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Is it safe to buy an ex demo electric car?

Are you contemplating buying yourself a car that’s brand new? Perhaps you’re ready to spend on a family-friendly SUV that can be able to accommodate your children. Or maybe they’ve all grown up and flown to the next level, and this is the perfect opportunity to downsize and treat yourself to the sporty vehicle you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Whatever your circumstance, it makes sense to be aware of all the options available to you. When buying a car, most people have a choice between used and new cars. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, but there’s a third option that you might not have considered.

Ex demo vehicles could be the ideal solution. However, before you begin searching the dealerships for the perfect car, it is logical to first find the answers to a few important questions. What does the term “ex demo car’ actually mean? Are ex demo cars worth buying? Is there a good place to purchase an old demo vehicle within the UK? Allow us to assist you in working through it all…

What is “ex demo car What does it mean to be ex demo car?

Ex demo or “ex demo’ cars are those which have previously been used in showrooms and dealerships to display models. They could be used by other employees and customers for test drives so they may have driven a few more miles than you would expect from a brand-new vehicle. However, there are plenty of reasons why these cars are worth purchasing…

The benefits of buying an old demo car The pros and cons

Let’s start with the positives, shall we?

Excellent Condition

The good news is that because demo cars spent the majority of their time at the dealership, they should be in good condition. They’ve been well-maintained visually and mechanically – in order to entice buyers to buy which is why you can be assured when purchasing an ex demo vehicle that it’s top-quality, with no faults or issues to worry about.

Higher Specification

Furthermore many dealerships will want to show the finest versions of the cars they offer, which is why you could find ex demo cars boast top-class technologies and features. These specifications may not come as standard on a number of the models available and it’s worth it to buy an old demo vehicle and enjoy all the extras that are available.

Amazing Value

The two benefits listed above would come with the caveat of an increase in the price of purchase. However, buying an ex demo car is different than buying the latest model in that it’s already test-driven and driven. This can translate to a cheaper price, which allows you to walk away with the knowledge that you’ve bought a great deal on a premium vehicle.

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Buy an old demo car: The cons

Of course, it’s vital to weigh the pros and disadvantages of buying an older demo car. Here are some of the negative aspects to think about.

Reduced Choice

One of the disadvantages of purchasing an old demo car is that it means you only have a limited selection of vehicles to choose from. Some dealers offer hundreds or even thousands of pre-owned and new cars, which means that even if you have a specific model in mind, you’re more than likely to to find an option that suits. With ex demo cars for instance, it’s possible that you’ll be choosing from an even smaller choice.

More Mileage

The majority of demo vehicles are just used as demonstration models for just a few months and even during this relatively short time they can clock up the miles, especially when they’re a favorite choice for customers who aren’t. If you’d prefer your car to look brand new and fresh from the factory and you’re looking to buy an old demo vehicle isn’t the best option for you.

Dated Warranty

Another factor to consider is that the manufacturer’s warranty starts as soon as the car is registered with the dealership. In other words, if you purchase an old demo vehicle that’s been on the showroom floor for two months, it’ll be two months into the warranty before you’ve had a the chance to take it to test drive. This may not be enough to deter you from making a purchase however it is something be aware of down the line.

Can you buy an old demo electric car?

A purchase of an electric demo car is just as safe as purchasing a petrol as well as diesel-powered engine. The vehicles will be similarly well-maintained and tested and checked to the highest standards. In reality, there are many advantages of purchasing an used electric vehicle.

The obvious benefit is the fact that electric cars are more eco-friendly and the government provides an maximum of PS2,500 (figure current as of march 2021) to go towards the cost of buying the vehicle to encourage more motorists to go electric. In addition, the worldwide push for reduced carbon emissions has spurred manufacturers to focus more on EVs, which means that there are a lot more vehicles to pick from.

When is the best time to buy an demo vehicle?

If you conduct your own research, you may be able to get a better bargain. For example, if there are new releases due in the near future, it’s probable that dealerships would like to switch the current models to show the latest versions. Therefore, if new releases are anticipated in the next weeks, this could be the best opportunity to buy an older demo vehicle.

The good thing is that you can pick out your next car without even having to leave the comforts of your home. Coronavirus is a pandemic that, when combined with a wider trend of changing consumer behavior and preferences, has meant that buying online has grown increasingly popular as an option for car enthusiasts all over the world.