to note that although breakdown cover is available as a policy all on by itself, certain insurers offer breakdown cover as an additional option when you purchase car insurance. Some even provide breakdown cover as an included feature. It’s best to look around and compare your options to ensure you’re getting the best price you can get.

What kinds and types of breakdown cover are available?

You can get different kinds cover for breakdown cover:

Cover for personal breakdown cover or vehicle

Personal: If you have a personal breakdown, you’ll be covered for any vehicle, provided that it is in compliance with the terms and conditions in the policy. You’ll be eligible to claim regardless of whether you were driving or as a passenger, and dependent on the insurance provider and the policy type, the cover could also cover other people living at the same address, however there could be a limit to the number of

Car breakdown cover

Car breakdown cover allows you to claim the specific vehicle, be it a van, car or motorcycle. you may be able to include several vehicles covered in the amount of a predetermined amount.

Traditional breakdown cover

The traditional breakdown cover is where you pay a specific amount, typically annually, and you receive 24/7 cover for all the services covered by the policy. This includes callouts – often up to a certain amount per year – along with roadside and garage repairs, as well as towing services.

Insurance breakdown cover

If you experience a breakdown, you’d have to pay upfront for things like callouts repair, recovery, and callouts prior to claiming the cost in the form of reimbursement from the breakdown cover provider

What’s included in the breakdown cover?

The breakdown coverage may differ based the amount you pay out and the company you choose to use However, the policies may include:

Local cover Basic level of breakdown cover that is provided the time when your service provider sends an expert mechanic and recovery vehicle to repair your vehicle on the roadside. If they are unable to fix it, they’ll usually take it to a nearby garage

Recovery of vehicles or national cover If you have the recovery of your vehicle as part of the breakdown cover you’ll be able select any location you’d like for both your car and you to be tow in the event that your vehicle isn’t repaired.

At-home breakdown: A breakdown at home cover will allow you to call for help in the event that your vehicle breaks down at home, or even within a short distance from your home. For instance, if you haven’t driven in some time, next time you attempt to get it started, you may discover that it has an empty battery. At-home breakdown cover will help you get back on track

Onward travel: If you have the onward travel cover included in your breakdown plan, you’ll have more options to get to your destination. Based on the service provider and amount of cover you choose to purchase it could include the use of courtesy vehicles, overnight accommodations and alternative public transportation arrangements

Extras available for purchase

In addition to the standard levels of cover You can also purchase additional policies like:

Key replacement: the standard breakdown cover may not be sufficient if your keys have been damaged, lost, or stolen

Replacement of the battery: You may require an additional level of cover to ensure that your service provider can replace your car’s battery in the event that it gets depleted.

Tyre replacement: If your tyre gets punctured and is flat, you can purchase a policy to guarantee that your insurance provider will repair it.

Incorrect fuel: You may require an additional insurance policy in the event that you’ve used the incorrect fuel for your vehicle and it fails to function due to it.

Multi-car and family: If your family has several cars or drivers, it may be more cost effective and convenient to cover them all under the same insurance policy instead of obtaining individual breakdown cover for each. In general, all vehicles and/or individuals should be registered to one address, but certain policies may cover students at universities.

Special vehicles: If you have a caravan or trailer that is attached on your car, you may require a separate policy in order for these to be covered under the breakdown cover. Also, if you own motorbikes or a van, these might not be covered in the standard breakdown insurance policy.

European breakdown cover If you do break down in mainland Europe the standard breakdown cover is likely not enough to assist you, so it could be a good idea to get European cover – even if it’s only for one-time trips

Common exclusions and breakdown cover

It’s important to note that there may be situations in which your breakdown cover provider will not be in a position to assist you in these situations, since your policy may not cover:

Broken down on private property If you crash on private land the policy might be unable to cover this. Your provider could charge an additional fee for assistance.

Breaking down when you have pets or animals: traveling with pets isn’t an issue, but you might need to inform your insurance provider know prior to departure in order for them to take your animal(s). But livestock could be an issue entirely It’s possible to get separate cover for horses or livestock trailers and trailers, so you should look at it if you’ll require it.

Broken down as a result of a road crash: If you are involved in an accident that causes your vehicle breaking down, the service provider may not be able assist you. Even if they are able to tow your vehicle, they might need to wait for emergency services to grant the OK first.

Broken down because of a the absence of routine maintenance: As you are the owner, it’s your responsibility for you to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. If your vehicle breaks down as a the result of poor maintenance, like a lack of engine oil or filling up with the wrong fuel, it may not be covered by insurance.

In the event of a breakdown abroad, even if you have most comprehensive breakdown cover that you can get, if it only covers the UK then you’ll require an additional policy in case you travel abroad.

What is the breakdown cover cost?

The kind and amount of cover you purchase Local cover is usually the least expensive and the most basic option that is available and will almost definitely cost less than a policy that covers the option of onward travel or home cover. The choice of auto or personal cover will also affect the cost of premium

Anything you can add to your breakdown insurance policy – including additional cover like a wrong fuel or key replacement could increase the cost of the breakdown cover more costly

The number of vehicles covered by the policy – having more than one vehicles covered will likely raise the cost of your insurance, even though it could be less expensive than purchasing separate policies for each vehicle

The kind of vehicle you own – vans, cars, and motorcycles may require various kinds of repairs, as well as needing different durations for the repair. The kind of vehicle you select could affect the price you receive for your insurance.

The make, model and age. Different models and makes can have different repair costs particularly since modern cars are often more complex and advanced features. Older vehicles can be more costly to repair because of the lack of components.

Breakdowns without breakdown cover

If you experience a breakdown without being covered by breakdown cover in place, don’t be worried because you have options. Certain providers provide immediate breakdown cover but not all of them do. Likewise, certain providers may charge an additional cost for calls within the first 24 to 48 hours, and some might not be able to help in any way.

Certain providers also offer an emergency breakdown service, even if you do not have cover however, bear in mind that it will likely cost you a certain amount.