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The practical benefits of keeping your car clean

Chaos is the result of clutter. In cars, disorder is distraction. We’re all about driving without distractions and one way to do this is by having an organized set of wheels. We’ll give you an overview of the advantages of keeping your car clean and the best way to get that neat car feeling.The psychological reasons behind cleaning

Everyone has their individual ways of managing stress. It could be a running on the treadmill or meditating, listening music, or perhaps a cleaning session. Yes, cleaning. It is a major mood booster organizing and cleaning are good for your mental wellbeing (there’s even some research to support it).

If your surroundings are cluttered the chaos that is present in your home, car and office space impedes your ability to concentrate. The clutter can cause distraction and this can affect the ability of your brain to process information.

Consider driving for example. If you’re surrounded by clutter in your vehicle, do you find yourself distracted and unable to concentrate on the road? The pile of junk mail lying on the floor of your car could be saying something to you.

The advantages of cleaning our homes (car or home, office space garage, home office space) extend beyond just a clutter-filled, organized space. Cleaning can ease stress in a variety of ways.

If you do it right Cleaning your vehicle (exercise) will help speed your production endorphins. These are the neurotransmitters that feel good in the brain. Endorphins can lead to less anxiety and a more peaceful day.

Mindfulness is the next step after cleanliness.

It’s rare to associate the routine chore of cleaning our homes with the utmost mindfulness. But, contrary to what teens may think, there is an incredibly strong connection with mental wellbeing and cleanliness. It is possible to turn your daily chores into a form of meditation.

Your car that is filthy, stuffed with food particles and mail that is not in order may be the path towards a more mindful drive. When we complete small tasks in our homes that require only a little concentration, we are able to free your mind away from worry and feel more in control.

Being present in the present is a great way to relax while you tidy. The results of a study, conducted by Ipsos found that everyone were of the opinion that cleaning gave them peace of mind and an increased sense of control over their surroundings. They also said feeling more confident as well as inspired and proud, and less anxious or hostile.

When we’re mindful of taking care of our body, we ease tension which helps to calm the mind and create a sense of achievement. Craig Sawchuk, psychologist at Mayo Clinic, says, “In the midst of all the anxiety, here’s something useful and tangible that could aid in building our resilience and assist in coping with the stressors that surround us.”

When you make a commitment to a mindful and clean environment and a healthy lifestyle, you will be in a healthy relationship with your family and friends.

The practical advantages of keeping your vehicle tidy

After we’ve discussed the psychological benefits of having an uncluttered car It’s time to dive into the practical advantages of washing and cleaning your vehicle regularly.

The germ-buster

It’s possible to not touch the seat of a porta-potty or holding the rail of a subway But what do you think about the cleanliness of your car? There are definitely juice container stains from last year in the back seat and only a few millimeters of dirt on your dashboard.

It’s not hurting anyone Is it?

Bacteria are a joy to ride through your vehicle shotgun. Invisibly, millions of microbes, germs as well as bacteria flourish in enclosed spaces, such as the one between your seats, where the packets of ketchup disappear.

A study of bacteria revealed that there are five places within a car that are thought to be the most prominent sources of bacteria and germs The steering wheel, doors, the door handle, window switches, and the central console.

There are more than 100 colony-forming bacteria that are culturable in 6.5 square centimeters in your vehicle.

A cleanand disinfected vehicle will help keep you and your passengers safe from dangers that are invisible. Before you head off to wash the inside of your vehicle, Charles Gerba, professor at the University of Arizona, recommends the following method of cleaning your car to disinfect your carevery week. Begin with food-related stain and move towards the dashboard, all the way to the change holder and the steering wheel, which are the areas where our hands are in close contact.

A lot more bang to your dollar

It might seem simple, but keeping an organized and clean vehicle will help preserve its value. While there are many other elements that contribute to how much value you can get for your car keeping it in good condition (inside as well as out) is an important component.

Here’s a suggestion: If you plan regular maintenance for your vehicle, such as an oil change, you should also plan a local auto detailing service for your car or schedule a time to DIY clean it yourself. Both of these appointments are worthwhile for you and your car in the long in the long run, should you choose to sell your vehicle in the near future.

Reduce stress in an emergency

Road accidents occur, no matter how we’d like to believe they will. One advantage that comes with having a tidy vehicle is knowing where your belongings are when you require them the most. For instance, taking a collision on the freeway , and knowing precisely where your phone is located to get your insurance information.

Knowing exactly where you keep wipes and diapers you’ll need for the diaper blowouts that occur when you least expect it to, like during an excursion. A well-organized car in these unexpected events can make the stress of a stressful situation to be a bit less stressful since you know precisely where the items are.

Less clutter equals less distraction

You’re probably aware that your vehicle is an integral aspect of your life isn’t it? As a major part of your daily life you would like that part that you live in to be un-distracting as you can, right? Since, let’s face it–the roads can be a bit distracting already.

Although we do our best to keep the interior of our vehicles as uncluttered as we can, we’re humans and our vehicles are often an area to eat, call or fix our hair and makeup, take exams and tune inside.

(For for the factual record, we do not recommend performing these activities when traveling.)

All of this creates chaos in your car, making you feel distracted. If you take the time to remove the distractions in your car, you’ll be focused on the road ahead and enjoy the ride.

The ultimate guide to car cleaning tricks

Cleaning and organizing our homes isn’t always on the most important list of priorities. Since cleaning isn’t always an exciting experience. Although it might not be as thrilling as binge-watching your favourite sitcom, it’s a essential task to keep your car clean and free of distractions. It is possible to find the most efficient methods of simplifying our lives by following these tips for cleaning your car.

Begin with a playlist that is mindful for cleaning to be less monotonous

Get everything out of your car , yes it’s all there.

Clean and fresh from the top to the bottom

Be sure to keep what brings you joy, and the things that are necessary (like evidence of insurance for your car)

Make sure to organize and give each item an appropriate space in your vehicle

Make a habit of keeping your car clean regularly

If everything in your car serves a purpose it’s possible to eliminate the clutter, like the receipts that are hidden in the corners and crevices of your vehicle.

The high-road is a journey from the inside out

When we think about the changes that we make to our lives every day we realize that the majority of that changes happen inside. The same principle is applicable to the way we deal with the mess, cleanliness, and organization of our vehicles. It is an inside job that could affect what happens outwardly.

Cleaning your car can improve your mental wellbeing and allow you to integrate mindfulness into everyday activities. By keeping your car tidy and clean it is less likely that you will be distracted when driving.