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Pros & Cons of a Polygraph Test

In the present, there is the rising number of frauds whistle-blowers, frauds, theft of corporate secrets, industrial or product sabotage, and numerous other legitimate motives. Detecting lies is an essential factor when hiring someone in positions of trust.

Additionally, it’s a great tool for immigration, customs officials as well as law enforcement agencies. Even in states that lie detector reports might not be accepted as evidence however, they can be useful during the initial phases of integration. Because it’s a method to determine whether a person being detained is worthy of an investigation or if they are reasonably confident of the fact that the person in question is innocent thus further interrogation and an in-depth investigation is necessary. This method is in the process of becoming is likely to become a standard routine because of the ever-changing techniques used to determine the truth.

For many years, we have conducted “polygraph tests” since it has been tested and tested over the years. However, the truth is that it relies heavily on the expertise and experience that the examiner has. Our examiner has worked successful over the years in establishing truth, even in the most complex cases of an ex-president who was corrupt as well as arson incidents during a cruise around the world and many other instances that led to the identification of an individual’s guilt or innocence. The secret lies not in the equipment, but rather the well phrased questions given to the test subject during the examination.

A case that was widely covered was case was that of “Colin Stag” who was subject to a thorough police investigation regarding his involvement in the suspected murder of the television star Rachel Nickell. Due to police announcements, as well as the investigation by the media’s own journalists the man was being accused of guilt before the trial even began. fair trial. He was determined be able to show his innocence. He was in agreement with the “News of the World” that he should take the polygraph test. The newspaper then contacted We. Colin Stag with the ‘News of the World’ reporter travelled to We Office at Mayfair, London. Our highly experienced polygraph examiner took the test of Colin Stag, that consisted of 60 questions. The test concluded that Mr. Stagg DIDN’T NOT MISS Rachel Nickell.

On August 23, 1993 Colin Stag is charged with murder in the case of Rachel Nickell. In his trial in September 1994 the judge of the case, Mr. Justice Ognall, condemned a police undercover operation where the female officer exchanged series of pornographic emails with Stagg. The case of defence for Colin Stage was never heard in the courtroom, due to a legal issues, and the judge dismissed the case against the defendant.

In UK law, a person can’t be accused of the same crime in a different manner. even though the case was dismissed on legal grounds because he was not in the position have a fair trial before jurors, many doubted his innocence as well as the validity of the findings from the We lie detection test.

In November 2007, fifteen years later, we claimed of Colin Stage was innocent was completely justifiable. The late Robert Napper was charged with murder in the death of Rachel Nickell and was ultimately found guilty because of his confession and the reliable DNA tests. The legal system did not work for Colin Stage, as he was unfairly judged and held for 13 months, awaiting his trial. Upon finding obvious that he was innocent, he received compensation of PS706,000 by the UK Government.

We acknowledge that the polygraph as well as other lie detection methods may never be completely accurate. Based on the examples provided we believe they can be a useful tool for the earlier interrogation of suspects. If the person passes the test, is not likely to be completely eliminated at this time and the investigator could reduce time and cost by pursuing investigations that are related to potential suspects.

Additionally, lie detection is used to ensure the hiring of employees who are in the position of trust as well as for employees who are currently employed by firms to undergo a test as part of an annual ‘trust policy’. This test for detecting lies does more than protect the business however, it also works to the interest of the employees who consent to the test, since the company is aware of the loyalty of employees. This enhances the employee’s long-term job stability, and frequently opens up the chances of promotion.

We have an open mind regarding the various methods of Lie Detection and we remain abreast of the most recent technology, participate in intensive discussions with creators and test the technology through our own test. We believe that the different situations related to the needs of a customer and requirements, mean that certain solutions will work better than other systems.

We provide a customized service for our customers by assessing the goals that the client would like to attain, taking into the probability of those who are willing to take part in an examination, the amount of tests needed in a specific time period and the general situation of the undertaking. In this way, we will suggest the most effective method and offer the expert lie detection service that the client can count on.

We are currently using four lie detection techniques that can be used according to the kind of system described, the test could be conducted on people willing to consent, or even secretly without their knowledge.

Polygraph (requires an experienced examiner ), every test that includes a pre-interview could take up to one or more hours and requires attachments of the device to the test subject. The test is suggested for suspects who are closely linked to any crime or intent to prove their innocence. This method permits the examiner to re-readjust the questions he was anticipating and planned, after a response to the answers to earlier questions by the individual taking the test. This gives the examiner complete freedom to determine what is true.)
Tested Automated Screening Technique (a rapid 20 minute test with a high rate of success with no examiner required, the test subject responds to a pre-written questionnaire that is displayed on screen, this test requires attachments of the device for the person being tested. It is perfect for screening large numbers of people and/or for reducing the number of suspects that can take a more diverse tests for polygraphs.)
Eye Analysis (subject is able to answer a screen, with no devices attached to subject. Another test that is quick, using pre-programmed questions which subjects read and responds on an LCD screen)
Expressions of the Face (can can be carried out with the subject’s consent, or secretly, as can be examined in real time or via audio-only video recordings which is perfect for an vetting procedure, at the beginning stages of the basic questions)

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The other advantage of the use of We to provide your Lie Detection services is that we’re your single-source of assistance should any current security measures or investigations are needed as a result of information obtained from a Lie Detection test and analysis .