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Advantages of Timber Over Steel & Brick

The timber industry has used the material for centuries for the construction of furniture, homes as well as many other essential timber products. Even today, timber remains the most popular material used by several construction firms.

Some of the advantages of using wood over bricks and steel are:

Timber is an organic product There are many advantages of using wood, one of the only natural building materials available. It doesn’t release toxic fumes to a building it is usually non-toxic and safe to use. Additionally, the process of aging of wood is entirely organic, and the color of the wood actually changing as time passes.

Eco-friendly and sustainable – unlike bricks and steel it is an environmentally friendly construction material. The main policy of the majority of producers of timber is to produce more timber that is cut down, which means the timber supply will be always available in the event that the trees that are being planted replace the ones which have been cut down.

The energy required for production is very low, only a small amount of energy is required for the production of wood for construction from the trees that are cut down. Actually the energy required to manufacture timber products for use in construction is the smallest, when compared with the energy needed to make brick and steel.

Excellent insulation. Since it is a natural material with insulation properties It is ideal for flooring as well as windows, and doors. Timber frames also offer more insulation space than buildings made of other materials. The timber homes use less energy to cool and heating, meaning that less fossil fuels are utilized.

It is easy to work with and due to the multi-faceted material it is wood can be used in numerous ways. Since it’s lighter than brick or steel, the installation of timber is simple, requiring the use of a simple tool. This also reduces the energy needed for construction.

It is durable and easy to maintain Timber is extremely resilient and proof of this is the numerous timber structures built from it that survived for many centuries. In comparison to brick and steel it is simple and cheap to maintain.

Build time is quick – build time is dramatically faster with timber because the frame is cut or modulated, and then built prior to being put up on the construction site. This isn’t possible with bricks or steel. There is also less construction debris to clean away when building with timber that saves both time and cash for residential and commercial property owners.

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