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Health Benefits of Milk Tea

“Milk Tea” is a term used to describe “milk tea” refers to any tea beverage that has milk added. It could be as easy as adding a small amount of milk in a tea or coffee but it could also be complicated recipe with many ingredients, such as the popular bubble tea. Milk helps smooth out the flavor of tea especially the bitter notes that are present with black tea. Milk tea is consumed all over all over the world as hot and cold drinks.

Quick Facts

Alternate Name: bubble Tea
Temperature: Cold or hot
Main Ingredient: Black tea

Different types of milk Tea Edinburgh

There are a variety of kinds of milk tea available that are cold and hot. Different types contain different spices, as well as sugar.

Bubble Tea: Invented by Taiwan during the 80s. This enthralling drink is gaining popularity because of the fascinating little balls that are that are located at within the glass’s bottom. It’s a blend of black tea milk, sweetener and tapioca pearls. While there are a few traditional preparations There are a myriad of varieties that include bubble tea.

Hong Kong Milk Tea: It is the most sought-after kind of tea made with evaporated milk. It’s also known as pantyhose tea due to the tea sock it’s typically used to make it in. To make it sweeter it is made using condensed milk.

Tea Latte: An latte designed for those who don’t drink coffee This popular tea drink can be found throughout North America, parts of Europe and further. Similar to coffee lattes, tea latte is served warm or with the ice.

Thai Iced Tea: Featured on menus at American Thai restaurants, this cold drink is a blend made of tea black, evaporated and condensed sugar, milk and spices. It’s sold as a powdered blend, but it’s also easy to make at home.

Masala Chai Masala Chai: This Indian spiced tea has increased in popularity and is often made of syrups or powders. The recipe is traditional and involves simmering milk, black tea, as well as a host of spices like cloves, cinnamon cardamom and ginger and straining into mugs prior to serving.

British Milk Tea: The most popular beverage in the UK is usually served with a small amount of milk. The usual method is to introduce the milk, and after that pour tea on top. it is believed that this method does not alter the taste of the tea.

Caffeine Content In Milk Tea

There is a certain amount of caffeine present in milk tea is contingent on the kind of tea used in the beverage that is usually the type of black tea. In a cup that is 8-ounces the chai tea is ranging between 60 and 120 milligrams of caffeine. Assam black tea weighs in with 80 milligrams. Then there is Darjeeling tea is 50 milligrams. It’s safe to say using milk when making tea is a sign it is a smaller amount tea consumed is reduced which means that caffeine consumption is reduced.

What is Milk Tea?

Milk tea, as it is called is tea that has milk added. This gives a more smooth taste and sweetness to the tea. It’s a very popular method of serving tea different areas of the world and is a simple option to spice up the flavor of your tea.

There are numerous regions around the world that milk tea can be the standard kind of tea. This is evident in certain regions of India where tea is typically referred in the form of milk tea. Tea without milk is sold in the form of “black tea” or “tea sans.” It is widely enjoyed across England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Sri Lanka in addition to Hong Kong.

But it is also a term used to describe hot and cold drinks which combine tea with a type of milk (regular condensed, evaporated, condensed) along with various spices. Some nations have their own unique recipes for these drinks, which are now popular in America.

2 . Health benefits of Milk Tea

Although milk tea is made using a variety of kinds of tea and black tea is the most well-known.

Boosts Immune System

It is also among the most healthy varieties of tea you could consume. It is loaded with antioxidants that help support overall health and reduce the risk of getting chronic illness. Additionally, it has polyphenols and antimicrobial properties that can benefit the digestive system. Polyphenols could also help fight cancerous cells. It has also been proven to ease stress and boost energy levels.

Aids Nutrition

Milk is a source of health benefits since it is a source of nine essential nutrients like Vitamin D, calcium vitamin B12, protein and potassium. Since it is a treasure trove of minerals and vitamins, only the smallest amount of milk is needed to enjoy the benefits.


In addition, the addition of milk to tea produces an astringent but more mellow flavor. It is because milk bonds to some bitter chemical compounds in tea, while also covering certain flavors of the tea. Certain teas, for instance strong black teas or Assam teas from India is usually served with milk to lessen bitterness. Assam milk tea can also make frequent appearances as an British evening tea.

However, some of tea’s bitter components are beneficial to your health So if you’re drinking tea for health reasons, drinking tea without milk is the best alternative.

How to drink Milk Tea

There aren’t any set guidelines or guidelines on the amount of milk to be adding to teas. The majority of teas don’t require much milk, however it will depend more than anything else on your personal preferences and the type of tea being brewed. The general rule is to begin with a small amount or teaspoon of milk. Mix the tea and taste If you feel it is needed you want to add more, do so until it has the desired flavor.

In the case of the recipes for tea made with milk, some make use of quite a lot of milk. For instance, making homemade masala chai needs equal parts of water and milk.

Many milk teas can be used using a dairy substitute like soy, almond rice or soy milk. Coconut milk isn’t quite as flexible, but coupled in the proper tea it is a great drink.

Storage and purchase of Milk Tea

Premade milk tea is available to be purchased on the internet or at special Asian markets. Find “royal milk tea” that is sold in packets or cans in an “instant” version made from powdered milk. Powders of black milk tea are also available, and is the same ingredient that is utilized in the bubble tea shops. Powders and containers can be kept within the cupboard.


Milk tea goes far beyond adding milk to a cup tea. There are numerous milk tea recipes available around the globe, and in particular Asia.