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Do Melatonin Diffusers Help You Sleep Better

If you’ve had difficulty falling asleep, chances are that you’ve heard of (or tried) the melatonin supplement to ease your insomnia. There are numerous methods to take the sleep aid, from pills to Gummies. Melatonin diffusers, which are often referred to as vape pen are the most recent new additions to the range of sleep aids that promise to improve your quality of sleep.

The first melatonin vape was launched just two years back. Since they’re relatively fresh, there’s not a lot of studies that examine the effects of vaporizing Melatonin. Like all supplements to diet diffusers aren’t monitored through authorities like the Food and Drug Administration. That means these products are available for sale without quality, safety or purity testing, which can be an issue for the health of the consumers.

Although there’s no doubt that a peaceful night’s sleep is the ultimate pleasure is melatonin vapes safe and efficient?

First, What’s Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the pineal gland inside your brain . It is involved with the control of the sleep-wake cycle. In essence, melatonin helps your body determine when it is time to rest and when it’s time to wake up by regulating the amount of hormones the body produces. Your body usually releases more melatonin when the sun sets , to signal that it is time to go to bed and decreases as the sun rises in the morning, waking you up.

The increase and decrease of the melatonin hormone occurs when your sleep-wake cycle, also referred to by the name of your circadian rhythm is stable. If your circadian rhythm is disturbed due to an all-nighter or stress or jet legs, you’re likely having difficulty sleeping or resting peacefully. If this is the case you can take melatonin supplementation, which is a synthetic form of the same substance that your body produces naturally generally a safe way to restore your sleep pattern in line.

But What are Melatonin Diffusers?

In recent times you may have seen ads for melatonin-based vapes — or, in the terms of wellness or”melatonin “diffusers” appearing within your social media feeds. Social media influencers present these as a fun and fashionable way to enjoy the best night’s sleep. In addition to a better night’s rest they are said to induce sleep more quickly than oral melatonin supplements.

The first diffuser for melatonin was released in the year the year 2016, making them an incredibly new product in the world of sleeping aids. There’s a wide range of brands to select from. All of them contain an e-liquid that’s melatonin which is heated by the diffuser to transform into an inhalable vapor delivered to you with the same mechanism as an electronic cigarette or Juul Some have various essential oils or extracts.

For instance, the liquid contained in Cloudy’s diffuser has melatonin, lavender extract the extract of chamomile, grapes L-Theanine (said to ease insomnia, stress, and anxiety) as well as propylene glycol (a thickening agent) as well as vegetable Glycerin (a fluid that is syrupy). Although Cloudy insists the safety of its ingredients however, it’s difficult to justify swallowing all the additional ingredients when there are melatonin pills available.

“If you’re breathing in melatonin and an essential oil, and propylene glycol, is the trade-off worth gaining an increase in the melatonin effects?” says Marc Sala who is an medical assistant professor of medicine at Northwestern University specializing in pulmonology and critical care. “Especially in comparison to simply taking the pill 30 minutes prior to going to bed?”

Are they willing to compromise their lung health to get more sleep? It’s a tough question to answer. In October of 2019, Google invited Cloudy to its Brand Accelerator program, created to offer support to brands they believe to have a high growth potential. Cloudy’s most important selling point is that after their product is inhaled the melatonin will immediately be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, allowing you to “sleep on cloud.”

However, the liver needs to process or break down a Melatonin pill prior to it beginning to function — that takes a lot longer. Experts suggest taking melatonin for at least 30 minutes and for up two hours prior to the time you go to bed.

If you fail to do it prior to time and drink a glass of melatonin just before going to sleep it, you may disrupt your sleep cycle further since it takes a long time to process. At the point that your liver has broken the melatonin down could have increased the levels of melatonin while sleeping, making it difficult to get up and being groggy on the next day.

Cloudy advises against those issues by inhaling seven times a at night, for approximately 3.5 milligrams of melatonin which is approximately 0.5 milligrams of melanin contained in every inhalation of Cloudy. The recommended dosage for a person ranges between 0.5 up to five mg which means it’s not over the limit recommended five mg. But, this is only an approximate, and some individuals might require higher or lower amounts.

“When you are taking melatonin as pills, it’s fairly exact to dosing,” says Sala. “Vaping is not an exact method to take medication.”