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The pros and cons of using a real estate agent in Crystal Palace

In times of economic hardship, most people are seeking to reduce cost of living in every way that they are able to. When you are buying or selling your home it is likely that you will be seeking the most lucrative prices you can find.

There is no doubt that you can sell or find an apartment on your own. But unless you’re able to make home buying or listing your property part-time work an agent may be able to connect your needs with the perfect buyer (or the perfect house for you if you’re trying to buy) significantly faster and with greater ease. In this week’s article, we’ve laid out the top five advantages that an estate agent can provide.

Higher chance of success of sale

The best interest of both parties

High street agents receive commissions upon the selling the property. For instance, they could receive 2% on the purchase price.

Multiple listing service

Any estate agent you employ you choose, they’ll be able to access more listing options than you on your own. This can increase exposure which could result in an earlier sale than if you did not have an agent.

Marketing strategies and experiences

Estate agents Crystal Palace are aware of the latest and best methods of marketing in the sale of houses.

Access to buyers

Realtors often assist sellers as well as buyers and therefore have access to a vast network of qualified buyers , and are likely to meet with buyers every day.

Your home’s design and style

An estate agent who is experienced will aid in highlighting the essential and distinctive features of your property that they are aware of what buyers in the neighborhood are searching for. They could highlight features that have been in use for a while or valid planning permissions for unfinished works, like an extension at the rear.

Local local knowledge

If you pick an estate agent in your area that specializes in your region they’ll know which properties are in the market as well as the ones that are being sold and who’s selling. A professional agent can use the knowledge and experience gained to show your home’s value for those who are who are most likely to purchase. It is the best interest of the agent to offer viewings to customers who are likely to make buying and willing to pay for the asking price or more.

No kinks or kinks in this chain

The middleman service that is provided by an agent for high-street sales that can reduce stress and the time it takes to sell. The majority of high street agents have sales staff to serve as the middleman following an offer has been accepted. This involves negotiating with the other chain members as well as any solicitors that are in between. A real estate agent online, is, however can’t contact the lawyer of the buyer at the negotiations phase and can cause delays in the process.

Peace of mind

Professionally organised processes

Many buyers and sellers would like their process to be professional to make the transaction as easy as it can be. Working with an experienced estate agent will ensure that both buyers and sellers at relaxed.

Protection against fraud

A professional on the high street will “vet” both sides and gain understanding of the level of seriousness the buyer is. Agents who are on the street tend to look into the background of potential buyers, as well as information about their history of viewing and will usually conduct accompanied inspections. An experienced agent will be at the forefront of the most recent guidelines and rules regarding the selling of properties, so that you can leave the tricky issues to experts.

They manage marketing as well as the watching

Selling your home in conjunction with your other obligations in your day can be a daunting and stressful job. When you employ agents for estates, they’ll handle the marketing and facilitate viewings on your behalf. It is, after all, an essential part of their task!

Potential problems to be identified

Expert real estate agents are able to identify and address issues that you might not have noticed on your own.
More likely to sell for the correct price

Professional negotiation

As we said earlier your estate agent is a qualified professional with many years of experience in the process of selling and meeting. They can therefore remove the emotional aspect of selling your home and offer an objective opinion on all aspects of the procedure, and also deal professionally with buyers.

Incentive to make a sale at a high price

The commission that your estate agent will earn upon selling your property is an amount equal to the price of sale.
Expertise in the field

Price guide

The estate agents are well-versed in the market conditions and they will advise you about when to take an offer, and the best time to increase your offer. There is no need to rely on word-of-mouth and other sources online or.

Access to professional networks

You can make use of the network of a real estate agent of industry experts like quantity surveyors or solicitors. This is useful when determining what improvements or repairs are worth the expense to highlight your home and increase the likelihood of a successful selling price.


The estate agent you choose to work with will assist you with the huge amount of paperwork that are required in selling your property. They can provide advice regarding what you need you need to know about.

No upfront cost

Commission fees are contingent upon the successful sale that you have made of the home. It is very unlikely to find a service for listing that does not require an upfront fee to advertise your home for sale.