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How to get replacement car keys if yours are lost

You’re about to leave the house when you realize that you’ve not had your car keys or they’re in a different place than the typical location.

It takes 20 minutes of intense looking and it starts to become apparent that you’ve lost the keys to your car. What next? We’re here for you.

I’m unable to locate my keys to the car! What do I do?

First , do not worry. Stress and anxiety only cloud your mind and make it less likely to spot them, even when they’re right within your reach.

We’re not experts in giving you directions on where to look for something however some locations to search for are:

Pockets for trouser and coat pockets – do not forget to put them inside the hamper for laundry!
In your bag for your weekend bag/handbag/gym bag or the one that you took out the other night
“dumping grounds” are areas where clutter typically accumulates
Kitchen counters
Tables for dining and bedside
The back of the sofa

The four most common kinds of keys for cars.

Mechanical keys

They can be described as the basic of keys and are usually found on older vehicles. They’re made from metal and are available in the shape of a switchblade with an option to pull open the lock.

Since the key is made out of metal, it’s very easy to create a duplicate.

Key fob for remote with integrated keys

The key can be multi-functional. There are two options for how to utilize it – either using the fob key, or using the mechanical keys.

Remote fob with keyless remote

Remote car keys feature buttons that can be used for lock and unlocking the car from a the same time from a distance. They’re typically battery operated, and typically you need to insert it in the ignition in order to start the vehicle.

Transponder keys

They could be equipped with an electronic microchip that can send various codes to your vehicle. It isn’t necessary to insert keys in the ignition and are able to start the car at any time it is within distance.

Something to be aware of is that the keys could be accessible to keyless vehicle theft.

The replacement of these keys is more difficult, as the new key must be programmed to correspond with your car.

If you’ve lost the old keys, the locksmith will need the VIN number of your vehicle (VIN) to make the new key programable. This can be found just in front of the steering wheel in the lower left hand corner of your dashboard.

What can I do to get spare car keys if I lose my car keys and don’t have another set?

If you’ve looked all over the place, but you’re still missing your keys, you have several car key replacement alternatives.

Purchase replacement keys for your car from the dealer

The process of purchasing a new set keys to your vehicle from your dealer is fairly simple. But it’s not the most expensive and lengthy alternative.

Contact for a locksmith

An alternative that is less expensive is probably an auto locksmith that can program a new car key without having to purchase the original. Request quotes from locksmiths in your area and then locate one that is suitable for your budget.

If you have a blank key that is matched to your vehicle it is possible to receive the replacement key much quicker than dealers.

Many locksmiths for autos offer an on-the-go service, which means they will travel to your location. They ought to be able to cut keys for you and reprogram an auto key fob that is remote.

They must also erase the original key, rendering it useless if the key falls into the incorrect hands. Keys and locks that are damaged can be fixed in many cases.

Service for breakdowns of vehicles

You can also contact your breakdown assistance. But, you might be faced with a long waiting time or discover that they don’t have proper car key cutting equipment.

It’s probably quicker than calling an auto locksmith from the beginning.


The local garage is an your first stop However, it’s a matter of luck if they’re equipped with the appropriate equipment. It is possible to be charged for the use of all diagnostic programs.

What information do I require to obtain a new key?

Usually , you’ll require:

A document of ID that could include a driving license
The model and make of your car.
Your car’s identification number (VIN)
Your V5C logbook that proves you own the vehicle.

What should I do if I’ve left my keys inside my car?

If you’re not a fan of the idea of stealing your vehicle then you can phone your breakdown company If you’ve got breakdown insurance.

Depending on the amount of people they have to see depending on how busy they are, you could have some waiting until they reach you. Try to get them to open the car and retrieve the keys. If they aren’t able to get the keys, they’ll probably contact locksmiths, however you might require a fee yourself.

Can I claim my auto insurance for new keys?

Some insurance companies for cars may offer cover for keys replacement in their policies. Others may have key protection for car keys as an extra option.

Examine your policy’s documents to determine what’s included. If you’re unable to locate the documents, don’t fret. You’ll be able to get your car insurance papers in a short time.

There might be limitations on the types of coverage that are offered. For instance, there might be an excess that you have to pay or coverage may only be available for specific kinds of insurance.

Contact your insurance provider to discuss you can do.

How to protect yourself from keys to your car being lost

Get a key finder

If you don’t want get your keys back You can make use of fobs for key finding. If you’re unable to locate your keys, you can use connecting the app turn on the fob. It will sound to inform you where to find the keys.

Cut an extra car key

If you’re still holding the original key, it could be worthwhile to cut the spare car key. The key cutter at your local store might specialize in keys for cars and it’s worth checking them out first.

The cost you’ll pay for a spare is contingent on how sophisticated you’d like to make it.

If you’re looking for a simple key with no remote capability It should be cheap. However, if you’re looking for the exact copy of your key, complete with every bell and whistle it could be more costly.

It’s a good idea to think about your options before making a final decision.