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How Can An Emergency Dentist In Reading Help You?

If you require an appointment for a dental filling or porcelain, the majority of dental procedures are planned and dependent on appointment times. There are however situations where urgent dental care is needed. For instance, if you or someone you love has uncontrolled bleeding from an oral injury, it is considered an emergency and needs to be addressed immediately. Dentists who specialize in providing immediate dental treatment in the event of injury or other life-threatening dental condition are referred to as emergency dentists. Many people are unaware of the definition of a dental emergency or the best time to visit the emergency dentist. If you’re also curious about the role of an emergency dentist Reading then this article is perfect for you. Read on to learn more about emergency dentistry.

What Can An Emergency Dentist Do?

Dental professionals are emergency dentists who are, in addition to being dentists, also receive additional training and specialisation to address dental issues and injuries that could be potentially life-threatening and require urgent treatment. Although dentists of other specialties only provide their services during working hours, many emergency dental clinics are open 24/7 or at least offer emergency hotlines for patients to make an urgent appointment in the event in an urgent situation.

What is a Dental Emergency, And What Is Not?

As per the Dental Association, any situation that could be life-threatening if not addressed immediately is considered a dental emergency. For instance, dental issues that cause bleeding uncontrollably, severe infection, or extreme pain are considered to be dental emergencies. However, cosmetic procedures like veneers and teeth whitening are not essential. Therefore, they aren’t considered to be a dental emergency.

What are the most common dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies that are common include however, they are not restricted to:

Uncontrolled bleeding as a result of the trauma or accident
Dental infection severe that spreads to other body areas
Pericoronitis is a condition in which the soft tissues around the tooth that has been damaged become inflamed
Dry socket is an uncomfortable condition that is triggered by the dislodgement of clots following tooth extraction.
Teeth chipping or fractures which cause discomfort.
Teeth that have been knocked out
Crown or filling that has been loosened
Something is stuck between two teeth
An orthodontic wire that has been dislodged. It is inserted into the soft tissue of the mouth.
Jaw fracture or dislocated
Toothache severe that cannot be alleviated by pain medication
Tooth decay can cause tooth sensitiveness

What do people think is A Dental Emergency , but in reality It’s Not?

A broken orthodontic bracket could appear to be a sign that a patient requires urgent attention. But, it’s not. A damaged bracket could slow your orthodontic treatment a bit but it’s not something to be concerned about. If you do accidentally breathe in the bracket – which is an emergency, you should put off until the following business day to address the issue.

How Long Will A Tooth Abscess Be Waited For Treatment?

Dental abscesses develop within the oral cavity as a result of an ongoing dental infection that results in pus-filled accumulation in a specific area. If the abscess is localized, it can cause severe pain, discomfort and swelling in the region. If the abscess spreads to other body parts and causes discomfort, it could be an emergency medical situation that causes general symptoms such as fatigue, fever and breathlessness. If left untreated, an abscess could turn into a serious dental emergency. So, abscesses should be treated as quickly as is possible. The earlier treatment is initiated the less chance of adverse effects and complications.

What is an Emergency Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal procedure is an operation in which your dentist removes the affected pulp tissue within the teeth, and then replace it a non-toxic material. A root canal for emergencies is usually required when there is an inflammation of dental pulp creates pressure within the tooth, causing extreme discomfort and pain. In these instances dentists typically drill into the tooth, and then expose the inside of the tooth that contains the pulp tissue to ease the pain and pressure. Following emergency treatment, the next steps of the root canal procedure are carried out routinely.

When should I contact an Emergency Dentist?

If you suspect that you or someone else in your family have a situation that needs immediate attention for bleeding, a broken or knocked-out tooth or severe abscess pain, it is recommended to call your emergency dentist right away. If you’re experiencing an emergency outside of business hours or on a weekend, you are able to call your dentist on the emergency hotline to receive further guidance. If you’re not sure if you’re in a situation that’s urgent or not, it’s best to contact your dentist and confirm with them.

How Do You Determine If You Need Emergency Dental Work?

There is a chance that you will require emergency dental care if you suffer from one of the following conditions:

The loss of function of the teeth
The mouth is difficult to open or close the mouth
Teethache that is severe
The swelling can cause discomfort in breathing and fever.
Avulsed or broken teeth

What Can an Emergency Dentist Do to Can Help You?

A dentist who is emergency trained to treat all types of dental emergencies, from broken teeth to jaws that are dislocated. For instance, if you suffer from an avulsed tooth, and you are able to visit your dentist immediately they might be able to place the tooth back in its socket, so it can be reattached. In the same way, your dentist might be able to fix an unattached crown without the requirement for repairs or replacement. It is therefore essential to visit your emergency dental professional as quickly as you can if you are suffering from an injury or other emergency circumstance.

I Have A Dental Emergency. What should I do?

Based on the nature of emergency, you should take steps to minimize the damage. For instance when you experience bleeding, put a clean , dry cloth over the area , and gently press it down to stop the bleeding. If you’re suffering from an avulsed tooth, you can try inserting it back into its socket. But, be careful not to use too much force if the tooth does not fit properly into the socket. In the meantime, you must call your dentist immediately for an appointment for emergency dental care. If you’re out of town, go to an emergency dentist’s office nearby or an ER to receive immediate treatment.

If you or your loved one suffers from an emergency dental situation in Reading We are there to provide immediate assistance. If you are suffering from extreme bleeding or tooth pain because of an injury, we’ll fix it within a matter of minutes. We also offer high-quality emergency dental services that will give you an attractive, healthy, and beautiful smile. If you’re looking to have all your family’s dental needs taken care of in one place, schedule an appointment with us now and we’ll be delighted to address all of your dental health concerns.