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When should you upgrade your clutch?

The primary purpose behind upgrading the gear is replacing the stock one that isn’t able to handle the amount of torque that the vehicle produces. It is generally dependent on the car and the driver because a heavy-duty however, a less powerful engine wears its clutch more quickly than a powerful engine operated with a gentle touch. The wear on the clutch could be as severe as it slipping out of control under pressure and it could also happen when you’re using the full force for short durations, such as drifting, drag racing or when you are driving at a high speed.

The standard clutches are made to make sure that even the least skilled driver can operate the vehicle easily. However, the result is a shorter lifespan and the inability to handle more power. For instance, many supercars struggle to propel themselves for more than a couple of times without damaging the clutch due to this reason. However, if the manufacturer put in a clutch that was able to be able to handle the power in extreme conditions, it would be difficult for the majority of owners to operate.

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What exactly is a clutch? And what are its functions?

In simple terms it is the part that connects the engine with the transmission in order to drive the wheels. It operates by using the friction disc (connected with the gearbox) which is pressurized by a spring pressure plate against the flywheel (which is linked with the motor) to transfer power to the other. The clutch is disengaged by pushing the pedal splits the friction discs from the flywheel, thereby breaking that connection between the gearbox and engine. This permits you to switch gears or completely stop the engine running , but not delivering drive to the wheels.

Clutch guides Clutch guide: Do they all share identical in layout?

The majority of automotive clutches employ the same basic principle: some type of friction disc that is spinning that is clamped to a flywheel using an pressure plate that transfers energy. However, the kinds of friction materials, the dimensions and shape of the discs, along with the amount of discs utilized in any platform or use can differ.

The clutch that came with the car is sufficient for most cars however, once you start to boost power – or more precisely, torque – you’ll require the use of a more powerful pressure plate, as well as more durable and tough friction materials.

Helix offers a range of different enhancements, ranging from moderate kits that offer good street-driveability as well as full race kits that have multiple friction plates that are required to handle the massive toque load and aggressive racing. However, they less focused on day-to-day driving needs.

What is the material of clutches?

The pressure plates on the outside typically have a sprung-metal structure and the clutch friction discs themselves use different friction materials based on the purpose and power handling. The most commonly used materials are classified as follows:


The material is smooth, durable, and usually quieter and more comfortable to mat with the opposite surface. Organic materials are popular, however they can be a problem in high-performance environments due to their insensitivity to heat and their less durable.


Similar clamping capabilities as organic materials, but with the same smooth operation, but it is able to stand up to heat and pressure much better when coupled to a highly-rated pressure plate.


With the highest friction coefficient The ceramic material gives more grip, that’s why you may not require as much force to clamp. However, the flip side is that ceramic materials wear down the flywheel’s surface and can result in an increase in vibration and shudder. It is generally used for competition and situations where you’re significantly raising the power output.

Clutch Guide What makes aftermarket clutches differ from OEM clutches?

The OEM kits for clutches are created to function with your vehicle’s engine power and are likely to fail when you increase the power significantly by tweaking. Performance clutches (like Helix’s) Helix makes) are available in a variety of ratings that can operate at higher performance and torque levels that means, regardless of your vehicle’s performance or style of driving there is an appropriate clutch for you.

Additionally, many performance clutches weigh less than standard (especially when used with a flywheel that is lightweight) that means there is there is less mass to rotate for the engine which results in a lower revving and less transmission loss.

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What, or when should you upgrade your clutch?

It’s worth to upgrade your clutch if you plan to make a significant increase in torque and power like boost increases, re-mapping or engine modifications – because this puts more stress on the entire drivetrain and wear out a standard clutch faster. This is the time to get the performance clutch.

The options you have will be contingent on the level of power upgrade as well as your the purpose of your use.

What is the most important thing to do? find the correct clutch?

In addition to ensuring you buy an appropriate clutch for the transmission you are using, you should think about the power and torque you are using and your style of driving and the way you plan to make use of the vehicle. There’s no need to be purchasing the most powerful clutch in the event that you’re not going to be able to justify it. However, over-specifying your clutch could result in it wearing out before it’s suitable for the job.

Also, take into consideration that pedal weight and modulation ease is also an issue for those who want to take your vehicle on the streets or wish it to perform well and operate in traffic. On the other hand, for racing, a hefty and snatchy clutch will not be much of a problem , as long as it’s able to handle the repeated abuse and hard-launch begins. The best way to go is talk to a professional such as Helix who can discuss your needs and recommend an upgrade that is suitable for you.