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Reasons to Choose Spray Paint and Not a Brush For uPVC

For the majority of paint-related DIY tasks applying the finishing paint is the most important step. It not only leaves the object in the correct shade and ensures the painting is properly secured. However, it is impossible to beat a top quality spray painter. It’s not just quick and secure to use, but it’s very simple to use.

This being said there are numerous other benefits of spray paint that you can benefit from compared to using traditional paintbrushes:

1. Faster Paints

Spray painting is much more efficient than using a paintbrush. For instance painting large objects such as a garden shed an open-top cabinet could require several hours.

If you’re using a spray gun it’ll take 3 to 5 hours to get the task completed. This amounts to a significant time savings of over one day. Overall, it’s much more effective and efficient.

2. A safer activity

If you are using paintbrushes, you have to be at an angle when you work. This could put the risk of injury to yourself, including backaches or neck strain. In addition, if you’re using a sprayer, it is possible to stand straight. This will assist you in avoiding accidents with the paint gun, and keep yourself from sustaining unnecessary injuries. Therefore, you must take into consideration this if you’re doing something that requires painting.

3. Higher Quality

The use of a paintbrush could create marks and marks. This could seriously affect the final look of the painting which can leave you feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. In contrast using the sprayer method it will give you an even and consistent final look. This implies that you can have a better finish using a paint sprayer.

4. Streak-Free

Spray painting is much more aesthetically pleasing than using a brush. If, for instance, you’re painting something flat, like an open door or cabinet, painting the task with a paint sprayer can provide a more professional appearance than brush.

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5. It is easier to clean

After you have used a spray gun then you just need to wipe it off with paper towels after which it is ready to use. But, you are unable to accomplish this using the paintbrush. You might be able to wash the brushes for a short time however, after a while the brush will begin to deteriorate enough to the point that you’ll have to replace it.

6. Costs Less

It’s cheaper to buy a paint sprayer than a traditional brush. But, you’ll need to spend more for a high-quality spray gun. They last an extremely long time, which makes them more affordable over time.


In the end having a top quality paint sprayer is one the most efficient methods to get the next painting task completed. If you do it at your home or in the workshop you will be able to finish the painting job you want completed within a short time even if have any knowledge. If you’re trying to create a professional-looking finish all you have to do is purchase the best paint sprayer.