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What is the Coinrule crypto bot?

Coinrule was designed for beginner and advanced cryptocurrency traders. It is possible to create automatized trading strategies that are able to be used on multiple exchanges , such as Binance, Coinbase. etc.

For traders who prefer automated trading This is an intriguing piece of software as it offers a variety of advantages.

What exactly is the Coin Rule crypto bot?

Coinrule bot is a software program that allows you to modify trading rules, allowing for automated trading on exchanges supported by Coinrule.

For those who are new to trading, they can begin at no cost however, with only a few features. Advanced traders are able to explore their trading strategies without writing algorithms.

They can also pick templates from over 150 trading templates that are automated. Also, you can find trading books for beginners that can be useful to track trading simulations as well as the performance of backtesting.

Coinrule gives crypto traders an opportunity to compete against the hedge fund industry and algorithms for trading, both of which require extensive programming knowledge. They aim to automate trading bots to make trading easier.

What is Coinrule? Coinrule work?

Coinrule bot makes use of APIs to connect to exchanges. It lets users handle their wallets and perform trades automatically once all parameters of the trading bot are met.

Users of Coinrule can connect to exchanges supported through the API, and then set the parameters for trading rules in accordance with the method of trading. For those who are new to trading there are trading guides and templates are available to try.

Paper trading Couinrule is a part of the Binance platform. This happens in the event that the trader is not yet ready to take on the risk following the connection to the API to the exchange. Users can avail virtual money of 10, BTC as well as 100 ETC in exchange for safe paper trading.

Coinrule software is a browser-based application and does not include an application for mobile devices, and it is among the flaws of Coinrule. However, users are able to access their dashboards using an mobile browser.

Coinrule Support Exchange

Coinrule bot is only utilized on exchanges that are centralized and is not compatible with the decentralized exchange, or even Dex. The exchanges that are currently supported include Binance, Coinbase pro, Okex, HitBTC, BitStamp, Bitpanda Pro, Kraken, Poloniex, and BitMEX.

The API settings for every exchange differ from exchange to the next The settings for each exchange are listed on the Exchange guidelines on Coinrule.

Coinrule provides four plans that have various features within each plan.

Starter pack with features that are available 2 live rules two demo rules 7 templates strategies are available and also supports one connected exchange
Up to $3k in monthly volumes of trade.
Hobbyst package with features available seven live rules, seven demonstration rules, forty templates strategies Support for two exchanges connected and up to $300k monthly trade volume leverage strategies. Live telegram messages and free access to the trading group, advanced indicator and operators.
The Trader package includes 15 live rules and 15 demo rules. unlimited templates, three connected exchanges with up to $3 million in monthly trade volume the leverage strategy, live Telegram notification and free access to the trader community, training sessions with a one-on-one trainer advanced indicators and traders, tradingView integration.
Package Pro that comes with the most comprehensive features, including 50 live rules and 50 demo rules. unlimited templates with unlimited trading volume, unlimited exchanges strategy for leverage, real-time Telegram and texts, no-cost access to the trader community individual training sessions, super-fast processing, dedicated servers high-end indicators as well as operators TradingView integration.
Another product offered by Coinrule is Invest that investors can join as shareholders. as of now 658 investors are enrolled in the event to raise money.

How much will Coinrule cost?

The cost for using Coinrule is based on the cost of using it. Coinrule bot is dependent on the plan selected and the payment method. If you pay per month the basic plan is completely free, the Hobbyst plan costs $39.99 monthly, while the Plan for Trader costs $79.99 per month, and the Pro plan costs $499.99 per month.

If the payment is annually made The average cost per month is less. For the fixed cost free starter plan The 359 Hobbyst program is paid each year at the amount of $29.99 monthly. The $719 Plan for Trader Plan is paid every year, which is equivalent to $59.99 each month. A $5,399 Professional plan will be paid every year or equivalent to $449.99 per month.

Customers are able to select a plan that meets their requirements and preferences, and they are able to cancel at anytime.

How do I make use of Coinrule

How do I make use of Coinrule to sign up, users need to register first with an email address, and then enter the password.

During the registration process first, you will be asked about their trading experience. There are beginner, intermediate and expert options.

After that, select the preferred currency, and the user is able to select ETH and BTC. In addition, Coinrule will provide recommendations on strategies such as Low Volatility Buy and sell, and The Golden Cross Trading, and Maximized Scalping. Users have the option of choosing three.

The user can then modify the settings of the strategy For instance, employing the Moving Average, and so on.

The next Coinrule will be developed “If this is more than that” Based on the method that, after connecting to the account and exchange, will be able to work automatically.

The users can also download templates which include hundreds of templates available to select from in just a couple of clicks.

Use the Connect API for exchange

Coinrule Bot is capable of working when it is connected to an exchange, and each exchange will follow the same procedures. First, the user logs in to an exchange accounts then locates the API management, by going through each step step by step, and then copying the API codes of Coinrule and pasting it into API of the exchange’s management.

The steps to connect the management API are available on the Help page.

Coinrule helps support exchange

While there aren’t all exchanges supported by Coinrule The ones that do by Coinrule are the most popular and biggest exchanges.


Binance is the biggest exchange, which manages Bitcoin transactions of more than five percent per day. all exchanges.

Coinbase pro

Coinbase Pro is the third-ranked exchange following FTX with an average 701 liquidity and daily volumes exceeding $2 billion.


The exchange has a score of 517 for liquidity, with the typical daily turnover of 4 billion dollars. The position on Coinmarketcap is currently below Bybit as of writing.


The average volume of transactions for HitBTC of $3 billion. however, it’s not the top exchange. HitBTC has an exchange that offers the capacity to handle over 800 trade pairs.


BitStamp transactions are not monitored, however, the exchange is operated by Coinrule.

Bitpanda pro

Bitpanda Pro is designed to cater to experienced traders. It’s an exchange located in Europe The platform was developed on behalf of Bitpanda exchange.


The ranking places Kraken as fourth after Coinbase and Coinbase, with an average of 723 transactions per day. Kraken boasts an average 24 hours daily volume of $790 million.


Poloniex scores 6.3 in its overall score, and the exchange has an average liquidity of 511 with an average daily volume that is $46m.


BitMEX, this exchange is not tracked and there is no information about this exchange on Coinmarketcap thus there is no information available about its daily average volume or market transactions.

Template strategy

Different strategy templates can aid beginners to pick a strategy. Based on experience from users the most popular Coinrule Template strategy is to buy lows in the bull market.

These rules employ the RSI indicator when the level is lower than 35 which is an oversold point, and the rule also applies MA 9 and MA 200.

All indicators are plotted on the M15 timeframe with the rules in place if the RSI is lower than the 35 levels, and that the 9 MA is higher than the 200 MA this can indicate an underlying trend.

Alongside the buy and sell dips of the template for bull markets there are other templates like Grid trading within the range multi-timeframe RSI scalping grid trading strategy and many more, in which the template selection is greater than 150.

Coinrule invest

Coinrule is also able to raise funds via the Seedr platform with a target of PS250.002. Coinrule also raises funds via the Seedr platform, with a goal of PS250.002. At present, Coinrule is successful in fundraising, having raised PS531,423 from 658 investors.