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Why now is a good time to get your boiler serviced

The process of having your boiler checked is one of those house tasks that are often ignored and delay, especially in the event that your boiler seems to be operating properly.

It’s vital to check your boiler’s maintenance every year and the month of September is the ideal time to do it since you’ll likely use your boiler less often than you do in the winter months, when you’re keeping your heating turned on. It’s also more convenient to schedule an appointment during the time. Also, it means that your boiler will be in good shape for winter, which means it’ll be performing at its peak.

Here are our top five reasons to think about booking an engineer for a gas boiler service.

1. Your boiler is operating as efficiently as it can

Boilers of all ages need be maintained regularly to ensure that they continue to operate efficiently. It’s advised to maintain the boiler every year.

While it may cost you money to have your boiler checked, (a boiler service usually costs approximately PS60-PS120) You could save on the long-term cost of your boiler because regularly servicing a boiler will ensure that it will operate as efficiently as it can.

Your boiler service technician could also give you tips to use your boiler in a more efficient manner which will help reduce your energy costs.

2. Saves you money If your boiler fails

A regular boiler maintenance will ensure that any minor problems with the boiler are fixed prior to them becoming larger issues that could lead to your boiler breaking down completely. A boiler that is damaged can be expensive to fix , or it could require a new boiler in the event that it’s not fixed.

3. It ensures the safety of your boiler

A boiler that isn’t working correctly may be leaking carbon monoxide into your home. Since the symptoms can be confused with other illnesses it could be something that is not discovered. By scheduling an annual service for your boiler and inspection, you can make sure the leaks are identified before they become dangerous and prevent yourself or your family members in unneeded danger.

4. Make sure that the manufacturer’s warranty is in effect

Most boilers come with an manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, the manufacturer may require an annual boiler maintenance to make sure that this warranty is in force. If your appliance is in warranty it’s worth looking over the fine print to make sure you’re complying with the conditions to ensure you don’t get surprised if things do happen to go wrong.

5. It’s very easy to organize and takes just an hour

When you schedule your boiler service appointment the technician will inspect the boiler and its controls, verify that whether the gas pressure is operating properly, check the flue and look for any leaks, damages or corrosion. The boiler service will last about an hour to finish.

If you are servicing a gas-fired boiler, the technician will also check that the boiler is releasing the correct amount of gas , and is not releasing harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a list of everything that was tested with the results to keep for your notes.

So, as you observe, a boiler service is definitely something to think about. Just as you’d think about the annual car service, ensure you note it down in your diary every year to make sure your boiler stays in top shape.