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Victoria’s Secret Body Mist Pakistan

Victoria’s Secret is an internationally renowned fragrance brand that mainly deals in body mist, perfumes, body lotions, and other body care products. The brand is known for its super amazing lasting scent and affordability. If you are someone who loves to smell good all day long you must carry a body mist by Victoria’s Secret in your handbag. The entire range of body care products comes in so many different scents that suit every style and goes well with all personalities.

This article is all about the best-selling body mist fragrances by Victoria’s Secret. The Entire article will be about the notes, how this mist smells like, and how to and when to use them.

Top Selling Victoria’s Secret Body Mist:

Victoria’s Secret Gold Struck: If you are obsessed with fresh sweet scents then this option will be the best choice for you. Victoria’s Secret gold struck body mist has a refreshing scent that is perfect for daytime use. It has sweet and fresh notes that all together create a very pleasing scent. For all those college and office-going ladies, this mist is for you!

Victoria’s Secret Diamond Patels: This mist has fresh floral tones that make it perfect for summer days. This scent makes you feel confident and the fragrance will last you for good 5 hours. Moreover, This mist has gorgeous aromatic aromas of rose petals and other flowers. The base and top notes of the body mist truly complement bold and confident women.

Victoria’s Secret Platinum Ice Body Mist: This body mist is inspired by the sparkling fragrance trend, offering a dazzling, multi-faceted twist on floral, fruity, and warm scents. The overall scent of this body mist is something in between aquatic and warm. This scent is perfect to use in nighttime events. This scent will make you feel like It’s a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Shimmer Body Mist: Pure seduction is one the top sellers from the entire Victoria’s Secret range. This fragrance does not smell the scent, warm or spicy it smells as something like you never smelled before. The overall scent of this body mist makes you feel gorgeous. The base and top notes of pure seduction are mild, fresh, and aquatic making it a perfect choice for nighttime events.  If you are someone who does not like sweet and floral scents then you must give a try to this body mist.

How To Make Your Body Mist Fragrance Last For Long?

A lot of your might be struggling with the lasting of your perfume or mist. There are a few tips and tricks that you need to follow to make your body mist fragrance last for hours.

  • Spray body mist/perfume on pressure points (LIKE WRIST AND NECK)
  • Use a perfumed body lotion from the same range so that you will smell amazing throughout the day.
  • Use a scented body wash from the same range. As it also helps to make your fragrance last for hours.
  • Use Vaseline or lotion on your pressure points before applying the scent.
  • Use body mist right after stepping out of the shower.
  • Do not spray directly onto your clothes or hair. 

Where To Buy Original Body Mist In Pakistan?

Victoria Secret mist Pakistan is not widely available in stores or on online beauty stores. You must need to search a lot because either the online pages have not so many options to choose from or they charge you a lot for a single product. To make your life easier Eshaistic brings an amazing range of Victoria’s Secret body mist, body lotion, and body care products at amazing discounted rates. The best part about shopping from this page as you do not need to worry about the authenticity or quality of the products. They only deal in original skincare, makeup, body care, hair care, and fragrance brands. Moreover, Eshaistic offers express delivery all across Pakistan.