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What can cold laser therapy used to treat?

If you’ve been injured or suffer from a long-term health issue, your chiropractor may suggest the use of cold lasers. When you undergo cold laser therapy your chiropractor uses gentle intensity of light for treating issues that are below or on the surface of the body. Although the laser’s powerful beam can be able to penetrate your body, the laser is of a low intensity, meaning it doesn’t cause heat to the tissues. This revolutionary chiropractic treatment has many benefits.
Increases the speed of the Healing Process

In cold laser therapy, your chiropractor will train the laser on the damaged body area. It is able to penetrate the skin, and the tissue is able to absorb the energy wavelengths. The result is a chemical reaction that stimulates your body’s cells regenerate. The newly formed cells help heal so that you can return to your normal lifestyle quicker with the help of cold laser therapy.

Reduces Pain

In the event that you’re hurt, then you’re probably suffering from a lot of discomfort. It’s possible that you’ll struggle to find relief, which means you’re not much more active than you once were. It’s good to know that cold laser therapy can offer quick relief from pain. Laser therapy blocks the brain’s pain receptors, which means you’ll feel better in a short time. A lot of people experience a substantial decrease in pain following one treatment.

Since it is effective at relieving pain, you will not require opioids. Although prescription painkillers do well in reducing the pain, they can be addictive and may cause various other adverse consequences, like fatigue. Additionally, if you’re using prescription medications, you are not able to drive a car , and you may require a break from working. Laser therapy that uses cold lasers reduces pain without the use of drugs or risky adverse consequences.

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Reduces Inflammation

The body’s response to injury. Your body will send white blood cells and blood to the affected area as part of healing however this can make it challenging to heal your tissues. Inflammation can also limit the range of motion you can perform and can cause discomfort. Laser therapy with cold reduces inflammation fast and makes it much easy to resume routine tasks.

Treatments for a Variety of Problems

Although some treatments have particular applications Cold laser therapy is a great option to be used to treat a variety of issues such as strains, sprains or repetitive injuries as well as back, shoulder as well as knee discomfort. It’s also utilized to treat chronic issues like fibromyalgia and arthritis. If you’re not certain whether cold laser therapy can assist you, speak with your chiropractor to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate.

Non-invasive Treatment

When you sustained an injury and suffered an injury, you probably had a fear about the possibility of undergoing an operation. Surgery could help with your problem but you’re anxious about the potential side consequences and the recovery time. The cold laser treatment is non-invasive and is comfortable, meaning you won’t need to worry about experiencing pain. In addition, unlike surgery, there aren’t any documented negative effects from cold laser therapy. Also, there is no need to miss work to recuperate.