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The Popularity Of Malta Property Amongst Foreigners

Malta is among the most lively destinations in the Mediterranean and is situated just sufficient from Europe to afford a relaxing getaway, but yet near enough that you can fly there within a few hours. It’s also become an important business hub since it has an enviable property market, the long-term possibilities for growth in capital are extremely good – as you’ll find out in the following reasons for why purchasing an attractive home within Malta or Gozo is the next move.

Financial Stability

Malta has a stable financial situation in the current global recession. While most European countries faced serious difficulties with their home markets Maltese housing has been thriving. However our banks are among the best, not forgetting Standards & Poors recent reaffirmed credit rating, with a steady outlook.

Buyer’s Market

Malta is currently in an upswing in the market for buyers. This implies that prices are steady with plenty of excellent properties available. If there’s ever been the perfect time to buy property in Malta it is now the perfect time.


Maltese property is affordable according to European standards and the prices have seen an above-average increase in specific areas on the Islands. The growing international investment demand, along with the strong local market for real estate, is a sure sign that prices will rise.

Return on Investment

Certain regions within Malta have a high, above average returns on investment, specifically for those who plan to lease their home during their absence from Malta. Foreigners can lease properties purchased in these Special Designated Areas or certain regions can earn the highest return on investment, which is between 4% and 6.5 percent
Malta Lifestyle

Malta is a place that straddles peaceful village life and city life. There’s an ideal blend of the two here. It’s a fantastic mix of stylish european-style café culture traditional rural outposts and beautiful beaches that are paradise for the soul. Malta is also home to many of the best restaurants ranging from Mediterranean cuisine to Japanese. If you’re ever considering which place to settle in Malta It is important to conduct your study.


Malta isn’t afflicted by the lack of investments in public services. It has state-of-the-art hospitals as well as a reputable port and airport. It also has a great public transport system and some of the fastest internet available in Europe. There are frequent flights between and to most European countries each day of the week. In other words, it may be geographically isolated, however, it’s not being isolated on other levels!


If you’re looking for an apartment with a beachfront view or a townhouse that dates back to the 1800s or a penthouse in a high-rise duplex or a villa that has an infinity pool, you’ll discover them in Malta. Learn about the various property types guides before purchasing property in the Maltese islands, either to invest in or private use.

The Weather

There’s a popular myth that Malta does not get any rain. The fact that we have to make clear the fact that this is a myth only strengthens our case. Malta has sunny weather all throughout the year, with hot summers as well as warm winters. But you likely already know this!

Excellent, Reliable Service

When you’re looking to purchase a desirable property in Malta it is important to ensure you choose an agent that is knowledgeable and sensitive to your desires as well as has market knowledge and is knowledgeable about the requirements for foreigners purchasing or renting in Malta. If you don’t do this, it can cause you to be in debt due to poor planning or an incorrect calculation. Choose a real estate agency with a experience of helping clients stay clear of any potential pitfalls or unexpected costs.

It’s Malta!

Search for “Malta” on Google and you’ll see a multitude of articles and lists that highlight Malta being among the top destinations on earth to either live or visit. It doesn’t matter what, Malta has won it with the best beaches, lowest crime rate, best history and beautiful country, the best retirement spot The list is quite extensive.

It’s also easy to locate the items you’re searching for in Malta without having to wait. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy furniture at a local store you require a plumber, electrician, or a plasterer, or tile layer – there is many vendors in Malta which will suit everyone’s budget. It is also possible to import your furniture from Sicily which is can be done in a single day.

If you’re seriously considering to buy real estate for sale in Malta it is recommended you talk to an experienced real estate firm.