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Finding the Perfect Nottingham Halls: How to Choose Your Ideal Accommodation

Choosing the right University of Nottingham accommodation is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new student. Your university accommodation will be your home away from home during your studies, so you’ll want to make sure you select the best option for your needs and preferences. With over 7,000 University of Nottingham accommodation rooms across a range of halls and houses, there’s lots of choice but also lots to consider. This article will walk you through the key factors to think about when looking for your ideal University of Nottingham accommodation.


Arguably the most important factor when selecting your University of Nottingham accommodation is location. With multiple campuses across Nottingham, you’ll first want to decide whether you want to be based at University Park Campus, Jubilee Campus, Sutton Bonington Campus or King’s Meadow Campus.

University Park Campus is the main university campus located just over 2 miles away from Nottingham city centre. It is home to the majority of academic departments and also has the best range of shops, cafes and social spaces onsite. Jubilee Campus is based around 1.5 miles from the city centre and is known for its modern architecture and lake. It is home to several academic departments and has the most University of Nottingham accommodation options. Sutton Bonington Campus houses the veterinary school and biosciences departments and has a more rural, peaceful setting. King’s Meadow Campus is home to the School of Education and best suited to postgraduate students.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred campus, take into account how close your potential University of Nottingham accommodation is to your lectures, labs and the campus facilities you’ll use. Living within a 15 minute walk from your department means you can easily get to lectures without needing transport. Also consider whether you’d prefer to live closer to or further away from the hustle and bustle of campus.

Accommodation type

There are several different types of University of Nottingham accommodation to choose from:

  • Halls of residence – Shared student houses with communal kitchens. Some are catered with meals provided, others are self-catered. Halls are a great way to meet people.
  • Student villages – Self-contained flats for between 4-6 students, with shared kitchen and lounge areas. A good option if you want to live with a smaller group.
  • Private housing – University of Nottingham accommodation owned by the university but more independent than halls. Includes studios, houses and flats.
  • Off campus – Private accommodation not owned by the university, such as shared student houses. More independent but less community.

Consider what type of environment you’d prefer. Halls offer a ready-made student community and require the least effort, while private housing allows more independence. Your budget may also dictate what accommodation type is affordable.

Facilities and amenities

Look at what facilities are offered at each University of Nottingham accommodation option. Some key things to look for include:

  • Ensuite bathrooms – Having your own private bathroom is a huge plus.
  • Kitchen facilities – Check if kitchens are shared or self-contained. Are appliances and utensils included?
  • Common areas – Shared lounges, study spaces, games rooms and laundries create a community.
  • Cleaning – Is any cleaning service offered or is it all self-maintained?
  • Internet – High speed broadband will be essential for your studies, so check it’s provided.
  • Security – Look for secure access, onsite security staff and CCTV for peace of mind.
  • Storage – Lots of storage for clothes, books and more is always handy.
  • Parking – If you have a car, check parking is available.

Also consider any extra facilities that matter to you, such as gyms, outdoor space or utilities like bike storage.


The cost of your accommodation will be a key factor in your decision. Halls of residence owned by the University of Nottingham offer affordable rates, while private housing tends to cost more. Look at the overall cost including bills, internet etc. to get a fair comparison. If budget is a concern, aim for an accommodation type with fewer en-suite rooms to keep costs down. University of Nottingham accommodation rents are usually set for the full academic year, so your budget will need to cover this.

If you anticipate needing financial support, the University of Nottingham accommodation team can provide advice on loans, bursaries and scholarships that may be available to help fund your accommodation.

Contracts and deposits

When applying for University of Nottingham accommodation, pay close attention to the terms of any contracts. Halls of residence places normally involve a contract for the full academic year – so you need to be sure the accommodation will suit you for that time period. Some University of Nottingham accommodation may request a deposit to secure your place which is reimbursed at the end of your stay if no damage is caused.

Find out when University of Nottingham accommodation contracts begin and end so you can coordinate this with your course dates. Be aware of any penalties if you need to leave the contract early. Make sure to thoroughly read and understand the contract before signing anything.

University support

One of the benefits of University of Nottingham accommodation is the additional support available to students. Many University of Nottingham accommodation options have on-site staff such as wardens and security who can help with any issues. Support staff can provide assistance with maintenance, cleaning, pastoral care and general community management.

Having access to university support networks right from your doorstep can provide great peace of mind. It’s worth finding out what the arrangements are for support staff in any accommodation you are considering.

Social experience

For many students, forging new friendships and enjoying new social experiences are a key part of university life. When weighing up University of Nottingham accommodation choices, think about how each option might impact your social experience. Halls of residence make it easy to meet fellow students, with communal areas that bring people together. However, some private housing options promote more independence and privacy.

If you’re hoping to embrace university social life, halls or other shared accommodation are great choices. For a more private, quiet experience you might prefer self-contained alternatives. Think about what you want from your University of Nottingham accommodation in terms of combining your social experience with your studies.


Sustainability is an increasing priority across all University of Nottingham campuses and accommodation. Look for University of Nottingham accommodation with energy efficient design such as good insulation, LED lighting and appliances with high energy ratings. Many halls now have initiatives like recycling bins and schemes to reduce food waste.

Choosing eco-friendly accommodation will benefit both the environment and potentially your energy bills. The University of Nottingham accommodation team can advise on which options have the best sustainability credentials to help the planet and your budget.

Making your choice

Weighing up the pros and cons of various options is key when making your University of Nottingham accommodation decision. From location to facilities to cost, there are lots of factors to assess. Think carefully about your priorities such as study needs, budget and your ideal community environment.

Take advantage of University of Nottingham accommodation open days and tours to get a sense of each option first-hand. Current students can also give you valuable insight into the reality of living at different halls and houses. Consider your choices carefully then submit your application as early as possible, as demand is always high for University of Nottingham accommodation.

With thousands of rooms across Nottingham campuses, finding your perfect University of Nottingham accommodation is about selecting the right option for your needs. Following the guidance above will help ensure you make the accommodation choice that is right for you and set you up for a comfortable, enjoyable university experience.