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Cost-Effective Student Accommodation In Leicester

As someone who lived within the urban area for almost four years while studying and now, I’ve been in different forms of housing and am an experienced landlord. If you’re trying to decide between private accommodations and student housing – an especially important option for postgraduate students – keep reading to learn about the pros and cons I’ve found out throughout the time. This is the beginning of two-part series in which I examine these two kinds of housing. This segment focuses on advantages and disadvantages that private homes offer.

Private Housing Pros

You might have more of a personal space

Student accommodation rooms tend to be tiny and cramped. I’m going to say this isn’t always the case however. The small rooms in halls are equipped with plenty of storage space, whereas in a home that is private, there may be greater floor space, but only two small cabinets.

You are able to choose the one you like

The range of privately-rented flats and houses is far greater. If you search long enough, you’re likely to find something that will satisfy almost all of your desires.

You can select the address

Benefiting from choice, you are able to search for a house anyplace within Leicester London and student accommodation are restricted to a tiny amount of cities. If you decide to stay in student housing however, you may be required to leave being close to your universities if you wish to get a fair price.

You’ll have fewer roommates

It all is contingent on what you’re looking for. From my personal experience and those of my friends it’s more typical to live in a house with just three or four other people. You are likely to share a bathroom and kitchen with five or more other people in student accommodations.

You are free to make your own rules

There is a higher degree of independence in private student accommodation Leicester as compared to student residences. Particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic, when certain guidelines had to be observed beyond general health guidelines.
Private Housing Cons

It could be more costly.

The student housing which LSE offers are located in central Leicester areas at a reasonable price , where rents could be exorbitant. It is also essential to consider the other costs associated with private housing like electricity, gas and Wi-Fi. These aren’t normally included in rent prices.

You may not be able to locate something in central Leicester

Renting is extremely cost-effective and competitive, especially located in Central Leicester. Although you may locate something for sale at a reasonable price, the property could be in a very poor state. Being on the fringes of Leicester means you’ll need to consider longer commute times as well as the pricey nature of public transportation.

It can be stressful to search for a home.

This is connected to the previous paragraph. The market is extremely competitive and it moves extremely fast. Most often, offers must be made in the night and the deposit paid on the following day.

It can be difficult to find roommates.

Moving to a new place is likely to mean that you don’t have anyone in the city yet. However, there are many resources to help you with this. My best tip is to join communities of Facebook or WhatsApp in which other students are searching for roommates, too.

In the final analysis, there are certain trade-offs that you need to make. I hope that these tips will give you a fair view of all the options. Everyone has their own preferences about aspects, so if you aren’t sure, take some look at all the benefits and drawbacks, and rate them. Based on this, you’ll be able to determine where the majority of your points are.