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How To Sell Rolex Watches In The UK

If you’re a first-time seller of watches, you might have wondered, “how can I sell Rolex watches in the UK?”. The positive side is that, when working with an experienced luxury watch buyer the process of selling the Rolex watch is fast simple and completely safe. We’ve prepared an easy 4-step guide for selling Rolex watches in the UK to help you trade in the Rolex without confidence.Step 1. Gather information about your Rolex

If you plan for selling Rolex timepieces in the UK you’ll first have to collect all the required details about your watch. If you have all the required information and information, you will be able to meet with prospective buyers who are capable of providing prices for your Rolex.

Make sure you are aware of the following information about your Rolex:

Model Specific Rolex models are in greater demand than other models like that of the Rolex Submariner Date reference, 116610LV. It is also known by the name of “Hulk” because of the green bezel and dial. You can easily locate the model number of your watch on the paper that it is printed on. The model number of the watch can be located in the lugs beneath the bracelet. If you have to take off its bracelet to reveal its model, it’s ideal to have it removed by a professional so that you avoid any harm.

Age Your watch will affect the value of your watch. For instance, a vintage Rolex DateJust from 1945 will bring you a price that is different as compared to a model from today.

Condition The condition of your watch plays an important part in the value for your Rolex. If your watch hasn’t been regularly maintained, is damaged, or was repaired with parts of a different brand, this could negatively affect the price. If, on the other hand, your watch is in good shape with regular maintenance, this will be reflected on your final price. Be assured that even if your watch has suffered small damage, although it could affect the price however, you’ll still be capable of selling it.

Box and papers Box and Papers: These are the original box and papers your Rolex came with when you bought it. You can offer the Rolex watch without the box and papers, possessing them will demonstrate the authenticity of the watch and boost the value of the watch. Many collectors of watches prefer buying timepieces that come with the original box and papers in good shape.

When looking for the best place to sell Rolex make sure you get in touch with

Step 2: Find a Credible Rolex Buyer in The UK

The next step in selling Rolex watches to the UK is to locate the ideal buyer. There are plenty of options There is a pros and cons for each option that must be taken into consideration.

Below, we have identified the most sought-after Rolex purchasers across the UK:

Pawnshops: This option is for those looking to trade in the Rolex watches locally. Certain pawnshops can even offer you cash on the spot for your timepiece with cash. While pawnshops seem like a quick and easy option, you should be aware that some pawnshops do not employ Rolex specialists with the expertise to assess your timepiece. Because of this, the rate might not be as competitive as it could be from a reputable buyer.

Hatton Garden: Easily accessible to London residents, Hatton Garden houses a variety of Rolex buyers. It is possible to meet different buyers to find out what they will pay for your watch. Similar to pawnshops, all buyers are experts in horology who are able to accurately evaluate the value the value of your Rolex. In addition, you’ll have to be wary of unscrupulous sellers who employ aggressive sales techniques and be aware that examining the various buyers in this market will not always be a fast selling process.

Auction Houses Auction houses are an effective option for selling expensive objects. Since they have highly trained experts in the field You can expect to get an accurate appraisal on your Rolex. But you have to be prepared to sit and wait what could take months to get your Rolex to be sold. In the beginning, you have to wait until an auction is conducted, and your watch must be auctioned. If your Rolex is purchased at auction, the auction house will receive a share of the profit. The exact amount will differ based on the auction house.

Online ads There are a variety of websites that allow you to create no-cost listings to sell your Rolex. By putting up an online ad, you can set your price of choice and then sell directly to buyers. While setting the price you want may sound ideal to recover the price you originally paid for your Rolex but the reality is that the precise pricing of the value of a Rolex on the market for second-hand is a challenge without know-how in the field. Selling your Rolex through online advertisements is a long-term game as it may be years before your watch to be sold if it is sold even. In addition, you should be aware of fraudsters and not divulge personal information.

Step 3: Request a Price Quote

If you’ve learned the best way to market Rolex watches to the UK getting an estimate of price is simple. Just fill in our online form containing the information regarding your Rolex. Our experts will get back at you for a quote and tell you what you need to know about the price you want on your Rolex.

4. Sell your Rolex

Make your appointment. You are able to arrange an appointment at our cozy and secure UK office. We recommend contacting us prior to the time to make an appointment. The appointment typically lasts thirty minutes, during which an horologist from our team will look over your Rolex and give you a the price of your purchase, which you can pay by money transfer.