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Home » The Finer Things in Game Night: How High-End Games Elevate Your Decor

The Finer Things in Game Night: How High-End Games Elevate Your Decor

With board games continuing to rise in popularity, there are now more high-end, luxury options available that can double as home decor. Investing in these more expensive games offers several advantages beyond just gameplay. Here are the top reasons to consider luxury board games as part of your home’s decor.

Show Off Your Style:
Luxury board games allow you to make a statement and show off your sense of style. Games from brands like Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie feature ornate artwork, sophisticated materials like leather and wood, and eye-catching sculptural game pieces. Displaying them is an easy way to demonstrate your tastes and interests through decor.

Quality Craftsmanship:
Many luxury board games are carefully crafted with fine materials and attention to detail. Game boards may be made of Italian wood veneers or the game pieces could be carved from semi-precious stones. This craftsmanship ensures the games will last for years while also elevating their visual appeal. The quality provides value beyond just the gameplay.

Spark Conversation:
When guests come over, a beautifully designed luxury game displayed on your shelf or table is sure to draw attention and curiosity. These games can spark conversation about your hobbies and interests and make for a natural segue into playing a round. They are built-in talking points and ice breakers.

Provide a Tactile Experience:
Mass-produced games often have flimsy boards and cheap game pieces. Luxury games provide a richer, more tactile experience with every component carefully conceived. Weighty game pieces satisfyingly clink together and thick game boards have a smooth finish. This creates a multi-sensory experience that immerses you in the gameplay.

Give As Gifts:
For the board game lover in your life, a luxury game makes a special gift they are unlikely to purchase for themselves. The recipient will appreciate both the gameplay experience and the chance to display the beautiful components as part of their home decor. Luxury games provide value beyond just a standard game night.

Support Artisans:
Many luxury board games are produced in small batches by artisans. The art, design, and manufacturing often happens locally rather than in a large factory. Investing in these games supports small businesses and skilled craftspeople. You get a work of art while also helping artists earn a living.

Showcase Favorite Franchises:
Big franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars have licensed high-end collector’s edition games. Game boards might be printed with beautiful artwork or intricate game piece sculpts bring key characters to life. Displaying these special games lets you surround yourself with the fictional worlds you love.

Distinct From Mass Market Games:
Luxury board games provide an elevated alternative to conventional mass-produced games. They use premium materials and streamlined designs to provide a sophisticated stake on the board game experience. Investing in these specialty games can make game night feel more refined.

Deliver Playful Nostalgia:
Classic wooden games like Chess, Backgammon, and Mahjong evoke nostalgia for generations of players. Luxury editions crafted with care provide a new way to experience these timeless games. They add a sense of history and playfulness to a space.

Investing in luxury board games requires a higher upfront cost. But the benefits for your decor, sensory enjoyment, and entertainment over years of use can make it worth the price. Let your favorite games reflect your style while also creating lasting memories.