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Home » Met Office Warns Of 39°C Highs As Another Heatwave Hits Europe

Met Office Warns Of 39°C Highs As Another Heatwave Hits Europe

If you are heading to Europe on holiday this week, be prepared for another heatwave with highs of 39°C. The Met Office is warning that holidaymakers should be aware of “some very hot weather” as a heatwave builds across parts of the Continent

Temperatures could reach 38°C in Madrid, 36°C in Rome and 29°C in Lisbon by Saturday, and the weather pattern is set to influence in Wales and the rest of the UK next week as another heatwave here is forecast.

The high pressure from the Azores over the weekend and next week is set to bring more dry, settled weather to Wales. The sunshine is set to bring rising temperatures. with highs of 28°C in Cardiff.

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Of the heatwave in Europe, the Met Office says: “Fresher weather will move into parts of the northwest for a time, but the heat will continue across the south.”

In France, five areas in the south of the country have been put on an ‘orange alert’ as temperatures soar again to potentially record-breaking levels.

Holiday hotspots in mainland Spain, Ibiza and Majorca are looking at temperatures of around 36-38°C. Meanwhile, Gran Canaria is expected to see temperatures of up to 40°C on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here are the temperatures being predicted:






Warnings have also been activated in 15 regions of Spain, after the country saw the start of its third heatwave this summer on Sunday (July 31).

According to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), thermometers will exceed 40°C in the valleys of Guadalquivir, Guadiana and Tagus.

An orange warning, which predicts a significant risk to those taking part in outdoor activities – is in place for 15 provinces including Gran Canaria, Seville, and Jaen – two of which may actually top 42°C on Wednesday.

In France, places at risk of flames erupting are told to be vigilant and people are also banned from lighting fires anywhere near dense forests or areas where mass vegetation grows.

As part of its existing travel advice, the Foreign Office has already been warning holidaymakers of the risk of forest fires in Spain resulting from high temperatures.

Its advice reads: “There is currently a heightened risk of forest fires due to exceptionally high temperatures in Spain. Take care when visiting or driving through woodland areas. Access to some areas such as natural parks and nature reserves may be limited or closed as a result. “

Temperatures will begin to cool again by the middle of the month according to forecasters.

Welsh forecaster Derek Brockway says there is “potential” for another heatwave next week as the weather from the Azores moves towards the UK..

He added: “At least three days in a row with daily maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding 25°C. 26°C in southeast.”

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