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Why Regular Boiler Servicing Is Important

It may seem like just an additional expense, but there are many compelling reasons to have your boiler serviced each year.

Be sure to keep your family secure

There are a variety of reasons to have your boiler maintained but the main reason is to ensure that your family members secure from danger. Making sure your boiler is regularly serviced will ensure that it is operating without risk. A broken boiler could be extremely hazardous. Between 2010 and 2020, more than 100 people per year were killed due to accidental poisoning with carbon monoxide throughout England and Wales.1

When you have your boiler service, the Gas Safe registered engineer will examine for leaks and other issues and give you assurance which comes from safeguarding your family.

Early warning of problems

Small problems can grow into major ones if they are not addressed. By making sure that your boiler is working correctly, you will save money on repairs in the future. The engineer will be able to spot and address any issues that are minor to avoid any future issues which could cost you money.

Reduce your energy costs

Service is, naturally another expense for your home. It can save money in the future. While you are having the course of your visit, your technician will perform a series of tests to confirm that your boiler operates effectively. This, in turn, can reduce your expenses in the long run, since an efficient boiler will cost less to operate. The efficiency of your boiler will be is contingent on the age of the boiler and the model you’re using It’s worth a try our suggestions to increase the efficiency of your boiler.

It’s a requirement for insurance.

With several boiler warranties and assurance policies, the owner is obliged to perform a regular check to make sure your boiler is secure. If you do not then it may invalidate the policy. A boiler maintenance every year will satisfy the majority of insurance policy requirements However, you’ll need to consult with your insurance company to confirm.

The law requires landlords to have a legal contract.

If you’re a landlord having an annual boiler service is legally required. A certified Gas Safe registered engineer must legally inspect the flues and gas appliances annually to make sure everything is in good order and safe. The inspections are required for boilers, however they also check other gas appliances, such as fireplaces and hobs. For tenants,, it’s important to note that landlords aren’t accountable for the safety inspections of gas appliances you own, as well as any flues that are only connected to the gas appliances you own.

When is the best time to have your boiler maintained?

The summer months are the ideal time to schedule your service. In addition to taking care to be prepared for winter when you’ll require your boiler most, and also, technicians tend to have less work during summer months.

When you make the decision to have your boiler serviced, be sure to record the date and schedule an appointment for the next time. Make sure to make sure you book with a Gas Safe registered engineer.