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Which is Best out of VidIQ & TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy as well as VidIQ are both excellent and effective channel management toolskits however, do they really differ? We’ll be looking at TubeBuddy against VidIQ and assist you in deciding which is the most suitable option for your needs.

Olga Kay, a trained circus juggler who is now the top performer YouTube celebrity has earned more than $100,000 to $130,000 annually from YouTube. A lot of ordinary people have their lives financed by YouTube also known as “new Hollywood the world’s second-largest search engine, just behind Google.

With more than 1 billion users, it offers 300 hours of fresh content that is uploaded every minute. Everyone online loves videos. According to research, 4x more people prefer to watch videos of a product rather than learn about it.

YouTube videos is the most popular video can bring you 20x greater engagement than Facebook and, with it, more sales than any other social media platform.

Let’s say you’ve got a fantastic video that you can cook for the millions of viewers on YouTube. Fantastic theme, great audio, stunning visuals You’ve got a thumb-stopping content on the largest ADHD platform in the world.

The problem with YouTube can be that the most pertinent and genuine content could be ignored. Making a video and making sure that it is seen by your viewers are two completely distinct aspects. Marketing via video isn’t an easy task.


The two VidIQ as well as TubeBuddy are great tools to help with YouTube managing growth of your channel, however Tubebuddy is superior due to its more features that are useful (over 60 vs. 25) and a lower pricing for all tiers. The only place where VidIQ is superior is in deep analysis of revenue and channel metrics.

The main differences between VidIQ vs Tubebuddy

The primary distinction in VidIQ as well as TubeBuddy is that:

TubeBuddy can be downloaded as an Chrome extensions, Firefox as well as Safari browser extensions, whereas VidIQ extension is available only to Chrome browser extensions
TubeBuddy offers more sophisticated data and analytics, while VidIQ’s analytics are less advanced.
The paid plans of VidIQ start at a lower cost that is $7.50 per month, while TubeBuddy begins at $9 per month.

Why YouTubers require Channel Management Toolkits

YouTube as with all social media accounts requires lots of moderation and maintenance.

A YouTube account that has more than a million YouTube users will take a lot of patience and time to reply to millions of comments and to update content to keep your viewers satisfied. It is likely that you will spend all day managing your account that you’ll have nothing left to make new content!

If you fail to listen to your viewers and do not respond to them in the quickest of ways, you could lose the whole audience. The most important factor to be successful in YouTube is actively engaging.

YouTube Studio by default YouTube studio does not provide enough to run the needs of your YouTube channel. How do you ensure that all the content you post is optimised for YouTube and also that you’re in control of the activity on your YouTube account?

Easy! Find a tool to make publishing easier and take you a step deeper to YouTube channel moderation and marketing strategies to ensure you receive more outcomes from YouTube. One of the best tools to accomplish this is TubeBuddy.

The First Time: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy’s goal is to make you happy and more productive when YouTubing by providing you with a set of powerful tools.

It’s a browser extension tool that integrates beautifully as an YouTube tool, enhancing your tools for publishing quickly. It comes with publishing and management tools which aid in the optimization and expansion for your YouTube channel.

Tube Buddy Tube Buddy you will not have to constantly optimize those videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags to increase Youtube views.

The silver bullet of this tool is its capability to manage annotations and cards that are essential to traffic. Consider all the time this tool can save you by re-updating the 60-second cards you need to insert into your webinars?

TubeBuddy can take over these tasks, and will do them better and faster. It can also aid in the analysis of video optimization and tubeular insight (channel analytics generally) and will help to enhance the overall plan of action. TubeBuddy’s features can be classified into four major groups:

Bulk processing
Video SEO
Data and Research

As amazing as many of the tools available, it’s difficult to go through them all at once So here is an overview of some that are most exciting.

It’s true that I did not really “get” the necessity for tools to manage channels initially. What’s the problem? Oh, I was wrong. TubeBuddy integrates all of this with top of the line analytics as well as bulk processing and kick-ass video SEO optimization!

