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What Are Quartzite Qorktops?

Are you searching for a kitchen countertop that looks amazing, and will make your kitchen an enjoyable place to spend time in? It also stands up to all the challenges that the most bustling space in your home can throw at it?

Take a glance at the quartzite. It’s a pure natural stone, mined from quarries all over the world and brought to the UK for use in the wide range of kitchen countertops available here.

This quartzite worktop guide walks you through the qualities that make quartzite so unique as well as its benefits and disadvantages.

Natural stone worktops

Natural stones are always sought-after to give a look that comes directly from nature, instead of a factory. We’re extremely excited about manufactured stones like quartz and ceramics (not meant to confuse with quartzite) There is an undisputed fact that the distinctiveness of each natural stone worktop creates a unique aesthetic. It’s why you should choose between quartzite, granite and marble.

Marble is something we’ve all come across from many different places such as grand structures and statues. It’s always stunning and usually has veining, which adds elegance. However, there’s the reason why artists choose marble to create their works of art. It’s extremely soft and simple to work with and almost any form. In the kitchen, it’s vulnerable to chipping and staining.

Granite too is completely natural and comes in a range of colors. It is stronger, more durable and stain-resistant than marble. It always appears unique and has its distinctive look resulting from the sparkling crystals that have been embedded into the stone’s surface. If this is a style you’re looking for, then granite’s most likely for you.

What if you’re looking for an unglamorous natural stone? It’s much more useful than marble as well as more polished than granite? Enter quartzite…

Quartzite Colours

The most sought-after quartzite comes with white shades or lighter greys. For a calming airy appearance, quartzite worktops with these lighter hues strikes the perfect tone of subtlety. There are more colors to choose from when pigmented minerals are found within the stone. You will find quartzite that has hints of pink, rosy gold cool blues, dark browns that are rusty, and darker greys that resemble black. These are the colors of nature, encased in your kitchen counter and ready to create a natural and natural feeling to your home.

Quartzite is also adaptable to an array of kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets and wall covers. If you prefer to go with a more natural appearance then you should consider wooden drawers and cabinets. Solid wood is always better than chips and veneers (at cost) as well as cherry and maple providing an element of luxury far beyond pine.

Oak is a wonderful middle ground that is either light or medium-toned. Dark oak is extremely traditional and is accompanied by the risk of looking old. It’s possible to maintain the classic look of wood flooring and maybe open brick walls. The effect overall is stunning.

If you opt for painted units, the simplest way is to make your color choice on the components of the quartzite. This can be done by echoing the color or selecting a different tone from a color wheel (remember that it’s the colors opposite each other that are the most effective). If you’re looking for a calm, neutral mix, you are able to add a splash of color with contemporary appliances and wall decor.

Patterns in Quartzite

When a quartzite block is removed from the quarry It is then removed and clean to expose an intricate pattern of swirling, long veins. They’re random which is completely natural and an attractive characteristic of quartzite. The flowing patterns offer an intriguing contrast to the smooth, hard stone. They’re the complete opposite of linear, machine-made patterns. A more appropriate comparison is marble, however, as we’ve already mentioned Quartzite is more durable and is more suitable for use in the kitchen.

When you look at a slab of quartzite, you’ll be able to tell if you are a fan of it. Do you like patterns that are subtlely different in comparison to the background colour? Do you desire more contrast? Do you prefer more or less swirls and veins? Whichever you prefer is, you can be sure that the same levels of flexibility can be found in almost all quartzite.

It is possible to have a small amount of stones from any retailer, which leaves you with only one option: to purchase without seeing them from a reputable supplier. If we do not have the quartzite stone you want available, we offer customers our wide selection of samples to consider. After choosing the stone that has the kind of patterning and color they prefer, we collaborate with top stone manufacturers to deliver slabs that match precisely what our clients are looking for.

How do you install a Quartzite Worktop

Installing quartzite is an expert task that requires expertise, knowledge and the proper tools. After the stone is chosen, the next step is to develop an accurate plan for the space in your kitchen in which it (or slabs) will be placed. The importance of a precise template cannot be overemphasized This is the reason we employ professional fitting professionals to create them.

Quartzite is extremely tough and requires precision cutting equipment by skilled experts who truly know the ropes. It is impossible to correct mistakes! Our team of workshop technicians are proficient in working with most difficult stones on the planet which includes quartzite. is completely reliable in cutting every curve straight edge, recess and straight edge with precision millimetrics.

The team continues to polish and polish the stone and then apply a single layer of sealant that protects against scratching and stains. It’s not something that can be taken lightly – it’s heavy, naturally and isn’t able to be dropped or tossed around. We load the slab for transportation from the our workshop to the customer, and then our team of fitters installs the worktop, making sure that it’s fitted in the way that was specified. The premises are only left after our customers are satisfied and we’ve cleaned the premises thoroughly and removed any packaging and materials.

It’s not a job to be done in a DIY manner, or by general builders or handymen who aren’t experienced in working with quartzite. Don’t believe anyone who claims they can do it , but they won’t!

Ten reasons to pick quartzite for your kitchen countertop

An all-natural item for your kitchen.
Each worktop is distinctive.
Beautiful and subtle designs
A smooth, lustrous surface
Extremely durable and hardwearing
Clean and easy to keep hygiene-conscious
Flexible for kitchen appliances and kitchen units.
Cut for drainers, sinks, taps and recesses
The choice of edges
The choice of matte or polished finishes

What are the drawbacks of quartzite?

The installation costs are more expensive than those for natural stone
Quartzite is a natural stone that requires sealing to prevent from staining
There are fewer colour options than engineered stones.
Prices are determined by how big the stone originally and the size of the stone before cutting