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What are acrylic nails?

If you’re considering a career in the nail industry it is essential to understand the differences between various methods and materials. For instance are you aware of the distinction is between gel and acrylic nails? Do you know the details of what PolyGel is, a groundbreaking new treatment that is spreading across the industry includes? Check out this article for answer!

What is an acrylic nail?

They are attached to natural nails. The process of applying them is to file nails before mixing Acrylic powder as well as liquid. This produces an acrylic that can be used to mold into the fake nail. Following this nail polish is put on the smooth surface.


Acrylic nails last up to four weeks.
They are extremely durable and are resistant to destruction.
They give an even surface to apply nail art.
Clients can pick the length of nail.


They may be damaging to the natural nail beds.
They may appear less natural than gel nails.
When it is applied to the skin, the process can produce toxic fumes and chemicals.
In contrast to regular manicures, which polish can easily get rid of, nail polishes made with acrylic need to be submerged in potentially toxic Acetone.

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What is gel nail?

Gel nails aren’t extensions. They are created by applying three coats of gel onto the nail’s natural nail. The base coat is the first put on, followed by the colour of the polish and finally the protection topcoat. After application the coats are then dried by a UV light for just a few minutes.


They provide a shiny, fresh appearance.
These nails are more flexible, and consequently more resistant to breaking.
Drying time is considerably faster than regular manicures.
There aren’t any unpleasant odors when you apply.


They can last two weeks or less.
The exposure to UV rays could be harmful to skin.
The UV light may also create heat spikes that result in pain for nail beds.
If not applied properly If the gel is not properly applied, it can fall off.
The process of removal also requires the soaking process in acetone.

What exactly are PolyGel nails?

The product was developed by nail care experts Gelish, PolyGel was designed to bring together the benefits of both gel and acrylic nails. The revolutionary product is an acrylic powder mix in a base of gel. It is then applied as gel. It starts with a base coat, followed by polish , and finally an additional layer.


PolyGel nails are sturdy and flexible.
The product has a nice smell that’s a bit of a.
They are quickly cured under the gentle light of LED.
They are extremely lightweight and comfy to wear.
They are easily removed using buffers and nail files.


They may cause spikes in temperature when they are not applied correctly.
They cost significantly more than other treatments.