Tools for Productivity

They include videos with sunsets as well as playlist actions (playlists) and emoji picker canned responses, scheduled updates for video management for card template templates.

Emoji Picker: Research indicates that there is an of up to 775 percent annual increase in the use of emojis for marketing and advertising information. Since YouTube has embraced these small, expressive pieces of information it is possible to use them in your titles and descriptions. On YouTube Emojis are search compatible and are able to find specific videos provided they’re relevant. Emoji Picker makes it possible to add Emojis to your videos so that they stand out the sea of similar videos.
Generator of thumbnails: The thumbnail image of a video is the first thing viewers on YouTube will first see and either creates an excellent impression or fails to entice. A well-designed thumbnail can boost your channel’s traffic. Making them using traditional tools such as the Photoshop application hasn’t been an easy task and that’s the reason why TubeBuddy’s customized Thumbnail Generator is a huge success.

Tools for processing bulk quantities

In TubeBuddy’s bulk processing features, there are bulk copies of cards, delete cards as well as update cards and the copy end screen, to mention just a few. These tools are made to make sure that you don’t lose your hair while making manual changes to, managing, and editing the titles, cards or descriptions for bulk videos.

Cards for bulk copying They not only let YouTube cards guide your viewers to URLs, but they could help in bringing more interaction with your videos. This feature can help you add these cards in bulk and leave you with more time to work with.
Bulk Find Replace, Append and Bulk Find: This program is a godsend to use when you have to take out video descriptions and even titles from the last Webinar to a new one. It allows you to locate among the bulk videos every title, tag, and descriptions , and then append or replace them quickly. If you’ve got a brand new website you’d like to connect your videos, you could make use of this tool to replace the old hyperlinks, while also removing any existing references if needed.

YouTube SEO Tool

Keyword optimization and keyword tools (including keywords research) are essential for YouTube SEO, also known as search results ranking , and can help to increase the number of viewers. TubeBuddy offers a variety of SEO tools for video which include keyword rank tracking and insta-suggest. It also offers captions service auto-translator, tag lists and auto-translator.

The Youtube keyword tool can help optimize your listings so that it appears as an Related Video in the list of global viewers and popular videos (keyword tools for research).

Auto Translator

This tool is all you require to make your YouTube global on YouTube. It can translate the description as well as video tags and the title into different languages in order to boost your views.

Keyword Ranking Tracking

The most popular dream of many YouTube content creators is to get their videos included on the YouTube’s list of recommended content. It may not be feasible in all cases, but the majority of content on YouTube is typically found via searches. Keywords are extremely effective to rank.

If you are unable to track the performance of your video SEO and you don’t track the results, your efforts may be wasted since there will be no feedback about the performance of your video. TubeBuddy’s Keyword Ranking Tracking tool is a tool that analyzes not just how your video’s SEO, but also that of your competitors too!

Promotional Tools

Create amazing content publish great content on YouTube however, if you don’t promote it the content will be inaccessible to the public. The TubeBuddy tools for promotion include those that include sharing trackers, descriptions promo, coupon codes, subscriber outreach , and featured video promotion, among others.

Promotional Materials

This TubeBuddy tool allows you to create promotional links for your email or web-based campaigns. The links are optimized so that you are able to track your click-throughs as well as other important statistics about your marketing channels.

Share Tracker

To boost the number of viewers To increase the number of viewers, you must share your YouTube across all platforms regularly. The most efficient method of keeping the track of your shares to ensure that you don’t end up repeating social shares or forgetting other platforms is to use the Share Tracker on TubeBuddy.

Data & Research Tools

Tube Buddy’s research and data tools can gather enough information to help you understand the performance of your channels and your videos on YouTube. Then, you can innovate and develop growth strategies to ensure that your channel is growing. A few of these tools are Videolytics, Channelytics, Health Report, Brand Alerts, and Competitor Scorecard.

Health Report

It is easier to determine what is working for your channel and what isn’t by analyzing your channel’s videos as well as its overall performance and overall health. This tool was designed to serve this purpose, and it offers demographics, search traffic (search volume) or data on watch time.

