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7 Considerations Of Refinishing A Wooden Floor

The process of refinishing the hardwood floor could be less expensive and easier than you imagine. It’s because unlocking a dull floor’s hidden beauty does not always require messy sanding or staining, particularly if they aren’t damaged. To choose the best option that is suitable for your home Here are seven factors to think about prior to renewing or refinishing hardwood flooring.

Are your wood Floors dull as dirt?

It’s no surprise that dust and dirt cause floors to appear dull. However, you might be shocked to find out that when they’re tracked, both cause superficial scratches that dull the floor. It is good to know that restoring stained wooden floors that have lost their shine is quite simple.
Cleansing Deeply is Simple as Two-Two-Three

A thorough clean can bring back your floor’s old sparkle. Here’s how to go about it:

Start by thoroughly sweeping floors using the soft bristle broom. In case you don’t know that bristles with stiff bristles may scratch wood’s surface.
Then, you can use vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt that is difficult to reach in corners of rooms and in between floors.

After that, wipe the floor using micro-cloths and concentrated cleaner for floors made of hardwood. Method Squirt and Mop as well as Bona’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner, are two great options. Be aware of steam or water as well as cleaners which produce suds or bubbles are not recommended to clean floors made of wood.

Hardwood floors in areas with high traffic in your home could require a thorough cleaning by a flooring expert. Professionals in this field typically employ an scrubbing machine that is designed to take off dirt that has been embedded.

After thoroughly cleaning of your flooring, you need to know the steps you should take to ensure they remain in good condition:

Cleanse your surfaces three times per week with a vacuum cleaner or micro-cloth.
Clean your floors once a month with an effective wood floor cleaner.
Professionally deep cleaned each year.

Create a new finish at home without Sanding

If deep cleaning did not restore the luster of your wood flooring then you can provide it with a new finish without staining or sanding by using one of these products:

Rust-Oleum Wood Floor Transformations Kit It contains everything you need to apply a new semi-glossy and semi-glossy polyurethane finish, altering the color of your floor. After application, it takes between 24 and 28 hours for drying, and 7 to 14 days to cure. This product does not work with wood floors with wax.
Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver It is designed to repair the wood floor’s polyurethane finish. The high-gloss finish will last for up to 6 months.
The Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer: This product was created to revive older hardwood floors that were sealed. It’s available in glossy and satin finish.

Another thing to consider is that these kinds of products which were designed to refresh floors without sanding, have an extremely thick consistency that can make light scratches disappear and soften minor scratches and dings.

Refinishing is the best Choice

Unfortunately some hardwood floors require more than solutions. Floors that are dry and grimy with big gaps and large scratches could require to be refinished.

The task at hand is a long and labor-intensive procedure. Do you plan to do it yourself? You must be aware of each procedure: Patching, sanding staining, top coats can take up to a week to finish if you’re refinishing under 500 square feet.

Repairing those Gaps! Gaps

Filling the trowel after sanding is the most efficient method of repairing deep dings, gashes, and gaps in refinishing your flooring. If done at the wrong time of the year the result won’t last long. repair.

Why? In simple terms, wood expands in winter and then expands during the summer.

If you fill in the spaces between floorboards during dry and cold the flooring material is typically squeezed out in hot temperatures. This is why it’s better to fill the floors when humidity is at its highest during summer.

But trowel filling may not be an ideal solution, particularly in the case of small gaps where filler could easily be loosened. What can you do? Make sure to fill in larger gaps. Leave the smaller gaps unpatched. to allow for wood expansion.

What You Should Know about dark Floor Stains

If you are considering refinishing your wooden floors the most enjoyable part is selecting the right stain color, such as deep Mahogany or dark Oak Both are highly sought-after. While you might think that darker hues could hide dirt, they make dust particles appear more obvious.

Get in touch with Floor Sanding Experts for professional wood floor sanding today.

Satin Or Glossy?

The look of glossy floors is stunning however satin floors are increasing in popularity, particularly for families with children. The primary reason is that, when in comparison to their shiny counterparts they are more difficult to put on the satin finish.

Here are a few additional flooring finishing tips:

The floors that are sprayed with wax aren’t just super slippery, they are also not as long-lasting as an urethane-based coating.
Water-based polyurethane finish are low in VOC that means they’re not as sour or hazardous to breathe in like their oil-based counterparts.