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Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

There are a myriad of choices that you have to make when deciding to redesign or design an entire bathroom for your own home, what that you think will be the most enjoyable is selecting the tiles. They define the whole appearance and feel of your finished space, and is likely to appear as the initial thing that you will notice. Naturally the excitement of picking your tiles may be replaced by confusion in the light of the many options offered. Do you want to choose dark or light? Small or large? Matt or shiny? Modern and sleek or natural and textured? It’s enough to make joy turn into anxiety and stress about whether you’re making the right choice wisely.

Don’t worry! Today, I’m going to share nine suggestions for selecting the right tiles to make it simpler than ever before to decide the things you want to turn your dream bathroom.

Choose Your Wow-Factor Features

What do you think is the first thing that catches your attention when you step through your shower? Would it be a stunning shower enclosure? Maybe you could consider putting in your primary tile for this area. Do you want a freestanding roll-top tub? Select the best accent wall tile to be the backdrop. Perhaps it’s a gorgeous antique that you’re planning to repurpose as an island? Consider the tiles you’d like to choose to create your backsplash. If you choose early what the main focus of your bathroom will be at the beginning it is then possible choosing tiles that compliment and enhance your selected design.

Select a stand out tile

A great way to start picking the bathroom tiles is to select a style that you enjoy. Perhaps you’ve fallen head over heels with a particular pattern, bold color or a unique design. It will be your main tile in your room. It could be used to add a splash of colour to the walls or for a dramatic accent to your shower enclosure. The stand-out tile will then be used to decide the tiles you will use for accents (which will lead me to my next suggestion! ).

Think about your Accent Tiles

After you’ve selected your focal tile, you can think about two or three other tiles to complement the look of it. It is important to ensure that the matching tiles accomplish just that. Choosing too many striking bathroom tiles for a space will result in excessive focal points, therefore something simple, neutral or simply textured design will do the trick in this case, allowing your striking tile to stand out. The majority of our selections include several designs and patterns that complement each other beautifully to give you make a seamless appearance.

Choose Your Floor Tiles

If you’ve already selected the main tile for your room, you might think about using the floor tiles in your bathroom as a complement to the tiles. If you’ve decided to go for a more simple design for your walls, then the current trend is to give your bathroom an enchanting pattern-based floor. It is possible to create an eclectic look or go for something that is a bit more striking and create the appearance of real wood by using the wood-effect floor tiles to create an authentic rustic look or Scandi look.

Size of Tile Size as compared to Room Size

If the space is tiny (as most bathrooms are) it is possible to put off the use of large format tiles within the space. Pick tiles that match the dimensions of your space such as medium-sized tiles for a bathroom with a medium size as well as mosaics for tiny toilet.

Create your own tile layout with Tile Layout

Of course, choosing an uncomplicated tile does not mean it has to be boring! There are many designs which can be created using square or metro style tiles that have an interesting layout to bring something different to your design.

Add Texture

If you’re trying to create a spa feel for your bathroom, you might want to think about an inspired by nature tile. Stone effect tiles include slate, travertine and slate. natural stone tiles, and marble effect tiles can all provide a design that is at home in the natural world. Combine these textures with natural wood tones to create an energizing and relaxing finish.

Take into consideration the Feel Factor

Keep in mind that when you’re using tiles for the shower floor it is important to choose a tile that’s both comfortable on your feet and provides enough grip to ensure you won’t get slammed about. Utilizing small mosaic or tile tiles is recommended as the grout lines added to them will increase the resistance to slippage without causing discomfort to your feet. If you’re planning to create the appearance of a wet area We have a wide range of tiles that can be used for wet-room flooring, too.

Take a look at the practicality of finishing

It’s a fact that a tile with a smooth surface is always easier to wash. It is possible that water has more of tendency to settle on high-end embossed tiles and natural tiles that have crevices and dips, pebble tiles, and so on Be aware that you might have to be a little more persistent about your routine of cleaning. When selecting your tiles, think about whether you’re willing to ensure that you keep your tiles in good condition for the duration that your bathroom.