Brand Alerts

Brand Alerts make sure that you’re notified whenever an online video that is about the channel or you goes online. It also monitors YouTube to see if there is a new that includes your company or you in general, when they upload a new video to their channel.

Next Up Next Up: VidIQ

The final goal is to achieve an abundance of amazed subscribers. The process of building an YouTube following isn’t easy. However, creating great content then uploading it to YouTube and praying to see the YouTube gods will be pleased with your content and help you become famous isn’t working either.

YouTubers must take advantage of every opportunity available to them to boost their channel’s visibility. The status of an YouTube creator today makes you more powerful than a typical Hollywood star. In fact, 75% of the YouTube’s teen users claim to be connected to YouTube influencers more than celebrities!

The path to visibility is in analytics, and VidIQ is an official YouTube-certified audience management and development tool that is perfect for these SEO tasks.

The VidIQ vision is a great integration with YouTube and YouTube, helping you with different ways like scheduled uploads of videos, YouTube SEO, Twitter and Facebook engagement analysis and insights, comment moderation, or bulk description video editing tools. VidIQ is essentially a tool to carry out of channel management and digital marketing to make sure that you are reaching a larger market.

VidIQ is available as a browser plugin or a plug-in extensions (browser extension) and is extremely easy to use. In contrast to Tube Buddy which’s dashboard tends to obscure the screen, VidIQ remains as an the IQ icon to the right side of your toolbar in your browser. Its statistics and real-time trending stats bar panel is accessible from the right-hand side of your video content whenever you need.

Similar to TubeBuddy many of VidIQ features are available for free (free plan) which means you can take the test ride before you commit to premium features. Here are some amazing features of VidIQ.

VidIQ is among the very few COMPLETE YouTube SEO and Optimization tools. Baseline anticipate at least 2x traffic and ranking, just by following the VidIQ guidelines. The best part is that the full-featured Basic Plan is FREE.

Customized Reporting and Analysis

The VidIQ tool allows YouTube creators focus on the factors that drive the amount of time viewers spend on their channel. Its features are an analytics graph of engagement which gives an aerial view of all the channel’s FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube engagement statistics all in one place. The analytics capabilities of VidIQ beat the ones of YouTube by a mile because they’re well-organized and well-designed.

There’s a feature called “Best time of day” to upload on YouTube which ensures that your channel’s schedule of programming is fully covered to ensure maximum engagement.

If you’re interested in your audience’s demographics, based on gender or geographical location You can access this information under the YouTube Audience Demographics feature. Another feature of analytics that you may consider is the viewers’ sources by time of watch which provides the of the top Google and YouTube most popular keywords and practices that drive the watch time.

Influencer Discovery

An excellent analytics tool must provide the analysis of your subscribers and VidIQ is able to do this to a tack. The data you get will tell you about who is viewing commenting, liking and liking your content. If you’d like to be aware of what your subscribers are watching on other channels, or which ones they are a part of, apart from your own This feature will give you the information you require. This feature for professionals will let you identify who your top followers are and how you can get in touch with them to ensure long-lasting engagement.

Channel Management Services

VidIQ’s top channel management services provide channel audit information, YouTube analytics, and account strategies and support for ensuring that the content you create is suited to the needs of your viewers.

Workflow Automation

In addition to excellent content, long-tail keywords such as keyword research modules and keyword suggestion (and the appropriate keywords generally), tags as well as annotations, cards and tags can help viewers find your content faster and increase the amount of time they spend watching.

They must be improved for effectiveness, however with YouTube tags, for example, having a YouTube tag for instance with a 500-character limit, you’d have to be extremely patient to do it manually to create the stream of hundreds of video you could publish on your YouTube channel. The workflow automation feature of VidIQ can save you time, money and even your sanity and will automate these tasks to allow you to get back to doing the things you love most: making great content!

Community Management

Everyone on YouTube loves when their followers are engaged enough to leave comments however what happens when your fans decide to flood you with hundreds of comments? Utilize VidIQ to manage comments, community engagements , and for uploading videos as well.